Thursday, June 24, 2010

~* 3.6 Tea Break @ Luk Yu Tea House*~

Mum and i had tea time at Luk Yu Tea House in Starhill for the 3.6 Tea Time promotion after my last visit with bf to Fisherman's Cove.

Steam Egg Chee Cheong Fun
I prefer the one i tried at Newton Culture Food Village in Malacca which had better texture in sweet sauce, chili sauce, spring onion and sesame.

Deep-Fried Prawns served with Salad.

Err... It was supposed to be "served with mayonnaise." Misleading name in the menu. A normal dim sum shop does a better job in this. It was not hot enough. It was not crispy enough. Instead, the side where the wrapping skin met was a little bit hard.

Chicken Bundle with Four Varieties
Ooo. Love this. The sweet juice just oozed out when i took a bite. A simple and delicious dim sum with a hint of mushroom taste.

Beancurd Skin Roll served with Oyster Sauce
Another simple and delicious dim sum! The oyster sauce was different than the one used for home cooking.

Baked Sweet Yam Puff
The dim sum that i was so eager to try! It reminds me of Teochew mooncake with flaky pastry skin. No matter how much i love this, having one was enough because of the stomach discomfort i had. Anyway, this was really nice with its not overly sweet yam paste and flaky pastry skin. Not forgetting, it involved effortless biting! Sooooooo soft!

Fried Rice Vermicelli
... with generous amount of ingredients! And it tasted like Singaporean Fried Rice Vermicelli even though it did not look like one. Mum enjoyed eating this!

Mum knew it would cost RM3.60 ++ (RM4.15 after taking into consideration the taxes) per item. But somehow, she got shocked when the total bill came to RM29.00 for 7 items, including mum's Cappuccino. Nice treat for mum on her birthday without burning a hole in the wallet.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

*~ Mixed Pork Innards Soup @ Pudu ~*

Although bf and i had our lunch at Taste of Foochow, we went back to Pudu for dinner - Wai Sik Kai (Jalan Sayur) - on the same day. We had mum with us too. I was so sure that bf would love what i'm going to introduce now.

Mixed Pork Innards Soup.
We ordered the portion for one person but it was enough to feed bf and i. Together with two bowls of rice, this soup cost RM8.00. The soup was clear and the pork innards looked clean. Love this to the max! Bf just loves pork even when it involves the innards except for what bf called as the "bloody jelly" (pork blood).

The famous Fried Carrot Cake without egg (RM3.00) for sharing.
It's always better to have this there instantly than taking it away. To me, this is overrated by some people. The taste is just average but i would not deny that the carrot cake is much softer compared to the rest.

Mum's Fried Char Kuey Teow (RM3.50).
Simply delicious and it had lots of cockles in it! (Sorry. This picture was taken after i ate most of the cockles because mum just dislikes cockles!)

Tauhu Bakar right in front of the stall selling the pork innards soup. I have forgotten the price for this and it was not delicious. Another bigger tauhu bakar stall opposite this one sold better looking tauhu bakar but i did not try. If i am there for dinner again, i will try the tauhu bakar from the bigger stall.

Friday, June 18, 2010

~* Amazing 3.6 Tea Break *~

Bf and i had our 3.6 Tea Break at Feast Village, Starhill. We skipped our lunch just for this! RM3.60 ++ for selected items from 3 to 6 pm at 4 participating restaurants. My friend dined with her family at Shook! which is one of the participating restaurant and she posted some pictures in Facebook. However, the food did not interest me much except for the Banana Pancake with Maple Syrup and Baskin Robbins Ice-cream. At the same time, the other two participating Chinese restaurants were not my priorities. But Fisherman's Cove was!

Bf and i shared this Cranberry Mojito (mocktail) which tasted like some fruity toothpaste.

Carrot and Pumpkin Cream Soup with Buttered Crouton which bf and i gave 2 thumbs up for this! If i am going there again before the promotion ends 30th June 2010, i will definitely order this again!

Deep-fried Calamari with Garlic Mayonnaise. I had nothing to shout about the taste because it was very common. But the portion served was worth more than the RM3.60++ i paid.

Charcoal Grilled Cumberland Chicken Sausage.

It was quite salty but at the same time, very juicy inside.

Charcoal Grilled Lamb Shoulder with Potato Wedges.

Forget about the tasteless potato wedges. I was very amazed when i only had to pay RM3.60++ for a huge slab of lamb shoulder. Underneath this lamb shoulder had another two more smaller pieces of lamb shoulder. When it came to taste wise, it was average. Again, i just paid RM3.60++ for a huge slab of lamb shoulder. Hence, no complaint.

Carbonara Pasta with Sauteed Button Mushroom which was not over creamy. However, i did not see any sauteed button mushroom, except for some beef bacon bits. Since i don't take beef, i had to let bf had the portion with the bacon beef. Meanwhile, i only had the pasta.

I was quite disappointed when i could not have the Banana Pancake with Maple Syrup and Baskin Robbins Ice-Cream at Shook! because bf and i had to go for a movie. Oh well, hopefully i will be able to drop by at Feast Village again for tea time before the promotion ends.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

*~ Taste of Foochow - Revisit ~*

Bf was not with me during my first visit to Taste of Foochow in Pudu because he had gone to France. I wanted him to try the food there. So, i suggested to have our lunch there last Saturday.

We had a bowl of clear soup rice vermicelli with Foochow fishballs which were filled with minced meat. The bowl only had two Foochow fishballs. I expected at least three. No wonder the lady asked me if i wanted to add a bowl of Foochow fishballs. Nice to have this with the spicy dipping sauce provided.

Of course i ordered the fried dumpling too! Love this to the max! But i was disappointed that it was not as piping hot as the one i had during my first visit! Perhaps, i should said, "It was cold." I think the best time to go for this dumpling is at 11 something. During my first visit, the uncle was still frying the dumpling around that time. And once he had done, that was it. He stopped frying. He left the dumplings on the table to be sold. But bf and i were only there at 12 something.

Not forgetting that i ordered what they are well known for - Red Wine Chicken Mee Sua. At first, i could not get used to the taste but later on, i was alright with it. Instead, i had hard time stopping myself from continuously having the soup. And the meat just fell off from the bone so easily.

Super delicious? Not really. Something different? Yes!

Friday, June 11, 2010

~* Paris Hilton Wristlet *~

After attending an interview, i went to KLCC which is just nearby for lunch. I felt so terribly lonely having my lunch all by myself until i almost wanted to cry out. Having lunch alone is actually not that bad. It is that i really have a bad week that worsens my emotion.

Since i had not been going to KLCC for a long time, i took this opportunity to walk around. And i got this Paris Hilton wristlet from Parkson. It is so happened that Paris Hilton is having promotion at KLCC this weekend, it has discount for all its products including new arrivals! Then, next week is Parkson Pavilion's turn!

Call me an idiot for purchasing this wristlet which has the simplest design. But with the discount i got, how it easily matches any occasions and as an after-exam reward to myself, i actually think it is really worth my money.

I had saved some money over the past few weeks when i was busy with my studies and i am going to get back few hundred bucks when i return my student ID to the college. This means i have money to spend during my break now without digging deep into my piggy bank! Whee~ So many things to be accomplished before starting to work.

Friday, June 4, 2010

*~ Beloved Telur Bistik ~*

We love going to HP Tower for lunch whenever we have the time and are not too lazy to walk all the way there. A lot of choices. Delicious. Inexpensive. But not many would love going there because one will have those grilling and frying odours after eating.

Recently, we are hooked to Nasi Telur Bistik (RM4.00), especially Seak Ling and Guo Ming, since after we introduced it to him two or three weeks ago. It's similar to Nasi Paprik but the chicken is fried with egg. Simple but the egg really has strong "wok hei." And one can have all the nutrition he/she needs with other ingredients in the same plate such as French beans, onion, carrot and cauliflower. And the gravy is so appetising when having it with rice!

Today might be our very last time eating there. Sob!!! Exam is coming to its end and after this we won't be really coming back to college anymore. If everything goes well, we will be graduating soon!