Tuesday, September 30, 2008

*~ The Chronical Of My Swollen Eye ~*

The doctor told me that my swollen eye will take longer time than i expected to heal. I was quite unhappy with that news as i still need to walk out from my house and meet up with people. Since after i consulted the doctor, i have always been applying the eye ointment provided and taking a very strong antibiotic. I am supposed to apply the ointment twice a day but i end up applying more than that hoping that it will recover faster.

This morning, the eye swelled even worse. I did not dare to wear contact lenses to the college as i know the swollen part (my eye swells from the inside) will cause itchiness when it rubs againts the contact lense. Thus, being a nerd for a day, but still looking pretty and fabulous, i wore my spectacles to college for the very first time since i have started to use contact lenses. Still, the spectacles made my vision a little bit unclear as my eye power has increased. I did not even put concealer to cover up the redness as i had to apply the ointment.

After few hours of nap this afternoon, i did what the doctor asked me to; by getting a bowl of hot water and letting the steam to get into my eye. I also used the warm towel and pressed gently around below the eye. When i was done with it, i looked into the mirror just to see the part where it swells inside. I felt something was wrong.

I was seeing a bit of yellow fluid in my eye. Shit! It had bursted! From the inside! How was i going to clear it out from my eye! I started to feel panic. I didn't want to get blind, okay? For awhile, i asked myself i should call the doctor to ask the way to handle it. For second thought, my eye could not wait anymore! Immediate action had to be taken! Fine!

By looking into the mirror, i pressed on the swollen part and i could see all the yellow fluid being squeezed out. Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! I took the tissue to gently wipe and i blinked hoping that it would help in clearing the fluid. Oh well, at least it worked or else, my eye would get further infected. I still could see those yellow fluid continued to flow out. Disgusted but yet, i felt excited for no reason.

The next thing i knew, the blood was flowing and flooded my left eye. DAMN! My whole eye turned red and pained! Realising that i should stop touching it, i rinsed my eye, quickly applied the ointment again and just went to bed to rest my eye. I hope later on or tomorrow when i wake up in the morning, it will get better. Psst~ I still can feel the pain until this very moment. Arghhhh~

By the way, i am EXTREMELY in bad mood. Hence, STAY AWAY FROM ME! Thank you.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

~* 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 *~

My left eye swells so badly and is itchy! I am asked by my mum to consult the doctor before it gets worse and before everyone is on holidays in few more days.

Whenever i am listening to love songs especially "Your Call" by Secondhand Serenade, my feelings are like twisting here and there. As if my heart wants to drop. As if my stomach has butterflies.

Something is missing and i am clueless about it.

Are all the emotions here are caused by PMS? I am wondering.

I know the decision i have made. I know it is somehow right regardless of the timing and other factors.

**Crying out loud**
Do i look like i am alright? Actually, no.

Friday, September 26, 2008

*~ Finally, She's Also An Aunty ~*

Whee~ The last paper for midterm finally ended on Wednesday afternoon. Three of us went to Mid Valley after having our lunch at college first. No nice movie to be watched for that day. Hence, after getting a present for Michelle Tan from Zara, we had a drink at Chinoz, The Gardens. Very nice and quiet atmosphere. Urgh~ Something we wanted since after so many days we had been battling.

Eye Opener.
(Carrot, Orange, Strawberry, and other fruits which i have forgotten)

Awh~ Not for me.

We headed to Italianiese for dinner after the birthday girl and the rest had arrived.

A present that can't go wrong. A "What's up, Doc?" t-shirt.
Ya ya~ Another piece is added to her Zara collection.

Yeshh~ Finally, the food for the Barbarians us!

Seafood Risotto.

Pan Grilled Fish. Seriously, this is not recommended if you never get to the sour taste of the angel hair pasta.

Calamari Rings Salad.

Meatballs and Spaghetti. The two balls were being positioned in a so damn wrong way.
We were having difficulty in snapping this picture just to avoid it being so wrong.

Name? Forgotten.

Name? Forgotten too.

Name? Salmon Fettucine!
Yummy~ Creamy pasta and Salmon.
A perfect combination of both my favourites!
Shared this with Fira.

Time for more pictures!

"Huh? My Darling Law Lecturer is calling me... Is it because i skipped her class today?"

"She is over there! By the way, thank you. I know my handbag is nice"

Matthew's first mistress (Wei-I), Matthew's legal wife (Sharon), Me, Edwin.

ideon, Sharon, Susan, Fira, Me, Michelle. Figure yourself who is who.

Top row: Fira, Ai Wei, Susan, Mun Yee.
Bottom row: Sharon, Michelle, Me.

Seriously, i think our gang needs more guys to balance up. Please start working on it now.

Finally, the chance was given on that night! We really wanted to do it but we just don't want to get any sinful.

Haha~ See! I told you that we need more guys!
(Oik~ Seak Ling was busy with her boy boy on the phone)

~* Love Is In The Air *~

The picture says everything.
I have found someone who truly appreciates my existence.
Protects me.
And most of all, he loves me.
It had never been this fast before.
It had never been this way before.
The click is there.
The chemistry is there.

Officially yours.

I know you love this picture, dear.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

*~ Nervous Breakdown ~*

This book is so darn boring. Besides black and white, the colours involved are from the darkest blue to the lightest blue. Even all the illustrations are in BLUE! Or may be, a bit greenish?

The whole book is fulled with words like this. Not much bolded words to emphasize key terms. Not much divisions to make reading easier.

This is not even the subject which will be examined tomorrow. But, it is better for me to get this done earlier because this subject is examined together with another paper on the same day; one after another. 2 papers on the same morning.

Until i have to listen to this just to calm myself down! Usually, i don't even bother listening to this!

Okay. I am craving for this now after checking out the photos i took in my phone.
Chicken Meatballs Salsa Rosa.

At the same time, i think that i might need chocolates to release stress.
I need happy food!


I can't wait for all the papers to be over.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

~* Am I Falling In Love? *~

This morning i woke up with butterflies in my tummy. I thought everything that happened yesterday was just a dream but after awhile, i realised it was actually a reality which made me smiled. I don't know why, but before this, there were many coincidences which happened between both of us. We ended up liking the same stuffs. Then, we were like having the ability to know what was on each other's mind. This had led him to make my several wishes, even the tiny ones, came true without me saying them out.

However, after yesterday also, i started to feel scared. The confirmation is not from my side, which was what i told him, but his. I really want him to consider much before he is so sure that i am the Miss Right for him. But, what if he finally finds out that i am not the one? Then, my heart is going to be crushed. See, the dilemma of asking him to have further consideration. I know. The smell of selfishness. Grrr~ Whatever it is, he still deserves and is better to do so! >.<

Well, i know that the confession happened too soon, somehow i feel like we have been knowing each other for quite long when everytime we started to talk. May be the *click click* is there?

*~ Birthday Celebration At Seed Cafe ~*

Seriously i looked very terrible on the day (10th September 2008) i had another birthday celebration with my collegemates at Seed Cafe, Mid Valley. Thus, i have only posted some human pictures in Facebook. But here, i am just going to post pictures on food! So, you all might wanna consider about Seed Cafe when dining in.

Chicken Rice for Gavin. Damn! He had been craving for this since afternoon! He came all the way and he ordered this!

Chicken Chop. Few people ordered this. Not potato wedges were not bad. So did the sauce for the chicken chop. Not ordinary mushroom sauce, brown sauce or whatsoever sauce.

Fish & Chips for sure. This is how the usual Fish & Chips looks like.

Stir fried spaghetti with ham.

But creamy mushroom spaghetti was nicer than that one. May be it is because i prefer white sauce when it comes to pasta.

Tiramisu ice-cream. SeakLing waited eagerly for this after her main course. Yum~

Owh owh~ Not forgetting. The prezzie they got for me! I love it so much since i am using the last bottle of Body Shop's Moonflower which is totally discontinued. Thus, i had to look for my next favourite and they got for me this! One problem solved! Pheww~

Thank you for those who turned up on that day:

Seak Ling
Wei Lik
Suet Mei
Michelle Tan
Sheany a.k.a. Ms [S]

Not only to them, for also to those who wished me in facebook, in MSN, in Friendster, through SMS, face to face, through email, through comments in here.

Muacks... Love you all.

In conclusion, i really enjoyed my birthday this year.

Thank you for making all these happened.

For my 21st birthday, may be the plan is celebration at McDonald's with playground. Hmm~ A very good idea.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

~* Beautiful Tuesday *~

Urgh~ I was totally sooooooo sleepy this morning that i could really fall asleep in Mr. G's (that's how Sheany calls the lecturer) three hours lecture. Then, i whispered to Sharon, "I wish Ms. Chitra is not coming today and just calls for cancellation for both lecture and tutorial". It happens that the Company Law lecture and tutorial are on the same day.

When we were in front of the classroom where our lecture supposed to be, my wish totally came true. She had food poisoning and she really cancelled all the Company Law classes for today which included the lecture and tutorial! Woo hoo! We were totally awake! @.@ But, the next issue was where we should go after that. Going home was seemed a bit too early. Just revising seemed very boring. With Gavin's suggestion, we headed to Sucker Sakae Sushi in Bangsar Village 2.

It was very sunny. *Hot*

Don't mistaken. I was not driving. The mirror effect of my camera made me looked as if i was at the driver seat.

Suet Mei. She was lucky enough to meet us right before she went to the lecture which was cancelled. And, we 'kidnapped' her to head to the next destination with us.

Ms. [S]heany

SeakLing and Sharon

Gavin with his shirt written, "Why Do Nuts Have Hole?"

I wanted to eat more but i could not because i ate my breakfast before the class. :( It was so difficult to resist the temptation!

SeakLing's all time favourite =_="

Chicken Katsu Don which i shared with Ms. [S]

Chicken Shiogayaki Don for SeakLing and Sharon

Okonomiyaki for everyone.

Salmon Oshi Sushi

I took a 2-hour nap after i had reached home and bathed. Urgh~ I forgot when was the last time i even took such a nice evening nap. I was feeling so good when i woke up. Totally satisfied.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

*~ Damn! I Hit 20! ~*

My birthday started off quite unpleasantly when the clock struck 12. There were few disappointments. The next morning was drizzling when i was on my way to college and i just did not like it when i expected the weather to be good on that day. In addition to it, i forgot to charge my MP3 Player which made my journey to the college a boring one.
Everything began to get better later on when we went to McDonald's after the class in the morning.

I ordered its Happy Meal. Yeshh~ Happy Meal with free toy just to cheer myself up. Just kidding. The toy was for the kid at home. Whee~ My favourite Sausage McMuffin for me!

Seakling and Gayvina Gavin.

Sharon on the left.

The replacement class in the afternoon was a bad one. Too sleepy and too lost to catch up. By the time i reached home in the evening, i thought of napping since i was not going out that early. But, changes in plan did not allow napping at that point of time.

Alright. Following are the pictures taken at Luna Bar and McDonald's (again!).
Before i forget, he is Reuben. :)

My cameraphone is not good enough for dark places like the bar and so, not many pictures could be taken there. But when we were at McD's, we used this opportunity to take as many pictures we could. Almost used up all the memory space. Don't waste weiiii~! Oh well, both of us are just too good in posing.

Haha~ With the two round lights...


Thanks for pinching my nose and making it looked red!

Look at him. He was having fun squeezing my damn face.

Not satisfied!

The I-Need-To-Go-Home face.

After five hours of sleep, i woke up by myself at ten! Count backwards and you will know what time i slept. The next thing i knew was going out with my mum and aunts. One of my aunts bought a bag for me meanwhile others gave me red packets. Hohoho~ I saw this top at Roxy but unfortunately they did not have XS. The last XS they had was reserved. Even the branch at Pavilion did not have it too! It's not that i am that skinny or slim or whatsoever (this is what i can assure you since i have too much of excessive fat), but it is because their S is like the usual M or L.

Just too bad for me. I have no fate with this top.