Monday, April 6, 2009

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Hey, people! I'm still having difficulty to sleep. It took me two hours before i could sleep yesterday night. This had resulted me having headache and feeling so tired for the whole day. After dinner, i tried to sleep again but it failed miserably after almost two hours. It's alright. I am not having class tomorrow and hence, i am wasting sometime here. At the same time, i should thank Mr. [R] for encouraging me to keep trying in sleeping. Perhaps, he was hoping that i could stop disturbing him immediately after i had fallen asleep. Hehe~

I found this while searching for readings randomly.

"We hear only the first half of what you say. It’s a medical condition."

I truly believe that it is very accurate because i have encountered this gazillions times with my male friends. Guys, please work on this.

Also, for ladies who are overconcerned on how do you appear to other people especially your own partner, click here. This webpage will tell you how guys actually look at those body "flaws" that we have. It is time to gain back some confidence although it takes time.

To make you even feel more confident in bed, read this:

"Any body is a “good body” in bed. Belly pooch? Droopy boobs? Who cares! If you insist on total darkness from foreplay on, or the one position that successfully hides your cellulite, there’s no way you can have no-holds-barred sex. A good man wants to sleep with, see and know the real you."

For full article, click here.

Hmmm... is not bad.

However, i watched The Biggest Loser this evening whereby this lady had her husband said that he was not attracted to her anymore due to her shape. Well, you can make a guess on how this lady looked like since she was joining The Biggest Loser.

So, at the end of the day, the judgment on how your body looks like is fully depending on which guy you are dealing with.

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