Sunday, January 1, 2012

*~ Market Hall, Pavilion ~*

Sigh! Another very backdated post. Not going to comment in order to be fair. As far as i concern, my friends and i were pretty satisfied with the dinner at Market Hall in Pavilion, especially the portion of each serving (excluding the Gnocchi).

Complimentary appetiser

Rustic Seafood
Tomato, mozzarella, garlic, anchovies, fresh chili, prawns and arugula.

Fresh salmon tossed in vodka, citrus zest and mascarpone cream sauce.

Fresh crab meat and chilli wine sauce.

Spinach and ricotta dumpling tossed in roasted pumpkin sauce.

~* Toast & Roast *~

My blog was so dead for the past few months. I was occupied by so many things! Thank God, i am now on annual leave since more than a week ago (but it is gonna end real soon!). During this period, i spent most of my time planning for the upcoming Taiwan trip which will happen in February 2012 and re-organising all the folders and files in my laptop. And now, i am here to revive my blog!

Anyway, my colleagues and i discovered this hidden gem in SS2 few months ago, selling melt-in-mouth BBQ pork ("char siew") and Hakka mee.

The melt-in-mouth char siew.
Seriously sinful and able to make one feels extremely guilty. Few pieces of this is enough to makes you think that your blood arteries are blocked and cholesterol level has increased.

Hakka mee with minced meat.

Thereafter, we visited this shop quite often for lunch until recently because we are bored with the same food. It is not an ideal place to visit always but definitely a good choice for sinful char siew and delicious Hakka mee.

Toast & Roast
No.20, Jalan SS2/72
Petaling Jaya 47300
SelangorNo.20, Jalan SS2/72
47300 Petaling Jaya

Sunday, October 16, 2011

*~ Crumbs @ Pavilion ~*

Yay! Crumbs is finally here in Pavilion! I did not manage to have this when i was in Hong Kong. Now, i can have it whenever i want!

Look at all the different toppings available!

House Crumbs was free. Since i opted for a large cup of frozen yogurt, i could choose two more toppings. I had the original mochi and mini meringue. The mini meringue had nothing to shout about. The mochi, on the other hand, was nice to chew with the frozen yogurt. House Crumbs was the best. I think i can just have the frozen yogurt with just the crumbs... and more crumbs... and more crumbs...!

I wanted to have another cup immediately after i finished the first one but bf stopped me. Sigh.

I will be back for more!

And for the scones!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

~* Claypot Loh Shu Fun @ Mama Kitchen *~

At last, bf and i tried the famous Claypot Loh Shu Fun at Mama Kitchen, TTDI. Well, it was not our initial plan. We were supposed to visit the Ramadhan Bazaar but it was raining heavily. Hence, we just gave Mama Kitchen a try.

Claypot Loh Shu Fun (Small - RM7.00)
We love the facts that there was a lot of minced meat and the portion was considerably big even when we ordered a small one. A very good comfort food on a rainy day.

Spinach in Superior Stock (RM8.00)
Nothing much to brag about. Not the best i have ever tried.

Butter Milk Squid (Small - RM12.00)
How i wish the portion could be bigger than this! It was so delicious and i really love how the squids were drenched in the butter milk gravy. Yes! I prefer the gravy version instead of the dry one when it comes to butter milk. Bf and i shared a bowl of white rice just to go with this dish.

We will be back again for more delicious dishes and of course, the claypot loh shu fun. :)

Sunday, June 5, 2011

*~ Ice-cream Fondue @ Baskin Robbins ~*

God! This picture was taken on this year's Valentine's Day! I really have to be more active in blogging nowadays.

So yea, we finally tried ice-cream fondue for once in our life. And, we don't think we will try again in near future. Nothing to shout about. But, i might give it a try again if it is from Haagen Daz. :)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

~* Sinful German Food @ Brotzeit *~

Okay! It was bf's birthday at the end of December last year. I knew bf always wanted to try German sausages. Bangsar Babe's post on Brotzeit at Mid Valley had made up my mind to take him there. I really loved her opinion. Besides myself, i believed that bf would also love whatever she had recommended. So, i did order as per Bangsar Babe's opinions.

We had one Mango Affensaft. Weissbier with mango juice. Suitable for those who would like to try beer but dislike the bitter taste of it.

Garlic Pork Sausages served with sauerkraut and potato to fulfill bf's dream.

Cheese Spatzle. German version of Mac & Cheese. I would recommended to share than finishing it on your own. Otherwise, you would feel "jelak." I like the shallots on top of it :)

Spicy Bacon Pizza. It was totally loaded with bacon bits besides there were also other ingredients such as chili, onion, sliced cherry tomato and cheese. It was a very sinful pizza but i don't mind ordering this again in the future.

We finished everything except for the pizza. The leftover pizza was taken away and become our supper. Bf and i were very satisfied with the meal. If i get a chance to go there again with a group of friends, i will love to try their super long pork ribs!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

*~ The Eve of X'mas Eve ~*

I know! I have been MIA for quite sometime! Let's go backtrack a bit when it was Christmas in December. Well, after having a lunch with my team at Monte' Restaurant and Wine Bar, Bangsar Shopping Centre, i told myself that i would be back. Yes, i was there again two days before Christmas just to hang out with bf and friends when Tao Japanese Buffet was fully booked.

We decided to order a few things from the menu for sharing. I knew that the Escargot would be a must the moment i spotted it in the menu. I like the garlic cream a lot! Other than the escargots, we also had the complimentary buns with the garlic cream. In the end, what left was a squeaky clean metal plate.

Then, we had Fresh Onion soup - baked onion rings with herbs and a layer of melted cheese. I seldom have soup when i dine outside. My boss ordered this during our Christmas lunch. Looking at the presentation, i was so curious to find out how it tasted. This, according to our friend, was more flavourful compared to some coriander soup that he ordered.

Some coriander soup... which i have nothing to shout about.

For main course, we had Carbonara Fettuccine. We really loved the creamy sauce and it was a bit weird to have hard boiled egg but it did not bother us much. However, in my opinion, fettuccine was not the best choice of pasta. Their fettuccine was somehow different than the usual one and i did not really like it.

I thought this clam pasta, which i have forgotten the name, would be nice since few of my colleagues had this before but this is not my favourite. Perhaps, i prefer something more flavourful and/or creamy when it comes to my pasta, ie. Carbonara and Alfredo. We, however, agreed that they were pretty generous with the clams. :)

Bf was into Stewed Lamb Shank. So yea, we had this too for sharing. Okay, the meat was well cooked and we liked how it went along with the mashed potato and gravy but it was not the our top favourite.

Instead, this was the star of the day! Prawn and Chicken Combo. You know what we liked the most? The chicken chop and not really the two prawns. We polished the plate like how we did it to the Escargot.

All these came up to RM161.00 which was very reasonable. I was glad that our friends were satisfied with the food there and considered coming back here again.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

~* Kita no Zen @ The Gardens *~

About two weeks ago, i had dinner with my former collegemates at Kita no Zen, The Gardens. Perhaps, you will see Hokaido Ichiba first rather than Kita no Zen. Okay, may be i am so used to the price at Sushi Zanmai, i think the food here is expensive for the same thing i can get at Sushi Zanmai. However, it is undeniable that the portions were quite big.

The service on that evening was bad. Our table ordered one Unagi set and it took forever to be served despite the complaints we made. The same went for the billing. It took forever for the bill to reach our table. If you ask me to go again, i will say no. Perhaps, i will go to the next door, Hokaido Ichiba for desserts.

The Unagi set.

Chicken Katsudon.

Unagi Don.

Rice with kakiage (fried vegetable) and shrimps

Rice with beef.

I totally have forgotten the name for all these. Sigh. I'm getting old.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

*~ M.A.C.A.R.O.O.N.sssss ~*

Macaroons from Molten Lava in One Utama.

Raspberry (red), Pistachio with White Chocolate (green), Chocolate Ganache (brown) and Passion fruit (yellow). RM3.00 per piece. I wish i could buy more but bf was there to stop me. The macaroons would be nice if they had not been too soft on the outside. And passion fruit is my favourite. The flavour tasted so real and i could even find the passion fruit seeds in it. Yum...

Ahh... Love the colours...

Sunday, November 14, 2010

~* Wonderful Supper @ The Humble Chef *~

After leaving One Utama, i told bf that i would lead him to a place for supper. He got so curious and he insisted that at least i told him what we would be having. I told him that it could be considered as Western food but not 100%. I even told him that the place has a very nice environment.

So, i led him to Pusat Bandar Damansara and he thought we were going to mamak since there has nothing much other than mamak and fast food restaurants. After turning left at the McD's i told him to park at the road side. He went so clueless and asked me few times for confirmation.

I pointed at the small truck parked across the road and i said, "That's the one!" Yes, it's a truck. We were at The Humble Chef pretty early considering they only open from 9.30 p.m. onwards. A table was set up for us with the view of the highway. It was simply romantic. Open air. Quiet. Amazing night view of the highway. And all these did not cost a bomb.

We ordered a Lamb Pita (RM4.00). Pita bread stuffed with lettuce and cheesy minced lamb. Okay, the pocket was just enough for the lettuce and perhaps, a little bit of the minced lamb. That's why most of the minced lamb was on top rather than inside the pocket.

We also had this cream lamb pasta called Lamb Ragu (RM5.00), i think. I am not so sure about the spelling since the chefs themselves were unsure. Hello! All the pasta for just RM5.00! Where else can you get that? Anyway, bf and i just love this creamy pasta which was not too rich with cream and it went well with the bits of capsicum. Perfect choice if you are craving for creamy pasta for supper.

I would say that the location is strategic since it is so near to HELP Residence. Students are no longer depending on McD's and Ali Maju for supper. Instead, they can have something different. And The Humble Chef is the nearest supper spot compared to McD's and Ali Maju.

Unfortunately, we could not stay there for long because it started drizzling. :( We just took the container with us and had the pasta in the car while listening to the radio. And gosh, the songs on that evening were awesome.

It was just a very small surprise but to bf, it was a great one. He just loves the idea. He even said that he will be going back again until the chefs know his name. I doubt so. But i still don't mind going back to try other pasta and have another wonderful evening with the highway view. :) I felt so happy looking at his reaction and knowing that he loves the idea.

Check out the pictures of the truck and Bangsar Babe's review here.