Sunday, March 29, 2009

*~ Great, It Got Me Again ~*

I was supposed to meet him in his car at the basement but, when i reached there, i could only see him chatting with another woman. My heart was beating so fast. I walked quickly towards the car. Before i could have a better look, a woman got down from the car and looked at me with this most evil smile ever. She was so beautiful and elegant. Competitor was the word that popped into my mind at that moment.

She left without saying anything. I got into the car, looked at him, uttered not a single word, gave him a slap and cried. But the slap was not a hurtful one as i was too sad and losing my strength. I could not do it. He started to explain on what was going on. Yes, the girl loved him and she was trying hard to get him but he only has me in his heart. I was still in a shock and i could not accept what had just happened. I needed some time.

What i fear of the most is beautiful ladies, whom i can't compared myself with, are forever better than me in every single way even when it comes to love and relationship. They are more compatible with the one i love. And i am going to lose my loved one to any of the ladies.

Damn!!! The dream got me!!! It had what i am afraid of in it!!! It took me quite a long time to realise what happened in the dream again before i got out from bed. The more i recalled, the more i got upset. Even though it was a dream, it was so darn real! It had never been this real. However, at least, this dream ended quite good as in he came back to look for me and tell me all those stuffs. Previously, whenever i had this kind of dreams, they never ever ended in any better way.

P/S: The woman's name was Labuna. What a name... =_="


Wei-I said...

Labuna?!?!! wahahahahahaaa xDDD

Only names like this exist in dreams....xP

Jyphoon said...

wow, you can even remember the name. try google it and see what it means =P

Muhammad Nazeef said...


she must have six fingers and stinky feet

simmy said...

WTF!! labuna..
u made me LOL at 2.30 am in the morning...