Thursday, July 30, 2009

~* No More Sandwich From This Cafe! *~

As promised long time ago, i went out with my dearest girl friends today for lunch. Where? West 57th St. Cafe at Pavilion which Mun Yee wanted to go. No special occasion. It was just a normal hang out session after working so hard during the semester break and before i really get busy again with studies.

My Jumbo Veal Sausage with Cheese Sandwich. I did not expect for this! Jumbo Veal Sausage? Not even close to jumbo anyway. Similar to the Club Sandwich i had last time, but it only involved one layer of sliced tomatoes, one thin layer of cheese, and a layer of sausage.

Seak Ling's West 57th Club Sandwich! Something that i tried for once and i never want to try again.

Anyway, if i happen to be there again, i will never order anything to do with sandwich! To me, all the sandwiches are very similar to each other and i just don't like the sandwiches there.

Hainanese Chicken Chop. I went there twice and to date, this is what i like the most.

Late lunch at 3. Everybody was hungry.

Dessert time!
Yum yum mint flavoured ice-cream...
So cooling...

Chocolate Banana Cake.

We did not plan for this, alright? It was a coincidence that we all wore the similar shade of colour.

Later on in the evening, i had a date with another girlfriend of mine, Sook Leng. Even she was wearing the same shade of colour! Clueless on where to have a drink, we went to the newly-opened Pak Hailam at Sungai (Sungei) Wang which happens to be a subsidiary of King's Confectionery Sdn. Bhd. I am not really sure about the food there because i have not tried but i can tell you that the drinks there are better than Old Town. Unlike Old Town, the drinks are less expensive and they come in taller glasses.

I also bought some pao(s) from Pak Hailam after mum gave me the greenlight to go ahead. Only 1 buck for each. The choices they have include red bean paste, kaya, chicken and custard. Yum yum... I am going to have pao for breakfast tomorrow.

Anyway, i think i have overstuffed myself with food recently. It is time to stop before i gain back the few kilos that i have lost though a lot of people told me that i looked better when i was chubbier back then.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

*~ In Dilemma ~*

I was about to sleep but before that, i wanted to take a look at the Ipod Touch that i always want. Thus, i went to the Machines website and then i found this:

Click to enlarge.

First generation of Ipod Touch is on sale! But, the second generation is the one with better features... :(

Click here for more details on the special deals.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

~* Canton-i *~

As promised to myself, i would treat my mum to dine at Canton-i, Mid Valley once i am done with the temporary position at the law firm. Actually, my last day is going to be on Monday but i treated her today. Of course, she was not the only one when boyfriend and one of my aunts came along.

Flowering Red Amaranth.
It's a must-try. Interesting enough, the flower would bloom slowly when hot water was poured into the glass.

Steamed Piggy Buns with Red Bean Paste.

Crispy Buns with BBQ Pork.
The buns are crispy due this one layer on top of the buns. The layer is like the polo bun's but it is thinner here.

Egg Tarts. Too bad the tarts were not served hot.

Pan-fried Chinese Pancake.
Too oily and nothing special about it!

Fried turnip cake with XO sauce.

Szechuan Style Sizzling Noodles with Seafood.
Actually, with lots of prawns! Oh... ini sungguh menjelakkan. Thanked to the tomato sauce. I expected this to be spicy! It should not be categorised as Szechuan style at all!

Star of the day:
Some kind of rice with mixed roast meats (chicken or duck wing and roast pork), egg, tofu, vegetable and seafood (few slices of octopus meat).

We also ordered Tau Foo Fa and Salted Fish Fried Rice but i could not take pictures in time because both my aunt and mum just could not wait any longer to eat.

*~ Rajah Brooke Cafe ~*

3 Layers Milk Tea with Palm Sugar.
I am not that kind of person who always order tea or coffee but this is something new to me. At first, i decided to share with boyfriend but i got so addictive until i had to order another one just for myself!

Sarawak Curry Laksa.

The famous kolo mee! Finally, i got to try this without going to Sarawak!

Tomato mee, kids' favourite.
At first, it was so delicious to me, but when i was about to finish it, i felt a bit jelak due to the sweetness of the tomato soup.

~* Bangi Kopitiam *~

Simple, yet delicious.

A glass of cold jasmine tea. It is sweeter than usual.

Easy eggs and toasts. Butter in both eggs and toasts. Also, some sugar is sprinkled on the butter toasts and i taste both sweetness and saltiness together. The taste may be funny to you people, but not me.

*~ Gathering @ Draften ~*

Date:19th July 2009
Venue: Kepong

Fiona invited us to a party or gathering at his dad's office. We were really amazed by the surroundings as if we just entered a night club or something like that. Yea, it is really her dad's office but there is this wide area which is for entertainments , especially karaoke.


Mirrors are everywhere.

They sang.

I sang.
(It's very rare to see me singing like this.)

Boyfriend sang.
(He sang Kiss Goodbye by Wang Lee Hom with Lim. My heart melted.)

How could we not singing together?!

More shots from that night.

Wee Liam, Melissa, Chin Looi, Lim's ass.

Abigail Low, Gayle, Kiren.

Chin Looi was trying real hard to fit into the picture.


I would never forget to post this picture!

Girls only.

The group picture!

He snatched my boyfriend!

More pictures on Facebook.

~* Amanda Wong's 21st Birthday Celebration *~

Date: 18th July 2009
Venue: Mont Kiara

When we were still at the lobby.

Swimming pool that located on the 10th floor.

Foosball table!

I love the environment here so much.
Sooooo clean and peaceful!
One unit costs around RM450K!

The birthday girl.

We were the first to arrive. Before the rest came, we grabbed this opportunity to camwhore to the max with the birthday girl.

I love this shot.

I love this shot even more!

Only the ladies.

Group picture.

More pictures on Facebook.