Thursday, April 30, 2009

*~ Guilty Food ~*

I was at Times Square today in the evening for tea time with Sam after i was being persuaded for many times. I told her about Krispy Kreme and she actually got a few doughnuts for herself before we went next door for Starbucks. Err... Actually i also bought one Original Glazed Doughnut for myself. I just could not resist it.

Using her buy-one-free-one voucher, we got Chocolate Chip Frappucino for each of us. Venti!!! In McDonald's language, it means large!!! Since there was a voucher, Sam said that we should go to the extreme! I forgot when was the last time i had this favourite Starbucks drink of mine.

So darn fattening! I had been consuming different kinds of food in these few days from the healthiest to the unhealthiest. I really should go for detoxification and have a better diet for the next one week, at least.

My agreement of not being allowed to have buffet or hi-tea for half a year with Mr. [R] is expiring in two months time. Then, i am sure that he wants to renew the agreement with me. Perhaps, for longer term. I also bet that he wants to establish a separate agreement saying, "No Krispy Kreme doughnuts for at least three months (or more) and stay away at least 50 metres from any Krispy Kreme stores." =/


Well, i remember that i kept on complaining that i was getting fatter after three rounds of buffet in last December alone. To prevent me from really getting fatter and complaining that i was getting fatter, he finally thought of establishing that agreement with me. But, it still does not stop me from any of those! XD

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

~* For The Sake of Updating *~

The title says it all.

I was at Krispy Kreme today to get a Original Glazed Doughnut for my mum. Yes, only one. I wanted my mum to have a try. I felt awkward for getting just one when people there were queuing up for at least half a dozen. But most of them bought one dozen or more. Even the staffs there were expecting the customers to get the number of doughnuts that can be put in a box no matter what the size is. I told myself that i would only get what i wanted and not being influenced by other factors! Hmph!

Mum just had the doughnut and disliked it. She said that the doughnut was just too sweet. Those who are having diabetes will die fast. Those who are healthy will get diabetes soon. But, i still like it very much! Well, of course i won't be eating it so often.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

*~ The First Cake He Baked ~*

After walking around Pavilion for few hours, Sam and i decided to have our tea time at my favourite spot, San Terri which later joined by Sook Leng. Yes, it was San Terri again. The cafe in Times bookstore. I had a difficult time in choosing between sandwich and New York Cheesecake but finally, i chose to have Mozzarella Cheese Sandwich with wasabi dressing. Owh~ I love the wasabi dressing so much. San Terri's honey mustard is another great choice for the sandwich dressing. I think i can be San Terri's ambassador.

Bread - Lettuce with wasabi dressing - Bread - Mozzarella cheese together with smoked ham - Bread. I shared half of this with Sook Leng.

I really made a good choice to have sandwich because Mr. [R] brought me a quarter of cake that he baked during his practical training in college. Yea, i was surprised that he wanted to have dinner with me today as i expected him to go home after that tiring practical training in the evening. After the tea session with my dear friends, i rushed myself home just to see him as he was already waiting for me there.

I was so glad to see him sitting in the living room with my mum having his isotonic drink. I think he was so eager to give me the surprise. Before i could settle myself down for dinner, he asked me to check out the fridge. There was a silver box and when i opened it, i saw cake! Yummylicious!

Mr. [R] told me that it was the very first cake he baked after so long taking the course. Since he was only entitled for a box, he could only fit in a quarter of the cake and the rest of it was thrown away. So, other than his coursemates, trainer and himself, am i one of the earliest people who get to try his very first cake? Is it because i am so important to him to the extent that he was so eager letting me in trying the cake or he just wanted me to be a white mice?! Hmm.. I am wondering hard. Haha...

Of course the first reason works way better than the second one by observing his effort of going through all those traffic jams and delivering the cake to me. I tried the cake after he had gone home. It was so delicious! It totally reminded me of Secret Recipe's Chocolate Moisture Cake which happens to be one of my favourite cakes. I left part of the cake for tomorrow. I love the cake so much. I am so glad. Thank you, Mr. [R]! There's no picture of the cake because i only remembered about snapping pictures after i had eaten part of it.

I stole the following picture from him. His seriousness attracts me. :P

~* To Die or Not To Die *~

Some statutes really amuse me. Can you believe that you may be jailed or fined if you try to commit suicide? I don't see the logic behind this. Is this the way to stop the people from taking their own life and teach them more about their responsibility to themselves and as well as to others? I don't think so.

Imagine that you are depressed enough that you just want to end your own damn pathetic life in the public eg. jumping off the bridge. You are just few seconds away from stepping in either hell or heaven. Everyone there is trying to convince you, telling you that there are still hopes to live with. Even the darkest thing has started to shine. Fine! Finally, you have decided to go on with life no matter how it trashes you. The next thing you know is you may be jailed or fined for attempting suicide. Funny. Again, you will wonder, "Why not i just jump off the damn bridge?!"

That is not the way to decrease the number of people who commit suicide and to let them know about their responsibilities. Instead, there should be some angels who can reach out to them. This is what Befrienders for! Jail sentence and fine don't work! Instead, these will make those who are trying to suicide more depressed and see no hopes!

The moral of the story: Try to suicide privately and make sure that it really ends your life. Otherwise, prepare to be jailed or fined. Think thoroughly before you want to commit suicide and ask yourself what is waiting for you if you have failed to die.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

*~ Looooong Day (Updated) ~*

Wow. It had been a long day. Jenny fetched me as early as 8.30 a.m. to my former secondary school to attend a gathering held by the prefects. My batch was one of the oldest batches to be there. It totally made me felt so old there!

Jenny was the one sitting on my right side. Besides her, all of them are my juniors who are younger than me by three years. Yeah, i am still close to them.

Left to right (front) : Audrey, Bobo, Jenny, me, Xini, Hui Chi
Left to right (back) : Babi Chang, Jennifer, Amelia

See, i was the main focus of the day. XD

Me walking across the school hall.
I look so slim in the picture!
I wish i do look like that.

After the gathering, i was like a nanny! I headed down to Pavilion with this bunch of kids and i actually brought them to San Terri for tea session, especially for the New York Cheesecake and 1001 Night Tea. It seemed like everyone was satisfied with the session.

Katrin Chan who joined us only for the tea session.

In the evening, i went to Ashley's 21st birthday at her house.
Chloe, Ayumi, Teddy, me, Krystle, Mei Han, Jenny.

Leela, Wai Han, Melia, Krystle, me, Jenny, Mei Han with the birthday girl.

Extremely exhausted. I don't feel like describing too much here. Let the pictures do the talking. I just want to have a report here to note where was i for the whole day.

Friday, April 17, 2009

~* Still In Hell, Anyway (Updated) *~

Alright. I am done with midterm papers and let me conclude now that i did badly in both papers. When tips were not even tips, anyway. Lecturers in this semester can't be trusted. Hence, no more spotting questions and i have to read everything thoroughly.

The end of midterm test does not mean the end of everything. Not even the end of this semester. Perhaps, it just marks the end of certain chapters whereby i don't need to bother about them as they won't be coming out anymore for final exam.

The end of this midterm test indicates that it is time for me to be back on my assignments. Let's see. Three assignments are gone and four more to go. Nevertheless, i still need to study constantly too. Please pray for me that i can juggle between these two. I really need to do well desperately for this semester.

In another matter, most friends are celebrating or have celebrated their 21st birthday. Mine? Five more months to go. Again, time flies. To have a wonderful celebration, it is the time to start planning again. Revealing my first birthday wish of the year is to have a little bit more cash to celebrate than previous years. 21st birthday. Thus, it has to be extra special, i hope. Extra cash means that i can get something which i really want. A birthday does not mean only other people giving you gifts, but you can give one (or more) to yourself as a reward or just to cheer yourself up. Please drop me some cash from the sky!

Nothing much.

Mr. [R] fetched me from college today and we went to Mid Valley. I am getting bored with Mid Valley. We did nothing much there except having a few hours walk and tea time at Delifrance. We thought that we could head to Sri Petaling straight away from there for dim sum as our dinner. But after looking at me almost fell asleep and the dress i wore, Mr. [R] decided that we went back to my house first so that i could have my rest and change to something more comfortable for dinner.

We missed the road to Sri Petaling and we took the way to Serdang. Due to the slow traffic, we took slightly more than an hour just to reach there and it was equivalent to fnished listening to Most Wanted chart. I almost went crazy in the car and i kept on entertaining Mr. [R] with all the stupid actions.

At the dim sum restaurant, we were so hungry until the extent that when the food came, i did not bother to stop Mr. [R] from eating, which i usually do so that i can snap some pictures. Even Mr. [R] also forgot to ask if i were to take any pictures of the food. Alright. After this, no more dim sum for a long term.

On our way back to the car, something happened. It made Mr. [R] felt like he was the luckiest person on that moment. Even myself was not as lucky, okay?! Be proud, dude!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

*~ Krispy Kreme Temptation ~*

While waiting for the traffic light to turn green at the main junction near Times Square, i saw people having boxes of Krispy Kreme doughnuts in their hands. I thought it had already opened but actually not. I think they were having some marketing activity there whereby they distributed free doughnuts and asked people to come for the grand opening happening on the 27th of April.

Since we were parking the car at Starhill, i thought it would be too late to walk back all the way to Times Square just for the doughnuts. But as we kept walking, we saw more people were holding the boxes of doughnuts! It drove me crazy. Even Mr. [R] could not resist the temptation. We tried our luck and decided to go back to Times Square.

At first, the truck was not there anymore when we reached and i thought my first time of eating Krispy Kreme doughnut would not be today but it would be during or after the grand opening. Suddenly, this lady appeared from behind the big pillar outside the entrance of Times Square with a big box of Original Glazed Doughnuts! She was not giving the whole box but she gave out the doughnut one by one.

Doughnuts are fattening and one for each of us was more than enough! J.Co also has its own glazed doughnut but the sugar makes the doughnut wet on the outside and it is not hot. Krispy Kreme Original Glazed Doughnut is so different. The moment you start to bite, you can feel the crunchiness of the sugar glaze. Then, as you bite and continue chewing it, you will know how soft the doughnut can be and the sugar glaze will melt in your mouth. Delicious! Remember to eat it when it is still hot.

However, people who dislike or can't eat sweet food, please take note that this doughnut is sweeter than J.Co Glazed Doughnut. Well, once in awhile is alright and it is worth trying.

Tea time!

Mr. [R] enjoyed his doughnut so much.

Going for Krispy Kreme Original Glazed Doughnuts is more than enough. The moment i ate it, other flavours were just not important to me anymore. I checked out other websites and people described Krispy Kreme Original Glazed Doughnuts as "orgasm in mouth". So, can you imagine how delicious it is? Just that flavour? I enjoyed every single bite of it.

~* Big Blue *~

It had been a week since the last time i went out with Mr. [R]. I know. I know. I make it sounds like i did not meet him for years! He decided to go to Mid Valley Megamall and i remembered that there is still Big Blue Multimedia Exhibition is going on. How could i miss it?!

This is the life-size sculpture of a two-month-old, 9 metre-long, female blue whale calf but it is still very huge! I can't imagine the size of a matured blue whale. Perhaps, it may occupy the space from the East Atrium to the West Atrium of Mid Valley Megamall.

Then, we went for a movie. Shinjuku Incident. The movie is fulled with violence. Yea, i like it. Daniel Wu really impresses (or "impresses") me with his acting skill. He is supposed to be a very nice guy named Ah Jie and being a nice guy here, he looks like a gay. But after an incident has happened in the movie, he absolutely transforms into a ghost with his Gothic look! I am so speechless about his make up as a dude with his Gothic look. Seriously, i see no signs of Daniel Wu at all; the one whom we recognise him as handsome, cool, macho, whatever you call it! Is that supposed to be good when it comes to acting?

Overall, the movie is not too bad. You can see blood is everywhere and how the hands are chopped off... Urgh... A two-hour movie.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

*~ Do You Still Want To Have A Maid? ~*

I feel so sick after watching this video and once is totally enough for me! Fortunately, i never thought of having a maid before and i will never have a maid! Think, think and think before having a maid especially when it comes to taking care of your children!

Monday, April 6, 2009

~* *~

Hey, people! I'm still having difficulty to sleep. It took me two hours before i could sleep yesterday night. This had resulted me having headache and feeling so tired for the whole day. After dinner, i tried to sleep again but it failed miserably after almost two hours. It's alright. I am not having class tomorrow and hence, i am wasting sometime here. At the same time, i should thank Mr. [R] for encouraging me to keep trying in sleeping. Perhaps, he was hoping that i could stop disturbing him immediately after i had fallen asleep. Hehe~

I found this while searching for readings randomly.

"We hear only the first half of what you say. It’s a medical condition."

I truly believe that it is very accurate because i have encountered this gazillions times with my male friends. Guys, please work on this.

Also, for ladies who are overconcerned on how do you appear to other people especially your own partner, click here. This webpage will tell you how guys actually look at those body "flaws" that we have. It is time to gain back some confidence although it takes time.

To make you even feel more confident in bed, read this:

"Any body is a “good body” in bed. Belly pooch? Droopy boobs? Who cares! If you insist on total darkness from foreplay on, or the one position that successfully hides your cellulite, there’s no way you can have no-holds-barred sex. A good man wants to sleep with, see and know the real you."

For full article, click here.

Hmmm... is not bad.

However, i watched The Biggest Loser this evening whereby this lady had her husband said that he was not attracted to her anymore due to her shape. Well, you can make a guess on how this lady looked like since she was joining The Biggest Loser.

So, at the end of the day, the judgment on how your body looks like is fully depending on which guy you are dealing with.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

*~ Life Crisis (Update 1) ~*

What is so wrong with myself, people? Can't i just have whatever i want or wish for even just for the most simplest thing? Luck obviously does not side me nowadays. I have been working so hard. No last minute works on my assignments. No procrastination in catching up with my studies.

In one week, i just handed in three assignments that i did with all my efforts and hoping that i would be got rewarded. The "rewards" were somehow pretty awesome. Won two invitations to the Puma Furio Party but the party was not within my expectation. Even that night itself was bad enough for me to go through. About the Puma merchandise worth RM250, one word - sucks.

Yea, here i was at home on a Saturday that happens very seldom just because err.. myself also don't really know the answer. My mum was surprised too. And yea, i have been feeling irritated easily. Mr. [R] himself also can't escape from my badly mood swing situation. Perhaps, i was having too much stress and exhausted and this will continue until the end of April with the hope that things will really slow down from there.

After so many unwanted and unhappy issues, from the simplest to most complicated things, i thought it was time for me to rejuvenate myself and stop making people around me unhappy too - think positively, act positively. Someone as pessimistic as me is saying that. Trust me. It is not easy to think and act positively. Great efforts are needed.

Fine. When i felt hopeful and alive again, which then here came an opportunity, i was brutally slammed with disappointment again! Again and again and again and again.... I know this happens in life but i don't expect it to happen on me continuously in a extremely short period.

Oh please. Give me a break.

It's 5.09 a.m. right now. I could not sleep. I don't remember when was the last time i had a very bad insomnia. I had been waking up every single hour and each time i put myself asleep back, i would wake up again the following hour. All thanked to the nightmares. Yea, nightmare for every single hour. Imagine that! Cold palms. Cold feet. Cold sweat. Fast-beating heart. Nervous. Angry. Emotional. Headache. Lost control. Lost my mind.

Even worse, when i felt like shouting or crying out loud, i could not. It was not because i might afraid to wake my family members up. Rather, the reason was as simple as, "I could not". Do you know how awful it is when you want to cry out loud, you really try, but you just can't?

Did i just get fooled by my own self?

So sorry to those people who get affected from my one of the worst mood swings, especially Mr. [R].

Oh God, i am desperate for sleeping pills now. Let me go back to the bed right now and discover some.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

~* Puma Furio Party *~

3rd April 2009 at Changkat Bukit Bintang.
Before this, i never knew that this road is so happening.

At this bar and restaurant...

...Puma Furio Party was held!

The crowds on that night.

Someone was shaking "her" butt while drawing the lucky winner for the F1 grand stand race tickets.

It was actually Phat Fabes from Together with him was Joanne Kong.

Fashion show.

Puma Ambassadors.

Daryl Boswell, a deejay and professional golfer.

With Leona Chin, Ben and Phat Fabes.

It was strictly-by-invite-only party and i got two invitations after being the 5th person who texted in to I did it just for fun without any expectation to win at all. I was just too stressed up while studying.

While all the entertainment were great, there were three things that i was not satisfied with:
1. Not enough drinks, whether liquor or Coke!
2. It was like a sauna room. People were sweating like pigs.
3. The party ended darn early. Some went home. Some went to other bars. Some went up to another section of Frangipani to continue their socialising session.