Sunday, August 14, 2011

~* Claypot Loh Shu Fun @ Mama Kitchen *~

At last, bf and i tried the famous Claypot Loh Shu Fun at Mama Kitchen, TTDI. Well, it was not our initial plan. We were supposed to visit the Ramadhan Bazaar but it was raining heavily. Hence, we just gave Mama Kitchen a try.

Claypot Loh Shu Fun (Small - RM7.00)
We love the facts that there was a lot of minced meat and the portion was considerably big even when we ordered a small one. A very good comfort food on a rainy day.

Spinach in Superior Stock (RM8.00)
Nothing much to brag about. Not the best i have ever tried.

Butter Milk Squid (Small - RM12.00)
How i wish the portion could be bigger than this! It was so delicious and i really love how the squids were drenched in the butter milk gravy. Yes! I prefer the gravy version instead of the dry one when it comes to butter milk. Bf and i shared a bowl of white rice just to go with this dish.

We will be back again for more delicious dishes and of course, the claypot loh shu fun. :)