Tuesday, March 2, 2010

~* Kissaten - Revisit *~

After class on Tuesday, Sharon, Seak Ling, Keh Ming and i went to Kissaten at Jaya One for lunch. Sharon wanted to give it a try after reading my post about one week ago. So, the three of them ordered the set lunch. The set lunch came with free raw salmon (sashimi) and 10% discount on total bill.

Keh Ming and Seak Ling ordered the Salmon Steak set. Besides the free sashimi, each of the set had a side salad, white rice, chawan mushi and miso soup.

Meanwhile, Sharon had the Chicken Katsudon set which had the same side dishes as the Salmon Steak set. I love eating the onion omelet - one of the reasons i will order this kind of rice at Japanese restaurants.

The smell of the Chawan mushi was so nice but i had no idea how it tasted because i did not try this.

I wanted to order the mentaiko spaghetti so badly but in the end, i ordered the Teriyaki Pork Burger after telling myself that i need to watch out on the portion of my food.

The burger was alright but i had difficulty in eating it because of the mayonnaise. Too much of mayo that made me felt soooo jelak. Because i could not fit the burger into my mouth, i eliminated the burger layer by layer. It was a wrong decision! By the time i wanted to eat the pork patty -trying to save the best for last- i almost could not take it anymore. The mayo made me felt jelak and eating the pork patty alone doubled the jelak-ness.

Nicely done egg yolk.

I thought the sashimi would be served first but i was wrong. It became the "dessert". The thickness of the salmon satisfied Seak Ling, the raw salmon lover.

The Rich Choco Pudding was nice when first put into the mouth but later on it had the smell of a fake chocolate made of rubber. You know, if you go to those souvenir shops, you will find the fake chocolate made of rubber that has the smell of chocolate - but not too real.

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