Sunday, April 24, 2011

~* Sinful German Food @ Brotzeit *~

Okay! It was bf's birthday at the end of December last year. I knew bf always wanted to try German sausages. Bangsar Babe's post on Brotzeit at Mid Valley had made up my mind to take him there. I really loved her opinion. Besides myself, i believed that bf would also love whatever she had recommended. So, i did order as per Bangsar Babe's opinions.

We had one Mango Affensaft. Weissbier with mango juice. Suitable for those who would like to try beer but dislike the bitter taste of it.

Garlic Pork Sausages served with sauerkraut and potato to fulfill bf's dream.

Cheese Spatzle. German version of Mac & Cheese. I would recommended to share than finishing it on your own. Otherwise, you would feel "jelak." I like the shallots on top of it :)

Spicy Bacon Pizza. It was totally loaded with bacon bits besides there were also other ingredients such as chili, onion, sliced cherry tomato and cheese. It was a very sinful pizza but i don't mind ordering this again in the future.

We finished everything except for the pizza. The leftover pizza was taken away and become our supper. Bf and i were very satisfied with the meal. If i get a chance to go there again with a group of friends, i will love to try their super long pork ribs!