Saturday, April 4, 2009

~* Puma Furio Party *~

3rd April 2009 at Changkat Bukit Bintang.
Before this, i never knew that this road is so happening.

At this bar and restaurant...

...Puma Furio Party was held!

The crowds on that night.

Someone was shaking "her" butt while drawing the lucky winner for the F1 grand stand race tickets.

It was actually Phat Fabes from Together with him was Joanne Kong.

Fashion show.

Puma Ambassadors.

Daryl Boswell, a deejay and professional golfer.

With Leona Chin, Ben and Phat Fabes.

It was strictly-by-invite-only party and i got two invitations after being the 5th person who texted in to I did it just for fun without any expectation to win at all. I was just too stressed up while studying.

While all the entertainment were great, there were three things that i was not satisfied with:
1. Not enough drinks, whether liquor or Coke!
2. It was like a sauna room. People were sweating like pigs.
3. The party ended darn early. Some went home. Some went to other bars. Some went up to another section of Frangipani to continue their socialising session.

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Stef said...

nevertheless it's a wonderful surprise for you considering u didnt expect to win the contest..

pleasant rejuvenation for ya then! :)