Saturday, February 26, 2011

*~ The Eve of X'mas Eve ~*

I know! I have been MIA for quite sometime! Let's go backtrack a bit when it was Christmas in December. Well, after having a lunch with my team at Monte' Restaurant and Wine Bar, Bangsar Shopping Centre, i told myself that i would be back. Yes, i was there again two days before Christmas just to hang out with bf and friends when Tao Japanese Buffet was fully booked.

We decided to order a few things from the menu for sharing. I knew that the Escargot would be a must the moment i spotted it in the menu. I like the garlic cream a lot! Other than the escargots, we also had the complimentary buns with the garlic cream. In the end, what left was a squeaky clean metal plate.

Then, we had Fresh Onion soup - baked onion rings with herbs and a layer of melted cheese. I seldom have soup when i dine outside. My boss ordered this during our Christmas lunch. Looking at the presentation, i was so curious to find out how it tasted. This, according to our friend, was more flavourful compared to some coriander soup that he ordered.

Some coriander soup... which i have nothing to shout about.

For main course, we had Carbonara Fettuccine. We really loved the creamy sauce and it was a bit weird to have hard boiled egg but it did not bother us much. However, in my opinion, fettuccine was not the best choice of pasta. Their fettuccine was somehow different than the usual one and i did not really like it.

I thought this clam pasta, which i have forgotten the name, would be nice since few of my colleagues had this before but this is not my favourite. Perhaps, i prefer something more flavourful and/or creamy when it comes to my pasta, ie. Carbonara and Alfredo. We, however, agreed that they were pretty generous with the clams. :)

Bf was into Stewed Lamb Shank. So yea, we had this too for sharing. Okay, the meat was well cooked and we liked how it went along with the mashed potato and gravy but it was not the our top favourite.

Instead, this was the star of the day! Prawn and Chicken Combo. You know what we liked the most? The chicken chop and not really the two prawns. We polished the plate like how we did it to the Escargot.

All these came up to RM161.00 which was very reasonable. I was glad that our friends were satisfied with the food there and considered coming back here again.