Tuesday, July 7, 2009

~* When I Get To Warwick Avenue... *~

Mum saw my red swollen eyes and nose.
She knew that i cried.
She quickly ran into the room.
She was afraid that history repeated itself again.
History that took place slightly more than one year ago.
Curiously, she wanted to know what happened.
I lied to her.
Or should i say that i actually told her one tiny part of what happened.
I blamed it on PMS, music and work.
Hormone changes greatly.
Working is tiring.
Warwick Avenue played its part.
Yes, Warwick Avenue.
A song with the lyric that i don't want it to take place in reality at all.
I don't think i am not a good liar, anyway.
She seemed like not believing my words.
She did not believe that i cried due to mood swing and sad songs.
Perhaps, she could guess what actually really happened to me.
Well, at first, she thought that i was listening to Michael Jackson's that made me cry.
No way, mum!
Another song stucked in my mind right now.
Akon's Sorry, Blame It On Me.

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da'biZaRRe said...

what happened?
i'm here to listen

ur friend:hakeem