Thursday, April 29, 2010

~* Bak Kut Teh @ Ban Lee *~

Last Sunday, bf and i went to Restoran Ban Lee at Jalan Ipoh. Finding the shop was just too easy since it was exactly next to Dynasty Hotel. Yea, again depending on blog reviews, some bloggers said the bak kut teh was nice.

Garlic and cili padi.
Bak kut teh would never complete without these. And i am so glad to have a bf who loves garlic as much as i do!

Chinese Deep Fried Cruller.

Tau Foo Pok.

Bak Kut Teh for one but shared by two persons. The portion was just enough for the two of us.

To me, it was average. Yes, the sweetness i wanted was there; the saltiness i wanted was also there. But i just wished the herbal taste and smell would be stronger :( Bf thought that this was average too except that he praised the meat which was absolutely tender.

Would i be going back there again? That also if i am craving for bak kut teh.

Monday, April 26, 2010

*~ Satisfying Lunch @ Sushi Zanmai ~*

Alright, so i had lunch with Pui Yen on Saturday before going to Snowflake. While we were waiting for the table, a lady approached and gave us 3 RM10 Sushi Zanmai vouchers which could only be used one at a time if the total bill had exceeded RM50 at Low Yat Plaza Sushi Zanmai. The lady thought there were a lot of people that she and her friend had to wait for a long time before getting in. The truth was those people crowded at the waiting area were actually about to leave. They waited for the bills to be settled. So, we decided to use one of the vouchers. We chose what to eat very carefully so that we did not order and spend too much.

Salmon Don.
I had all the salmon roes since PuiYen dislikes it. Whee...!

... which was quite tasteless on that day. I added in more sweet sauce than usual. I love this kind of rice with its sauce and onion. And i would further add in the sweet sauce. Yes, i love the sweet sauce to the max!

Unagi Okonomiyaki.
Something different since the rest of the food we ordered were involving sushi rice, sushi rice and sushi rice.

Spider Roll
... with soft shell crab in the middle and avocado on top. Our favourite for that day!

Two more vouchers to go and the expiry date is on 31st August 2010! :)

Good thing that i have only 2 days of classes per week in this semester and i just need to spend on transportation in the morning because i seldom have lunch in college and Sharon always gives me a lift back home. Hence, i could spend slightly more during the weekend and still have some leftover money to save provided i have no necessity to buy.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

~* Ocha Balls @ Snowflake *~

I met up with Pui Yen today after her work. We had lunch at Sushi Zanmai. I will post about it soon. Then, we had dessert at Snowflake in Pavilion after walking for nearly 2 hours. To tell you the truth, i think we spent our time sitting and eating than walking around. Going out with is like this unless one or both of us really want to buy something.

Snowflake Bestseller which she claims is her favourite.

My Japan! Combo
Soya Ice + Red Bean + Ocha Balls
The Ocha Balls looked like some pet food or poops but tasted alright.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

*~ Societea @ Kuchai Lama ~*

Mum, bf and i wanted to have dinner somewhere in Kuchai Lama but we could not find the place or perhaps the place had closed down. So, i thought of Rajah Brooke Cafe since mum had not been there. Unfortunately, it was closed down too. I thought of Societea which i came across when reading some blog reviews but i did not its exact location in Kuchai Lama. I gave a call to LiJing who had been there for directions. Thank you, babe.

Soursoup Soda Chiller.
Mum did not want to drink meanwhile bf and i shared this soda chiller. Bf and i always share a drink because i can't finish my own drink after eating. I usually just take a few sips unless i am really thirsty or i do feel like drinking or the drink is really nice. Anyway, i really love this soda chiller which is really suitable to quench thirst.

Crispy Grilled Chicken.
Okay, it was really crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. They offered a few sauces to choose from: brown sauce, black pepper sauce, honey lemon mustard. When boyfriend and i heard the last one, we went, "Honey lemon?!" And i just love honey... I was so surprised when this arrived at the table. I expected it to be served with the most common side dishes such as coleslaw and fries since when i asked the waitress if this would be served with fries, she answered, "Yes." I felt healthy having this and i definitely love the potatoes and the tangy honey lemon mustard.

Seafood Black Pepper Udon.
...with a scallop, mussel, prawn and a few squid rings. Peppery but not over spicy.

Another good news: No service charge, no government tax. And the price is just one or two ringgit more expensive than Kitchen Creatures. Kitchen Creatures had more categories of food but each category comprised only a few selections. But Societea had wider selections for each category even though the categories were lesser. Mum wanted to have rice but Societea served rice until 4.00 p.m. This means no rice for dinner. Mum just ate a little bit of everything and we took her to somewhere else to buy her dinner. Anyway, i might be going back there. :)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

~* Sarawak Laksa @ Nam Chuan *~

Bf and i had brunch at Nam Chuan, Lucky Garden, Bangsar. Besides the pork noodle, we also ordered a bowl of Sarawak Laksa to share. It is claimed to be the best laksa in Bangsar. You can search for it online and read so many reviews on Aunt Christina's Sarawak Laksa. I wanted to try the Hakka Abacus but they are no longer selling it because it requires a lot of works and they are too busy selling other food items.

For RM5.00, we got 3 fresh shrimps and shredded egg along with other common ingredients found in a bowl of curry laksa. The soup was very flavourful but not spicy even when i ate it together with the sambal belacan. I prefer it to be spicier. But, it was still very delicious. I won't mind going there again in the near future and trying other stuff. I know bf thinks the same way too :)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

*~ Guoming's Birthday ~*

The Friday before the midterm exam, we went to Kitchen Creatures at Centrepoint, Bandar Utama to celebrate Guoming's birthday. It was supposed to be a surprise that his girlfriend planned and we thought he already knew it before the celebration in the evening . Thank God he did not since he is quite blurred most of the time. XD

So, Kitchen Creatures is well-known for its no frills dining. They keep everything very simple. They don't over garnish the dishes. They don't charge expensively. No government tax. No service charge.

Garlic Bread.

Mushroom Soup for RM5.90.
Be happy that they are not using Campbell soup and just chuck in additional mushrooms.

Margherita Pizza (RM10.00) with spinach, tomato pesto and lots of cheese. It was about the size of a regular pizza. I shared this with Seak Ling. Only the cheese made me felt satisfied. I should have ordered something meaty.

Look at the cheese sliding down .

Grilled Chicken.

I have told you that they don't really garnish. They just serve you whatever you want in the most basic way.

Calling all the steak lovers, Sizzling Rib Eye Steak for just RM18.00.

Spicy Aglio Olio with Shrimps.
According to my friend, this was not so nice.

Beef Stroganoff.
Guoming's girlfriend seemed to enjoy this. I could smell it from my seat and oh boy, the smell was really nice.

Birthday boy's Grilled lamb chop.

Last but not least, Limey George (RM7.00), something that you and i can do it at home. Ribena + Sprite or 7 Up.

Check out Edmond's blog here for more human pictures. You can read the post too provided you can understand Chinese. Otherwise, just check out the pictures like i did. :)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

~* Escaping From Exam Stress *~

Bf and i had wantan mee at Hung Kee, Jalan Loke Yew for lunch. Bf enjoyed eating it so much especially the springy noodle. And it was great to find 6 wantans in the small bowl and they were pretty generous with the filling.

After the first time trying Garrett Popcorn, i have fallen in love with it. And today, i got my chance to eat it again when bf surprised me with it. His mum brought it back from Dubai this morning.

There was only Caramel Crisp this time but i still loved eating it with bf in the cinema. We watched Date Night and the movie was just average. I dislike the ending. It ended when i did not expect it to end yet! But there were some funny parts which we enjoyed watching.

Another day has gone and i will be sitting for midterm exam next week. Argh! I can't wait to get over it!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

*~ A&W @ Wangsa Walk ~*

A post on A&W?! Yes, a post on A&W. The nearest A&W is either the one in Bukit Bintang or Masjid Jamek but i never had the intention to dine there whenever i was nearby. Until last Saturday, bf and i had tea time at Wangsa Walk A&W after we found out that the cinema was not opened yet and we were bored. Yes, i really missed the waffle, one of the few things i like from A&W.

Greedy bf immediately wanted the waffle to be topped with two scoops of ice-cream. But i told me that i wanted to have a glass of float to quench my thirst. Then only he was willing to reduce the ice-cream to one scoop.

We were glad that we opted for a scoop of ice-cream on the waffle. It was enough for us to spread the ice-cream on the whole waffle.

Nicest onion rings you can find at a fast food restaurant!

Float with a single scoop ice-cream.

Fat but nice~ :)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

~* Restoran Shangri-La @ Jalan Batai *~

I had my lunch with Sharon, Seak Ling, Guo Ming and his gf at Restoran Shangri-la, Jalan Batai which is behind Hock Lee. Actually, it is a kopitiam. Don't get fooled by its name. The plan was to have the well-known wantan mee there. But i ended up having this fish paste noodle while the rest did have the wantan mee. The milky soup was better and flavourful than the one i had at Jalan Ipoh on last Saturday. However, i had to drink a lot of water later on. =/

The wantan mee that they had. I tried this before. It is very nice with its springy noodle.

Pictures were taken using my handphone. Hence, the image quality was not so good.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

*~ Lunch At The Riverside ~*

Yesteday, bf and i had a good lunch at Jalan Ipoh. I read about this place long time ago but i had never been there. Recently, i came across another blogger who wrote a review on this place, making me to have the urge to go there. She even snapped the pictures of the landmarks.

Boyfriend and i managed to locate the HSBC bank along Jalan Ipoh as being mentioned in the review. Then, we had to look for this signboard.

And we followed the flags that led us to the temple. And ta daa... the eating place was opposite the temple. It was not difficult to find this place at all.

Sea coconut drink.

Claypot Fish Head Noodle.
This was just average. I found the taste quite bland. But since they served to us the chopped garlic and we just love chopped garlic in soy sauce, so we had it together with the noodle. The combination was great! Anyway, it was weird to find sliced yam in this pot. Hmm...

Our favourite was the Fried Rice Cake (pak koh) that had cilantro (Chinese parsley) in it. Okay, i admit that i hate eating cilantro but it was very good in this dish! RM8 for this while the claypot fish head noodle cost RM7. By judging the portion, i found it quite expensive for a small plate but it was worth trying since it was reallt delicious and not many places have this.

Oh ya, did i mention that this place is at the riverside? :)