Saturday, September 6, 2008

~* Politicssss *~

When Malaysian celebrities successfully come out with the song Here In My Home which really gets a lot of compliments, trying to unite Malaysians with a song, politicians (a.k.a. so-called leaders) are doing the other way round. Coming out with racists remark. Unwillingness of both sides in apologising and tolerating. Involvement of the former prime minister whom all thought that he is the best but ended up in favour of the one who made the racist remark. All these have led to me wonder about the followings:

Why want to celebrate Independence Day then? By the way, we are still in the Independence Month.

Why bother to come out with Sekolah Wawasan? Part of Malaysia's plan only?

Why Malaysian Studies keeps focusing on unity? Just for fun?

Why are we learning unity in Moral studies all the while? Because it is part of the syllabus?

Why bother to call ourselves as Malaysians?

Why the celebrities bother to come out with that damn blarrrdyyy nice song? Higher rating?

Last but not least, if our former prime minister is in our current prime minister's position, what would he do? Still standing with his statement now? Or doing something similar to the current prime minister's action to minimise the damage?

This is my very first post touching a bit on politics. I'm not touching too much, right? I don't want to end up being caught by ISA.

I am disappointed.

By the way, i really want a camera. A good camera needs at least RM600.00. How can i hint or tell straight to my brother's face that i want it and the red packet for this year's birthday, next year's birthday and next next year's birthday are done? Or may be red packet for this year's birthday, next year's chinese new year and next year's birthday, perhaps? I have this feeling that i might get a frigging big slap as all these are within his discretion. Unless, you can help me to find better sponsorships laa.... I want it as soon as possible laaa.... A lot of nice events and outings are coming soon. I want to continue camwhoring! If i try to save money, i might get it by end of this year which is the soonest? That time i have missed out damn a lot already.

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