Monday, April 26, 2010

*~ Satisfying Lunch @ Sushi Zanmai ~*

Alright, so i had lunch with Pui Yen on Saturday before going to Snowflake. While we were waiting for the table, a lady approached and gave us 3 RM10 Sushi Zanmai vouchers which could only be used one at a time if the total bill had exceeded RM50 at Low Yat Plaza Sushi Zanmai. The lady thought there were a lot of people that she and her friend had to wait for a long time before getting in. The truth was those people crowded at the waiting area were actually about to leave. They waited for the bills to be settled. So, we decided to use one of the vouchers. We chose what to eat very carefully so that we did not order and spend too much.

Salmon Don.
I had all the salmon roes since PuiYen dislikes it. Whee...!

... which was quite tasteless on that day. I added in more sweet sauce than usual. I love this kind of rice with its sauce and onion. And i would further add in the sweet sauce. Yes, i love the sweet sauce to the max!

Unagi Okonomiyaki.
Something different since the rest of the food we ordered were involving sushi rice, sushi rice and sushi rice.

Spider Roll
... with soft shell crab in the middle and avocado on top. Our favourite for that day!

Two more vouchers to go and the expiry date is on 31st August 2010! :)

Good thing that i have only 2 days of classes per week in this semester and i just need to spend on transportation in the morning because i seldom have lunch in college and Sharon always gives me a lift back home. Hence, i could spend slightly more during the weekend and still have some leftover money to save provided i have no necessity to buy.


taufulou said...

nice ah their lunch.t.ill now i also still don understand y their business so good~

Autumn said...

ok la.. not bad. at least when it comes to anything NOT on the conveyor belt, i like. they are somehow better and at a reasonable price.

Voon said...

ur post makes me hungry. brrrrr...

Autumn said...

hahah... sworrie!