Sunday, March 28, 2010

~* Korean BBQ Buffet @ Ka Wha *~

Honestly, i never had Korean BBQ before this because i often thought that the money used for Korean BBQ would always be better if spent on other food. I found the price for Korean BBQ was expensive until i came across Mimi's Dining Room. She blogged about her dining experience at Ka Wha Korean BBQ Restaurant in Bangsar. Buffet style. RM48 per person. I got attracted. So, i pulled bf along for the buffet this evening.

Korean cold tea which tasted like water. (Bf looked so matching with the bottle.)

Banchan to feed the hungry people while waiting for the main course.

Sliced Pork which i found the taste weird after grilling it as if it had been frozen for quite sometime.

Sliced Mutton which i expected it to taste exactly like the pork but i was wrong. Perhaps, they gave me the sliced mutton with soy sauce. I don't know. But this mutton was definitely delicious!

Veggie to wrap the meat with the soy bean sauce. A good way to encourage people eating veggie.

Fried Glass Noodle that gave me a shock because of its big portion. It was nice with peppery taste but oily.

I really enjoyed eating this Pancake with Spring Onion and Seafood but again, it was oily! And the pancake was quite thick. I wonder if they did it on purpose besides serving large portion of rice and noodle to customers. By doing so, customers will get full fast and stop eating.

Nom nom nom... Juicy and tender Sliced Pork Neck Meat with Soy Sauce. I recommend this and not the sliced pork mentioned above.

Oyster Blade Wagyu
for bf since i could not take beef and he loved it.

He did all the grilling and cutting. I got scolded by him just because i wanted to do the cutting. What i did most of the time was just eating and drinking.

The cooked meat.


Soft Beancurd Stew. Pavilion Food Republic does a better job when it comes to this. The one at Ka Wha was just too spicy and i could feel the burning sensation in my throat.

Mackerel which has nothing special.

RM48 nett per person for a Korean BBQ buffet together with other Korean food? Totally worth my money! But bf and i have agreed that we won't really go for this again unless we really crave for a very meaty meal. Just too much meat for us today and and i guess our cholesterol level is higher now.

Oh ya, the place had a very poor ventilation system. We smelled like satay after coming out from the restaurant. And we were sweaty too!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

*~ Have You Tried Fried Laksa? ~*

I definitely love today! I supposed to follow bf back to his college to do my work there since sitting at home would lead me to doing nothing and there was no electricity in during lunch time. But before going to his college, we went to have a bowl of cendol which bf recommended after he went there with his friends. It was located opposite this SJ Uptown sign whereby there were few other stalls selling food like Indian rojak, pisang goreng, and some light Indian food.

Okay. I am not really a fan of cendol besides drinking the coconut milk with gula Melaka. What made this cendol great was the nice aroma of the coconut milk. I felt weird having this because we were having dessert first before heavy meal.

Then, bf took me to Restoran Well Cook Gourmet in SS14 for Fried Laksa as lunch. Yes, fried laksa. It was my first time hearing and eating it. I am so outdated because when i searched online for this restaurant a moment ago, there were already well-known Malaysian floggers (food bloggers) wrote a review about the food there since few years back. Moreover, the restaurant is not that eye-catching.

Bf had Fried Tang-Hoon. It was not too oily and i could see there were several, and not a few, juicy shrimps in it.

Meanwhile, i tried the Fried Laksa. Surprisingly, it was flavourful. Although it was fried like the usual char kuey teow, i still could taste asam laksa. Yum yum... The dry version of asam laksa.

However, i read a comment when i did an online search just now about this restaurant. I felt like puking after reading it on what had happened and the owners' reaction. Click here to read.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

~* When Eating Is The Best Thing To Do *~

Hola~ I tried the chilly pan mee at Super Kitchen Chilly Pan Mee in Kota Damansara last weekend.

It was similar to the dry version of pan mee but this had minced meat, fried shallot and poached egg but no sliced mushroom and black fungus. And the poached egg was not meant to be eaten on its own but it had to be mixed together with all the ingredients in the bowl.

Then, tea time was at the Ikea restaurant. I really wanted to try the open faced shrimp sandwich but i was not allowed to. So, i only had this Daim cake which was very nice but sinful since i have been eating a lot of chocolates lately.

This was definitely ordered by someone who tried to be healthy.

Dinner at Dragon One in SS2 (few shops away from Murni) together with mum. We ordered this Shanghainese Style La Mian with Crab Roe. I read from other blogs that this is so-called recommended but i really found it disappointing. It was somehow tasteless. Totally nothing to shout about. I don't recommend this at all.

Another main dish was Stir Fried Rice Flour Roll with Spicy Sauce. It was crispy outside and soft inside. Good thing about this - it was not too oily.

However, the snack was the best!
Deep Fried Spring Roll with Unagi and Yoghurt.

Warm yoghurt in the spring roll with the taste of unagi even though i could not really feel the meat in my mouth.

Overall, the dinner was just average. I don't think i will be going back there in the near future.

Monday, March 15, 2010

*~ From France With Love ~*

I'm glad that everything is over because he's back! Whee... We met up at KL Sentral once he touched down this evening. I followed him going back to his home before heading back to my home for dinner. While he was busy unpacking his stuff, i looked into his bags for souvenirs from France since he already showed to me in the cab which bags had souvenirs.

Of course i got very excited when i found the macaroons that i wanted all the way from France.I thought that would be the only thing he got for me since i did not hope for anything else as things are not that cheap there after converting back to ringgit. I was wrong :) He bought chocolates too which he shared half with me. After Eight thin chocolate mints... I love thin chocolate mints, okay? He even bought pate. Good for us who don't know how to cook French food like pate. And yea, i got my share of pate as well.

Instead of clothes, he bought liquor for himself like the bottle of flavoured beer and Chivas Regal. Not forgetting a small bottle of whiskey to keep himself warm there. Oh yea, there should be a bottle of wine but unfortunately, it was broken. Not too bad since it was not really expensive.

Oh wait! Also not forgetting the wine cigar he got it for 3 pounds. He bought it for fun and remembrance. =_="!

Some of them are smashed. So i just picked few of the nice ones for picture purpose. Yummy yummy.... But now, i only have few more left :(

Trying out the macaroons...

He even bought a cosmetic set for me which include an eyeliner, eyeshadow, lipstick and nail polish. The shades or colours he chose really suit my preference. Not bad. Not bad. And it is really a very good surprise! And i definitely love every single thing that he brought back from France for me or to be shared with me. Love you, dear. Appreciate the gifts. :)

Saturday, March 13, 2010

~* Exploring Pudu *~

Actually, i planned to explore Pudu when bf would be in France. Only this morning i had the urge to do it. So, i read about this Hakka noodle at Jalan Sayur (wai sik kai). I don't have any memory of me eating Hakka noodle before this morning. However, mum told me that i had. Perhaps, i was still a small kid at that time.

A number of bloggers agreed that this is the best Hakka noodle in town and some even said it is better than Chong Ko Hakka Noodle in Pandan Indah.

The Hakka noodle (RM4.00 for small) came with a bowl of wan tan. The texture of the noodle was alright but i found the overall taste quite bland. The minced meat did not really help making the bowl of noodle flavourful but surprisingly, the char siew did! And there's nothing to shout about the wan tan... If this is already the best Hakka noodle in town, i don't think i will have the need to explore other Hakka noodle.

Then, i walked all the way to Jalan Gajah off Jalan Yew for some Foochow food. I expected two things: (1) there would be an uncle sitting outside frying the Foochow dumpling and (2) there would be a lot of people.

I was quite disappointed when i did not find any uncle sitting outside since my main reason there was to try the fried dumpling. And the restaurant was quite empty with only 2 tables being occupied.

Then, as i walked in, i saw this uncle frying the dumpling and if i am not mistaken, he's the owner. Wheeeeee, i was so happy that i came at the right now and could try the fried dumpling!

The flavourful fried dumpling (RM1.20 per piece) had a very strong Chinese parsley smell! To be very honest, i dislike Chinese parsley at all. But, somehow, i like it in the dumpling along with other ingredients such as chopped shrimps and minced pork. Otherwise, i would feel so jelak because the pork in both my dumpling and fishballs. I love the crispy skin too!!! Some of you might find it a little bit salty when eating it alone. But i would not deny that it can be a very delicious snack!

Since i already had the Hakka noodle, i just ordered a bowl of fishballs filled with minced pork (RM4.oo for 5 pieces). Eating the minced pork was like having siu mai because of the same pork taste. And the fishballs were very bouncy... Yum yum... It can be quite jelak with all the minced pork.

Exploring Pudu led me to the discovery of Yee Sang Fat which is just few shops away from this Taste of Foochow restaurant. I got to know from KY's blog that Yee Sang Fat has nice steamed fish head and fried brinjal. I also discovered Soon Fatt that's well known for its sesame roast duck. I will definitely go to these two places in near future.

Friday, March 12, 2010

*~ An Idiot Like Me ~*

I'm totally useless. I can't even bear with it for two weeks. I feel like i have no choice but to tell him how i feel. Perhaps, he is unhappy with what i have send to him. Nonetheless, if he really understood me, he would know that i am not that kind of person who can just keep the unhappy stuff in my heart and only wait for the suitable time to lash everything out. That's not me. The most i can keep the unhappy stuff is only for few days. If he really understood me, he would also know that once i have said everything out, my life goes on. That's just ME! And yes, i am still struggling with my emotional problems.

I still remember how my friend told me that my personal blog has somehow become a food blog. There were few times i wanted to get personal here but i decided not to do it in the end. But i could not believe that when i finally get personal, it has to do with me struggling with my emotional problems when two of us are in different parts of the world. And yes, i would not deny that i get very attached to him. If it was not because of all this, i would not know that i miss him so much.

I told Krystle Lui about my problem, and she replied, "Girls are like that." So, is it really that normal?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

~* Keep Holding On *~

Oh God, i never know it would be this hard! It's definitely worse than the time he went to Dubai. PMS + missing him = double the emotional problem. T.T What's the reason behind the happy moments end so quickly and the f***ed up moments stays there for so long? To remind us to keep learning and getting stronger? Blues.., please go away! You're not supposed to be here right now! You will just give me a harder time! I need to stay focus and finish whatever i have to.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

*~ To Make Myself Feel Better ~*

The difference of 7 hours is just too much to bear with. When i go to college, he will be sleeping or perhaps, partying with his buddies there. When i am back, he just begins his day. When i sleep, he might be enjoying evening having croissant. I found myself checking the time in France nonstop. And i also found myself checking my phone from time to time hoping that there would be a message saying, "I miss you so much."

It's better not to hope so much on the last one since i am the one who asked him to save some credit for emergency use (RM14 per minute for a call, okay! Which is also equivalent to sending 7 SMS) and told him to leave a message to me the moment touching down in France and coming back to KL. Suddenly, i feel that's a very stupid advice T.T

He replied my message with an error yesterday. =/ On one hand, i asked myself if he had sent the message to the wrong person. On the other hand, i wondered how much my message meant to him since he just sent to me a message using his limited credit but wasn't careful enough to read my message.

Wait. Maybe it is really as simple as an human error in the message like he sometimes does and he does miss me. I might be wishing the messages from France will be good ones since it is hard to receive his messages while he's there. These messages mean so much to me to avoid missing him terribly.

My Facebook status writes, "Eh wait, i thought i 'm supposed to enjoy these two weeks being single."

Having all these craps is just to refrain myself from missing him so much; it is just self-comforting words.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

~* espresSOUP @ Berjaya Times Square *~

Finally, i had the chance to visit espresSOUP at Berjaya Times Square! I seldom visit Berjaya Times Square recently even though i live quite near to it. Most of the time, i would just pass by on my way home without any intention to dine or shop there.

I wanted to try the pumpkin soup but it was not in the menu today. So, Pui Yen and i had clam chowder instead which is also one their best-sellers. Yes, i really love the soup to the max! It was so sweet and at the same time, so rich with the taste of clams! I got so addicted to the soup until i wanted to have another one. However, if you don't like the fishy taste of seafood, you might not want to have this.

Meanwhile, the bread bowl is made of rye which they claim is healthy and no added oil or sugar. But i don't really like it because i found it too dry and i still don't like it after dipping into the soup. Perhaps, the bread is meant to be that dry so that it is more solid and able to hold the soup in it for a longer time but i still don't like it.

Oh well, it still does not stop me from visiting the kiosk in the future. I will just order the soup without the bread bowl. I can't wait to try the pumpkin soup!!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

*~ Ah Or Pork Noodle @ Sunway Mentari ~*

Today, i purposely went all the way to Sunway to meet up with bf after his class for Ah Or Pork Noodle at Sunway Mentari. Again, it is very near to Yuen Steamboat. Bf was the one recommended me to try this pork noodle.

I was very disappointed when there was no yee mee. I always love my pork noodle with yee mee. So, i had no choice but to mix kuey teow and mee hoon. But i would not deny the truth that the soup is real nice. Very clear but sweet soup. Yum yum...

Hehe... I took this picture at Lorong Maarof Petronas, Bangsar when buying Indian rojak for mum. Love it. The weather was so hot until bf and i decided to share a bowl of cendol before going home with mum's Indian rojak.

Bf still prefers the cendol at SS15.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

~* Kissaten - Revisit *~

After class on Tuesday, Sharon, Seak Ling, Keh Ming and i went to Kissaten at Jaya One for lunch. Sharon wanted to give it a try after reading my post about one week ago. So, the three of them ordered the set lunch. The set lunch came with free raw salmon (sashimi) and 10% discount on total bill.

Keh Ming and Seak Ling ordered the Salmon Steak set. Besides the free sashimi, each of the set had a side salad, white rice, chawan mushi and miso soup.

Meanwhile, Sharon had the Chicken Katsudon set which had the same side dishes as the Salmon Steak set. I love eating the onion omelet - one of the reasons i will order this kind of rice at Japanese restaurants.

The smell of the Chawan mushi was so nice but i had no idea how it tasted because i did not try this.

I wanted to order the mentaiko spaghetti so badly but in the end, i ordered the Teriyaki Pork Burger after telling myself that i need to watch out on the portion of my food.

The burger was alright but i had difficulty in eating it because of the mayonnaise. Too much of mayo that made me felt soooo jelak. Because i could not fit the burger into my mouth, i eliminated the burger layer by layer. It was a wrong decision! By the time i wanted to eat the pork patty -trying to save the best for last- i almost could not take it anymore. The mayo made me felt jelak and eating the pork patty alone doubled the jelak-ness.

Nicely done egg yolk.

I thought the sashimi would be served first but i was wrong. It became the "dessert". The thickness of the salmon satisfied Seak Ling, the raw salmon lover.

The Rich Choco Pudding was nice when first put into the mouth but later on it had the smell of a fake chocolate made of rubber. You know, if you go to those souvenir shops, you will find the fake chocolate made of rubber that has the smell of chocolate - but not too real.