Sunday, June 29, 2008

~* Must-Watch Videos *~

Whoa! I just found these videos from You Tube!

The one who danced is my boss, Mr. Ranjit Singh.
The one who sang is my boss too, Mr. Yeoh.
The one who played the guitar is Gregory Ling.
The two guys who constantly blocked the cameraman are Lai Chee Hoe and Vincent Tey.

Meanwhile, for the following video, the one who sang is Lai Chee Hoe. He is so damn freaking good in singing that song!

I will keep on updating you all with the latest information on the Charity Nite. :D

*~ Purple Cane Tea Restaurant ~*

I had dinner together with mum, bro and aunties from my mum's side at Purple Cane Tea Restaurant, The Gardens, Mid Valley. It was a treat by my bro due to mum and aunty's birthday. At first, by looking at the menu, everyone (except for my bro because he tried before) was clueless about the food there as every single item has the word "tea" as different types of tea are used in the cooking. Thus, everyone was wondering how the taste was going to be like after adding the tea.

Before the dishes arrive, normally you are served with nuts. But, here lotus root, which has been turned into pickle, is served together with steam groundnut.

I don't know the name for this but i can tell you that the duck meat was freaking delicious!

Lotus root again with other ingredients such as carrot, mushroom, green bell pepper, garlic and bla bla bla...

Its famous beancurd dish.

Sweet and sour fish.

Chicken with fried man tao.

And they actually serve you with brown rice cooked with tea leaves. I did not even know i was eating brown rice. I thought the colour and the aroma of the rice was due to the tea leaves alone. Then. the dessert was not very sweet. Just nice. Absolutely delicious!

I don't know whether their claim of saying that their food is without msg, less salt and less oil is true or not. However, my personal view is that seriously the food was not oily and after eating and drinking the tea, i did not feel thirsty at all. Instead, i was feeling so satisfied with the food there.

Also, i would give high rating for their decoration. It was really a brand new dining experience for me. Peaceful and fine dining.

Conclusion: Everyone was happy with the food there.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

~* YLC's Charity Nite 2008 *~

On Friday evening, i joined my fellow lawyers to the Young Lawyers Committee's Charity Nite 2008 at SaVanh Too, Plaza Mont Kiara. I had my own hidden agenda there . You know. I know. Don't need to make it so obvious *Wink Wink*. Lets' make this post short and straight to the point.

  • Three lawyers (Lai Chee Hoe the Tai Kor, Gregory Ling the clone of One Republic and Mr. Yeoh Cho Keong who is one of my bosses) from my firm were performing on that evening which made Mr. Ranjit (One of my bosses too) proud of himself. When they were performing, he kept on telling people around him, "They are my boys. My lawyers".

  • Before the Battle of The Bands started, i was asked to finish a glass of beer by a stranger. No worries. It was a girl supporting Lai Chee Hoe's band.

  • Next, i claimed my own beer at the bar.

  • I tried to fit into the crowd on the dance floor to get high! I did! I did!

  • Looked at Mr. Ranjit in action on the dance floor after he had successfully demanded RM5K for donation from the crowd. Before this, i heard that he is good in dancing and yesterday, i had the chance to see it.

  • I was supposed to hold Vincent's beer while he was on the stage, but i ended up drinking his beer. The next time i saw him having his beer in his hand, i did not hesitate to grab the beer from him and drink. Too lazy to walk up and up from my table to the dance floor.

  • I did not have to redeem my next drink from the bar when there were people continuously bringing jugs of beer and bottles of whisky to the table and people were so kind to make sure that my glass was fulled.

  • After most of the people at my table disappearing (Some of them had gone home. Some of them walked up and down.), poor David, who had to give me a lift home, was forced to look after me. He did not go anywhere else except for standing behind me, until the guy i was enjoying with asking me about him.

  • The guy i met there was a debt collector who was brought by his lawyer to the bar. I think he has license for it. Nice of him teaching me not to tell anyone if i am drunk because making a girl drunk can be an objective for males.

  • I had my crazy moment on the dance floor even with strangers. You just don't bother when you get high.

  • Whenever i saw people pouring whisky, i even gave them a very BIG help in doing so. By using all my force not allowing them to stop pouring the whisky. :D

  • McDonald's was just few steps away and i was pulled out from the bar to have a break. My eyes were almost close and David forced me to open my eyes and try to stay awake. He and Peter said closing my eyes would make me worse. Both of them also forced me to keep drinking water when i was already feel like puking. Once more, they said it would help to make me feeling not so worse. Okay lorr.... I had to listen to people who are experienced in drinking lorr....

  • I really felt like going in again after that but my eyes were really closing and the puking sensation was not so great. Then, David had to attend a meeting the next morning. Thus, it was time to go home for me and i reached home at almost 2.

  • Without changing, i straight away got into bed and slept. First time in doing that by not changing and and just slept. The alcohol effect was so good that it led me to slumberland for 11 hours. Seriously, i had not been having a sleep for this loooooong....

  • The next day when i woke up, i kept on remembering the moments i had at Savanh Too the night before. It was soooo awesome!

  • What a good experience seeing females kissing each other, males kissing each other and guys rushing into the wrong washroom when people just got high!

  • I was too busy with drinking and dancing until i did not really take pictures. Also, it was too dark in there. My phone internal camera just too bad cause it does not have flash! When some of the lights in the bar were switched on to announce the winner for the Battle of The Bands, i took this opportunity to take pictures with some guys at my table.

I don't know his name but i met him before (i think).
I was high!

This is James. He was totally down!
You also can see that i was drunk too but i was conscious on what i was doing.
It was just that i could not walk in a really straight line.
Not as bad as him.

This is Gregory Ling who is from my firm and was performing for the Charity Nite.
He is forever handsome.
He can be adorable and/or funny when he smiles.
BUT, he is freezing cool or burning hot and can't be approached when he is mad, upset, angry and/or stressed.

With the attention gotten, i am not too bad afterall. Haha~
Or they are just too blind or too high or the bar was too dark?
P.S. If i am able to get more pictures, i will upload them here. :D

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

*~ Clueless ~*

Again, i was clearing up earlier and realising all my stuffs were everywhere! I did not really have time to do that before this and even if i did, i needed to rest and enjoy.

I opened the drawer and took out the things to rearrange them, i saw the ring that i used to wear throughout the relationship. I looked at it. It turned yellowish. I thought. It had been there for very long. Unwanted and forgotten. I wore it on my left ring finger. The same finger where i wore the same ring last time. It looked weird. I took it out and realised it was better without it.

Suddenly, the moments we spent together just played in my mind today. A lot of problem sharings had been done with different people before this. I do have things which make me feel regretful especially the moment i chose to drag the relationship when i knew he is not my type, he is not mine, we are not meant for each other, there was problem between us.

I know you all must be thinking like, "Yea right that you tolerated with him well in the relationship. I saw no tolerance from you AT ALL in your relationship." Again, please don't judge the book by its cover. Based on my personality, people would just expect me to walk away and would not be begging him to come back to me. People would also just expect me to even break up earlier than we did.

However, just because i told myself that everyone's imperfect (including myself), i kept on tolerating, waiting, loving, changing myself and tolerating. Oh well, i don't look at myself as an ALMIGHTY here. Don't misunderstand, please. I know he had high tolerance with me as well, okay? With all my tantrums and controls. I knew he also did try to change for the relationship's sake. What i'm trying to point out is when i knew things were getting faulty, i still chose to go on with the faulty path. Get it? Don't make your own assumption if you don't get my point here. Fuck off.

Kept dragging. Kept tolerating. Kept waiting. Kept looking. Kept changing. But i think the place where i got it wrong the most was loving someone who is not my cup of tea. (No worries. It is a past for me now.) Or, should i say that it is okay that i learn from there and like what the Chinese say, "At least you had it before"?

I keep on having this picture in my mind that something is needed to be completed. Something has been holding me back. I am close to reach the top of something. But some other thing is just holding me back! Something has to be done. I just don't know and i just let the time to tell. Seriously, i am clueless about the "something".

Posts in my blog which make you think that i am alright.
Pictures in my blog which make you think that i am alright.
Words i use to chat with you people which make you think that i am alright.
Smiles i have which make you think that i am alright.
In the end, they don't mean that i am absolutely ALRIGHT.

Deep inside me, i am just too fragile.
Too fragile to handle.
Too easy to be hurt.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

~* My Mum, My Heroine *~

Recently, i realise even more how important is my mum to me. After so many things have happened especially since the break up. She has been there for me always whenever i am in trouble. Sometimes, i just know some parents, including my mum, don't know how to express their concern towards their children, but they will do whatever they can to make the children feeling better, as simple as preparing their favourite food, less scoldings, allowing to do something which is usually forbidden, bla bla bla....

I have been living in this world without a father's love for fifteen years and i never asked or even wanted a father's love again. Because my mum has already provided the family with what a father can provide. She is not only a mum to me, but a father as well. She concerns. She works. She earns. She feeds. She educates. She gives the best. She gives everything. I can't think of any reason why i should not be grateful for those.

Sometimes we argue, but most of the time i share everything that happens to me with her. Even the simplest thing which happens for that day, i would still tell her. She knows who appear in my life, who come and who go. When people think of keeping something to themselves like relationships, or don't have the need to tell the parents what has happened for the day, i would still love to share with her those stuffs.

Since i start to work over time, i don't get to eat my mum's cooking because i told her not to cook for me as i would be reaching home late at night. Despite what the time is when i reach home, i am still going to be late! So, it is better to have dinner early for health's sake and i don't want to trouble my mum.

Yesterday, i reached home at ten something and my brother was not home yet for dinner. So, i thought of the possibility of still eating some though i had my dinner earlier as i saw quite a big portion of food for my brother alone. After my bro had taken his portion, there was still some rice left. Happily, i scooped all the rice out from the pot, and then shared the dishes with my bro. While i was eating, i nearly cried out as i really miss my mum's cooking so much. I also realised how much she means to me that out of all the people, she is the one i truly cannot lose, she is the one i truly cannot live without.

By the way, today is her birthday.

*~ Kasih Murni Camp (Part II) ~*

Before they went for the night walk in the jungle, each group had to build a tower using straws. Seriously, they were really GOOD at this. I remember the tower we built during College CG Gathering was not this tall.

Jungle trekking on the very next morning.
They still could pose for picture despite the steepness.

Camwhoring session before we left!!!

Conclusion: I'm Getting Prettier. Thank You. :D

Sunday, June 22, 2008

~* Kasih Murni Camp (Part I) *~

I had been away to Hulu Langat on Saturday and Sunday for Kasih Murni Camp organised by my high school. Yesh~ i am still in contact with my high school teachers after leaving the school for 2.5 years. I attended this camp not only as a facilitator to the participants but also to my juniors who are still schooling and being trained as the camp facilitators. Yesh~ now you see how honourable i am.

During my high school time, i had been a facilitator for several camps and whatever activities the participants had, i was forced to join in. However, this time was so different. I did not need to join in every single activity held. So, what did i do?

I looked at this camp as a vacation for me as i am really exhausted and i did not have my proper break since after i finished my first year of studies. Also, there were too many things had happened. Seriously exhausted. It was time to free my mind, my body and my soul and being out of the city for awhile. I even asked Jenny to come along to accompany me.

We had Bill Sim who was the speaker for the day. Sorry, i did not really know what he taught the participants as i was to busy chatting with Jenny and other teachers. Oh well, at least he got the participants' attention than being a boring speaker.

Then, in the evening, we had team building activities where each group had to complete the tasks of five stations.

They were counting the red beans patiently.

It was only masking tape. Don't worry about their eyebrows.

Sorry, i was busy taking pictures. The serious me?

I can be funny too, okay?

They worked hard...

Tan Ser Yee, who has finished high school also, joined me and Jenny. She supposed to have the privilege like both of us too. Too bad that she is still our junior, and so, she was still being tortured by us in the camp. She did not crawl through this obstacle, okay? She was just posing due to the request from me and Jenny.

It was time for fun after the team building! Splashed here and there. But, they did not dare to splash the water at me because i warned them~ :D

Little girl. Really a little girl. This picture was taken during the last slot of the camp when everyone had carried their belongings out from the dorm. Nice angle to see her hugging Piglet.

With her very du lan look. She is such a good poser.

That's my foot!

Food food food!

*Err...I don't know the name for this.*

*I don't know the name for this also. I just know it is spicy and nice.*

(I still prefer the ondeh-ondeh made by my mum.)

(Is this the right spelling? I just know what is lepat pisang recently when there were people in the firm bought this for snack recently.)

Yeshh~ i posted the pictures on kuih-muih because other food (you know those normal dishes you can find when attending this kind of camp) was not nice for pictures. Like curry chicken, you can only see the pool of kuah and not the chicken. For rendang chicken, you can only look at it like shit.

Alright, this is only Part I. The next part will be regarding the jungle trekking and camwhoring session before leaving the place.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

*~ When Both Are Deaf ~*

When we reached Bangsar Village 2 to collect the order from Delicious for dinner:

I will get down here.

Okay. You go and collect first but you can't enter from here. You have to enter using the main door.

Har? Window? [Sign of Deaf #1]

Yea yea yea.... [Sign of Deaf #2]

*Fulled of question marks* Through the window?!!! [Sign of Deaf #3]

Main door laaaaa.....!!!

I asked just now if i would have to go through the window, you were like, "Yea yea yea...."

Main door lerr......

*I quickly got down from the car before i got the worst from him*

~* Hey Kitty Kitty Kitty.... *~

** Those so-called naive and innocent and gentle and polite and bla bla bla... people who can't take vulgar words, please avoid reading this**

While listening to Jason Mraz's "I'm Yours" in Richard's car, we had this conversation:

This song actually reminds me of you.

Wahhh.... I can't believe i am able to make such an impact to you with one song.

No la... As in this song is like you. Bubbly (Whoa~ First time someone actually uses this word on me and leaves me feeling so flattered *Wink Wink*). Talk a lot. Tiu Nia Sing!

What's wrong being bubbly and talk a lot until you have to say "Tiu Nia Sing"?

No. Look at the car over there. It's pink and decorated with Hello Kitties.

(Yeah~ Pink Satria with Helllo Kitties all over)

Ohh~ I thought that the "Tiu Nia Sing" was referring to me.

*Took a peep* It is a girl who drives!

Eh hello~ Of course it is most probably a girl. If a guy drives it, i bet you would not just curse "Tiu Nia Sing".

If it is a guy, it would be Tiu Tiu Nia Nia Sing... All double up...

Okay, then i laughed nonstop and we changed topic.

P/S: It's very funny to listen to Richard cursing "Tiu Nia Sing". He has one kind of tone when cursing that.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

*~ All You Can Wish For ~*

After i left the firm in the evening, i went to meet my cousin for dinner in Bukit Bintang. I was too hungry to walk and too hungry to think of what to eat, i had decided Delifrance for dinner which was the nearest to me at that time.

I really felt like eating everything and i just could not resist myself from ordering the dinner set which comes with drink, soup, potato salad, mini tart, garden salad, bruschetta and pasta. The pasta that i chose? Definitely it was the one with lamb! Pasta chili lamb! It was soooooooooo delicious.

My cousin also ordered a dinner set so that we could exchange. The differences between hers and mine were the pasta and instead of serving bruschetta, it was served with cheese baked rice.


~* Time To Reflect *~

Well, i was browsing my folders to organise them nicely and i came across all these nice pictures i have that really remind me the moments i spent in high school and also with my fellow SASA friends.

Okay... First of all, this is me doing the *peace* sign in the school hall few days before SPM.

Carolyn, me, Mei Ping and Sook Yen at the farewell party for the Form 5 prefects.
The outstanding me in the picture.
And Sook Yen just came out of no where. =_="

Khit Yeng with her messy hair, Mei Ping, Eliza, me the poser and Shiu Wah.
Neat lerr my hair when i was in high school.

Okay... We were at KLCC Park to take pictures for our profile pages in the school magazine.
They purposely paired up and left me alone with the damn tree. T_T
See the first two on your most left?
They are not lesbians!
You know, girls sometimes just don't mind hugging each other tightly.
Me too!

In 2006, together with Ee Ling, Vivian and some other Marketing Department staffs, we went to several states for the scholarship interview sessions.
If i am not mistaken, Penang was our first stop.
Not only eating nonstop, but taking pictures nonstop too.

Okay... The boyish me in Seremban having KFC for dinner.

Vivian, me and Ee Ling by the pool side.

After all the roadshows had finished, here came the presentation ceremony for those successful scholarship receivers. This time, almost all of the SASA students were there to help out and we were able to have a very nice photography session in a group.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

*~ She Has Been "Pau-ed" ~*

Okay. I had turned down Josh's invitation to the Hulk Bash at Cineleisure. Seriously, it was such a waste but it was still okay because i had to celebrate Sook Leng's birthday! Oh well, she is my best friend and how could i miss celebrating birthday with her?!!

Okay. Obviously the one on the left is me and the one on the right is Sook Leng.
This picture was taken two years back.
P/S: I miss my long hair so muchhhh.......

Few weeks back after realising that i have to attend a camp on 21st and 22nd (which is next Saturday and Sunday), i knew that i had to celebrate her birthday in advance. Yesshh~ Her birthday is on the 21st. I also knew that she is very busy and thus i had to "book" her in advance too! I tricked her by telling that i had tickets to attend a beauty workshop in Bukit Bintang.

Today, i met her outside Low Yat Plaza. I brought her to buy a slice of cake from Starbucks. Then, i dragged her into Sushi King for lunch. We really had a nice chat there like usual and our topics were not other than our works, her studies and guys around us. Okay. She had cake, a nice meal but not a present. So, how?

Yeshhh~ We went to MNG and i had used my very first voucher with her. The moment we entered the shop, i just asked her to choose whatever she wanted and i would pay for it. Not only she got a top for herself, i did get a top for myself too! After we came out from the shop, we had this conversation:

Are you feeling happy today? I'm so sorry that i don't really have time to prepare for your birthday.

Sook Leng:
No arkkkk..... I'm really happy. Do you know what i thought while i was in the fitting room trying the top?

Today, you feel like you're kena pau-ed by me?

Sook Leng:
Yeah... Exactly! The moment we entered the shop, you kept asking me to choose whatever i wanted. At Sushi King, you asked me to eat whatever i wanted too!

Well... So coincidence that i am working right now. Thus, i can have a slightly more expensive birthday for you this year compared to previous years. No guarantee that i can do the same thing for you every year. Now i have the chance, so why not just do it?

Oh yeah~ She really thought that we were attending a beauty workshop today. =_=" GOTCHA!

By the way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY in advance, girl!