Saturday, July 25, 2009

*~ Szu-Mei's Advanced 21st Birthday Celebration ~*

Date: 17th July 2009
Venue: Her house, Taman Melawati

The host.

I was wearing boyfriend's smallest t-shirt that i could find. Boyfriend and i thought that the water fight had ended when we arrived. We were wrong! We got splashed! We were there not more than five minutes and we had to walk back to boyfriend's house to change. I only remembered to bring extra clothes for the next day but not after the water fight. Thus, i had to borrow a t-shirt from boyfriend.

Pretty flowers to decorate the birthday cake. They were made of sugar and could be eaten.

The host provided everyone something that we used to played when we were still kids.

What do you call this? Balloon or bubble?

And he tried to make fun out of this.

Hiap Lai and Lim. I was surprised when Hiap Lai knew that i am studying in HELP and i used to be taking the foundation course there. I did not even know him! He even knows Matthew, Joco and the gang. Oh well, he left HELP after halfway studying there to Sunway and he is not studying in Australia!

The group picture.

More pictures in Facebook.

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