Tuesday, September 16, 2008

~* Beautiful Tuesday *~

Urgh~ I was totally sooooooo sleepy this morning that i could really fall asleep in Mr. G's (that's how Sheany calls the lecturer) three hours lecture. Then, i whispered to Sharon, "I wish Ms. Chitra is not coming today and just calls for cancellation for both lecture and tutorial". It happens that the Company Law lecture and tutorial are on the same day.

When we were in front of the classroom where our lecture supposed to be, my wish totally came true. She had food poisoning and she really cancelled all the Company Law classes for today which included the lecture and tutorial! Woo hoo! We were totally awake! @.@ But, the next issue was where we should go after that. Going home was seemed a bit too early. Just revising seemed very boring. With Gavin's suggestion, we headed to Sucker Sakae Sushi in Bangsar Village 2.

It was very sunny. *Hot*

Don't mistaken. I was not driving. The mirror effect of my camera made me looked as if i was at the driver seat.

Suet Mei. She was lucky enough to meet us right before she went to the lecture which was cancelled. And, we 'kidnapped' her to head to the next destination with us.

Ms. [S]heany

SeakLing and Sharon

Gavin with his shirt written, "Why Do Nuts Have Hole?"

I wanted to eat more but i could not because i ate my breakfast before the class. :( It was so difficult to resist the temptation!

SeakLing's all time favourite =_="

Chicken Katsu Don which i shared with Ms. [S]

Chicken Shiogayaki Don for SeakLing and Sharon

Okonomiyaki for everyone.

Salmon Oshi Sushi

I took a 2-hour nap after i had reached home and bathed. Urgh~ I forgot when was the last time i even took such a nice evening nap. I was feeling so good when i woke up. Totally satisfied.

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