Friday, October 31, 2008

*~ Fooling Around With ~*

People have been playing with and there is no exception for me as well :D To release tension, i browsed for victims in my photo folders.

Pui Ling, my beloved daughter. Guilty daughter with beard.

Sharon, the modern Monalisa.

I even turn her into a bride. Just to imagine how she looks like when she gets married with *Shhhh!!!* She has blonde hair too, okay?

I know Matthew Tan has been imagining this in Australia. I also know this is not happening to him at all. Sad case :(

Like Michelle Tan said, Matthew looks better as a 'she' than a 'he'.

Even Seak Ling also can't runaway from being my victim. Oh well, this is just making her more adorable. Seak Ling in Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban!

Ngek ngek ngek.... Not bad, right, Gavin? You're very welcome in advance :)

Me and Sam.
Nahh... Sam, don't call me fan cheong when you see this.

Seriously, i have no idea what the "Go Malaysia" is doing there. =_="

Having his face on money notes might make me getting richer and richer. *Dreaming*

Lastly, me on the cover of Vogue magazine! Woo hoo~

Thank you for being my victims.


~* Get Out, Kids! *~

This is a bit interesting to kill my boredom in the library right now. I get this through Wayne's blog.

OnePlusYou Quizzes and Widgets

The rating is based on two words that appear in my blog.

Kill (x2) -Once derives from the word "sKILL"

Hurt (x1)

Crap (x1)


I assume that those words are being used in a good manner but because of those words also my blog is rated in such way.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

*~ Choose! Choose The Food! ~*

I did not feel like eating Japanese food.

I did not feel like eating Western food.

I did not feel like eating Indian food. (Enough curry from my neighbour for Deepavali).

Chinese food or something like that?

After wandering aimlessly in One Utama trying to find some selections for our dinner, dear and i ended ourselves at Vietnam Kitchen.

Three dishes for both of us.

Stir Fried Long Beans with Belacan.

Seafood Beancurd. The sauce was real nice. We loved this. Yea yea~ I was the one ordering this dish.

Vietnamese Sesame Chicken. Both of us loved this too. Again, i ordered this! *Proud of myself*

Two weeks away before the final exam. Better start studying now. It is good. At the same time, i can save some money. Too broke for anything now. Hope that i don't really slack so much.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

~* My Best Friend For Now Is Chewing Gum *~

"I'm leeeeeavin'. Never looking back again..."

"Honestly tell me that's oooooveeeeeeeeeeeeeer...."

Huh? Oh man! The game is over? So fast? I still have the need to enhance my skills in drama. Well, i never know being a manipulative bitch is having so much fun! Actually, i never even realise that i have mastered such skill. Okay. Talk no more crap.

Different people gave me different reactions when i showed and told them what had happened after the previous post was being posted. Childish. Jerk. Rude. Mean. All of them went totally furious. Some of them also went like, "Awwww~" or "Ouch!" Some even kept laughing nonstop and truly congratulated me (not sarcastically, of course). You will know the reason the person truly congratulated me. One told me, "No matter how wrong you are, the person could not do that. You are a girl and the person is a guy." But, the most unexpected feedback was this:

"If i were you, i would have cried."

When few people mentioned this, my expression had immediately changed to =_=" I replied, "Why should i shed my tears to a person who does not matter to me anymore?" I just did not feel like crying. Throughout the whole conversation, i controlled myself well which i am a bit proud of. I was expected to fear for the other person's anger; explain or defend myself with all the words i could think of; twist here and there; find for U-turns. Unfortunately, those were not really happening.

People change over time, you see. It is not like the past anymore. Even if i have the need to fear, to explain, to defend or to twist, i would like to see who is the one i am talking to. Knowing that doing talking at that point of time was going to be so useless; knowing that the purpose of the talk had diverted; knowing that the person i was talking to is nothing to me, then why did i bother to do all those? It was just going to be a waste of my time and effort. Since the purpose of the talk had diverted, it ended up that i did not do much talking. Thus, nothing much was given; nothing much was answered; it was left hanging which i don't care because i was not the one initiated the talk and wanted any answer. Wait! It was not hanging. Instead, it is done! Firing me with tonnes of words.

What was i doing during the talk? Assignment. Miss Chitra, Gavin's darling lecturer, taught us on prioritising just two days before that. One of my friends told me, "Wtf, girl. The person was furious enough but you still could stay chill and relaxed. No wonder that person got even more furious!" The friend who told me this was the one who congratulated and saluted me. Then what should i do when i was trying to complete my assignment? Why don't you tell me? Leave out the assignment and fail the subject and retake the subject? Next, fight until the moment i end myself in my own damn grave? Come on laaaa.... So-called Priority! Assignment!

Disclaimer: This is a personal review and not personal attack. If people still think this post is a personal attack, this means all these people are prejudicial towards me. Well, because this means they truly can't differentiate what is personal attack and what is not. (Whoa~ Sounds like me before this, right?) Think twice, or even more than that. Did i talk badly about a person here? No. Few words appear to be yes but those are feedbacks from people and not me *Hands up*!

"Move along, move along just to make it through...."


The main point here is i have bought for myself a camera! Nikon Coolpix S210.

Light enough. Small enough. Affordable enough. I am quite satisfied with the functions and features. Easy enough for dumbass like me who know nothing bout taking picture. Zeeeroo knowledge.

At the same time, it makes me broke enough. It is time for just biscuits and breads and anything i can bring from home to eat. Nahhh~ you wish i will do so! No way i am just eating biscuits and breads. Well, actually it is quite good also for dieting.

By the way, what is the damn use for lowering down the price for fuel? I am not driving and yet i feel everything is sooooo expensive. When i was shopping for groceries, i kept saying to my mum, "Don't want. It's expensive," or, "Never mind. Eating less of that won't kill." Arghh~ Price for instant noodles? Upped. Price for can food? Upped. Price for McD's? Upped. (YEA~ This is the saddest thing of all.) Price for any kind of meats? Upped. Price of any kind of vegetables? Upped. Anything has to do with food is going up!

What is not going up?

YOUR DAMN FREAKING SALARY LA..... and this leads to students like us having NO INCREMENT IN ALLOWANCE LA!

"A dollar today worths more than a dollar in the future," my Financial Management lecturer always said this. So darn freaking true!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

*~ Leaving Me So Furious ~*

*I write what i want and you can read what you want*

(I apologise for the grammatical errors/jargons/slangs. SMS mahhh....)

Did your bf come to my blog? (I found the way of asking is oppresive.)

y do u think so

Cause i got a flame comment earlier. I can't imagine who else would hate me so much. Other than him and may be SL? ([Readers: SL is my very best friend.] And, don't think just because being close to me, they will hate you for sure. Perasan~ My dear once told me that, "He is the past; a story; a piece of information to know you better." So, i don't think he will bother about you in that way.)

please dun frame them. if both of them wanna do that, it had gonna be way earlier. my bf is not as childish as you think. why it is has to be from my side. you offend someone also you would never know. (Seriously, my dear is soooo much better. It is not only me who say this, but even all my friends who met him before)

Because no one from my side will call you kit mun. (Sorry. My dear does not call me by my chinese name as well.)

can u b reasonable a bit? if my frens wanna set fire, they would have started it when i was hurt the most and not when i involve in a relationship dy when everyone is seeing me happy. and everyone can make it as if it is from my side since my damn chinese name is known world wide through msn. (Sooo freaking true, right?)

haha. whatever la i deleted the comment anyway. Have a nice day. (Too late for wishing me having a nice day.)

Actually, the intention of posting that conversation faded until he posted this in his blog; making it freaking publicly.

1. He did not have to put my name there with in bracket "ex".

2. He did not have to bold, " that she's not around"

3. He is so farking sure the anonymous is from my side.

4. He is degrading my friends like how he degraded his friend for once.

5. He is like putting the blame on my side.

Like i have said, "everyone can make it as if it is from my side since my damn chinese name is known world wide through msn" or through other methods like coming across my blog and find out my chinese name, we have the same mutual friends who dislike him, etc. Also, why did not he see the possibility of his damn freaking enemies think he deserves it regardless of ANYTHING since the enemies already dislike everything he is? Why could not be someone who hates me did that just to provoke him and then he came over and provoke me? Why must it from my side? My dear? My good friends?

I also can't tolerate when i feel myself and also those people who are very close to me are being defamed. You can call me childish but i still think that i have the need for defence.

"presumption of innocence until proven guilty"

All these will have a full-stop here. The first and the last time about this issue here. You can continue with it if you wish to.

Monday, October 20, 2008

~* Combination of My Favourites *~

Second visit to Pastis @ The Gardens

(Right outside Isetan)

Moist Chocolate Cake is the cake of this month.

Cake of the month is given discount as much as 50%.

Really worth trying their cake of the month.

Including tax, this slice of cake is just going to cost you RM6.05.

Urgh~ Marshmallows + Strawberry + Chocolate!

At the same time, you can get 30% discount on all cakes after 6 p.m. for every single day.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

*~ One Night of Insanity ~*

Phew~ I still can feel the buzz in my ears after a night at Euphoria. Yea yea~ This club is the latest hit for now. Dear brought me along to party with some of his friends. I got totally so high with the help of Chivas Regal and the music there. What i got myself into yesterday (or should i say midnight or this morning?) was totally the same as the night at Barcelona on Sam's birthday. I could not walk in a straight line. I did really crazy things. I laughed insanely. Sooo tipsy but i was not drunk enough to know what happened to the surrounding. If you ask me what i did which was extremely crazy, i can tell you for definite.

Like i said, i still can remember what happened yesterday night. The reaction of every single people who really thought something had gone wrong with me. No exception for dear. He was there by my side every single moment to look after me (or was he doing it on purpose just to make sure that i did not flirt with other guys? Hmm~ I am wondering. Hehee). Totally by my side. Even if he was not on the dance floor, he made sure that i was being taken care of by others and looked at me from the table. His facial expession throughout the night is clearly in my mind. Totally feeling being protected.

Somehow, the clubbing hours were not the sweetest moment to end the day. The sweetest moment for the day was after that when i fell asleep in his car only when i reached home. He just let me to sleep without waking me up even though his eyes were so tired and dry due to the contact lens. The warmth of his hand on my face. The smooth movement of his tucking my hair behind the ear. The peace and calmness whenever he is by my side.

Gosh! I just can't wait to have this post here though without pictures!

Friday, October 17, 2008

~* I Must Be Kidding *~

When people at my age are hooked up to Japanese anime, i am more interested in Disney cartoons. Not just usual cartoons, but those cartoons on Playhouse Disney which are dedicated especially to those children before they enter pre-school or around that age. You will get what i mean later. Yesh, since my mum is babysitting all the while, i have no choice but to watch those cartoons together with the child. Well, this has developed my interest to them over the time.

"...I Love Clifford The Big Red Dog...!"

I still remember the owner of this dog is Emily Elizabeth.

Hahaha~ i love the theme song for this cartoon.

"We're going on a trip in our favorite rocket ship, zooming through the sky... Little Einsteins..."

My Friends Tigger & Pooh.
I love this song too which they sing once there is a problem:

"Now it's time to think, think, think,
When you have a problem, THINK, THINK, THINK!
Look at every clue like the Super Sleuths do,
And just think, think, think!"

Mickey's magic words before entering the club house:

"Meeska Mooska Mickey Mouse!"

Dibo The Gift Dragon.

Want a gift from Dibo? Just say,

"Di di... bo ding... Dibo Dibo ding...!"

Last but not least, i really love to watch Pocoyo.

The cartoon i love to watch the most!

To the maximum!

He is soooooooo adorable!

Just wanna pinch him!



Monday, October 13, 2008

*~ North Pole? Chocolate? Exam?! ~*

I imagined myself having class in North Pole this afternoon. The class was so freaking cold until my nose turned red and made me looked like a Rudolph. At the same time, i was wearing short pants! Phewww~ But fortunately, i was wearing long sleeves top to college. Okay, this is not the main point.

Well, i met up with SookLeng after my class for tea time. Yeshhh~ Finally!!! Choosing between Sushi King (it is having Sushi Bonanza which means RM 2 for all the sushi rice on the conveyer belt) and Theobroma Chocolate Lounge, i had decided to go for the chocolate lounge mainly for two reasons: I wanted SookLeng to have a try; i had too much of carborhydrate before that and i just did not feel like taking rice anymore!

There, at the Theobroma Chocolate Lounge, we ordered Princess of Iceland (Iced Chocolate Drink) and Queen of Rock n' Roll (Milk Chocolate Shake). Both also are highly recommended. For those who prefer chocolate drink which is not sweet, then i will recommend you to go for Princess of Iceland. On the other hand, Queen of Rock n' Roll will be a little bit sweeter. I love the way the way the glasses are being decorated with frozen chocolate.

We ordered this as well: Scandinavian Salmon crepe which is also highly recommended. Filled of chunks of salmon and slices of mushroom!

Last, but not least, the timetable for the final exam is out! All my papers are happened to be in the first week of exam. This means, i am going to finish all the papers early and this also means that i am going to get 2 weeks holiday. Wait! This also means i have to start studying!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

~* Butterfly What? Award? *~

Edryanne a.k.a Low Wai Chi nominated me for this in her blog which is really quite surprising. Oh well, at least someone out there loves reading my blog. In her blog, she describes my blog as:

"another interesting blog i would say. dare to voice out her opinions through writings. lotsa great pictures of FOOD! a delicious blog! *yumm...*"

*Blush blush*

I will just describe my blog as just being ordinary and sharing my diary with you guys, whether when it comes to food, happiness, sadness, emotions, feelings, thoughts, etc. :)

PS. I am too lazy to nominate another ten blogs for this. Hahaha~ But, i truly appreciate you, girl, for nominating me in your blog.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

*~ Playboy Mansion or Zeta House? ~*

After having Salmon Fettucine at Italianiese, dear and i went for The House Bunny movie. Seriously, i could not stand how dumb Shelly Darlingson (Anna Faris) is! Totally a dumb blonde! However, i can say that the story is quite touching at the ending. I agree on how external beauty can just fade away but not the internal beauty. And most of the time, we just have to be who we are without pretending as the truth will be revealed sooner or later.

This point has left me wondering. Besides partially to boost the confidence and become mean girls, why girls still bother to dress up as if they are turning themselves into Barbie? Whatelse besides attracting the homosapiens with the XY chromosomes? If most of those homosapiens like the girls internally, then, i don't think the girls will bother so much in barbie-nising themselves.

In today's world, most of the girls try to equip themselves with the 4B's: Brain, Boobs, Butt, Beauty. I also don't deny that there are also some of the homosapiens with XY chromosomes who minus one or two B's from there especially when the B is representing Brain. Haha~ "Guys just don't really like their girlfriend to be smarter than them".

It was dessert time after that! Dear had been craving for this! Err... So did i before this when i wanted to try it desperately. It was so delicious with its warm coconut milk on top of the glutinous rice eaten together with mango. It has always been about desserts recently.

Mango Sticky Rice from Rak Thai @ The Gardens.

Look at his eagerness in trying the dessert.
"Yum yum yum~"

I did not know that there is this new version of Nano iPod until we walked into the Machines store. The moment i had it in my hand, i went like, "Whoa!" This version is so nice to he held in hand and there are so many nice colours available!

8GB for RM599.
16GB for RM799.

It is even more attractive when i found out that the price for iPod Touch has decreased so much and the latest version is added with some new features!

8GB for RM949.
16GB for RM1,229.
32GB for RM1,629 (It was nearly RM 2K previously).

Hope to have either one of those or even BOTH!
I don't mind at all!

Friday, October 10, 2008

~* Theobroma Chocolate Lounge : 2nd Visit *~

Visited this place again for the second time and this time with two homosapiens with XX chromosomes.

Little Jane.
The chocolate was so much thicker than the chocolate for the fondue.
My first time eating chocolate fondue there came with slices of oranges, starfruits, pineapples, strawberries and marshmallows. But this time, we were given oranges, strawberries, kiwi and guavas only. And the guavas did not go along with the fondue at all. Try asking them not giving you the guavas if you happen to taste the fondue there.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

*~ Back To Childhood ~*

We had a personal field trip to the Petrosains after being suggested by Sharon. The most hardworking person in the gang suggested us to skip Company Law classes knowing that the topic taught after this has nothing to do with the final exam or even if it is, we can read it purely from the textbook. Believe me, after so many lessons with her, we still re-read all the topics by ourselves for our midterm like we had no knowledge at all. (But, better believe in karma weiiii~ Skipping class and getting something worse in return in the future.)

Matthew, the chef wannabe.

Director and actress wannabes.

The little girl is so adorable, right? I snapped her picture with her brother while the mother went around enjoying herself.

In the 3D Cinema Hall.

We behaved like kids!

I feel myself is so spoilt with all the food, shoppings and entertainment. I should really stop those and start giving myself some pressure to study. I will start allowing myself to only enjoy to the maximum up to 2 days per week. Well, wish me luck having the determination to do so.

I'm becoming a spoilt brat.

Am i?