Saturday, October 25, 2008

~* My Best Friend For Now Is Chewing Gum *~

"I'm leeeeeavin'. Never looking back again..."

"Honestly tell me that's oooooveeeeeeeeeeeeeer...."

Huh? Oh man! The game is over? So fast? I still have the need to enhance my skills in drama. Well, i never know being a manipulative bitch is having so much fun! Actually, i never even realise that i have mastered such skill. Okay. Talk no more crap.

Different people gave me different reactions when i showed and told them what had happened after the previous post was being posted. Childish. Jerk. Rude. Mean. All of them went totally furious. Some of them also went like, "Awwww~" or "Ouch!" Some even kept laughing nonstop and truly congratulated me (not sarcastically, of course). You will know the reason the person truly congratulated me. One told me, "No matter how wrong you are, the person could not do that. You are a girl and the person is a guy." But, the most unexpected feedback was this:

"If i were you, i would have cried."

When few people mentioned this, my expression had immediately changed to =_=" I replied, "Why should i shed my tears to a person who does not matter to me anymore?" I just did not feel like crying. Throughout the whole conversation, i controlled myself well which i am a bit proud of. I was expected to fear for the other person's anger; explain or defend myself with all the words i could think of; twist here and there; find for U-turns. Unfortunately, those were not really happening.

People change over time, you see. It is not like the past anymore. Even if i have the need to fear, to explain, to defend or to twist, i would like to see who is the one i am talking to. Knowing that doing talking at that point of time was going to be so useless; knowing that the purpose of the talk had diverted; knowing that the person i was talking to is nothing to me, then why did i bother to do all those? It was just going to be a waste of my time and effort. Since the purpose of the talk had diverted, it ended up that i did not do much talking. Thus, nothing much was given; nothing much was answered; it was left hanging which i don't care because i was not the one initiated the talk and wanted any answer. Wait! It was not hanging. Instead, it is done! Firing me with tonnes of words.

What was i doing during the talk? Assignment. Miss Chitra, Gavin's darling lecturer, taught us on prioritising just two days before that. One of my friends told me, "Wtf, girl. The person was furious enough but you still could stay chill and relaxed. No wonder that person got even more furious!" The friend who told me this was the one who congratulated and saluted me. Then what should i do when i was trying to complete my assignment? Why don't you tell me? Leave out the assignment and fail the subject and retake the subject? Next, fight until the moment i end myself in my own damn grave? Come on laaaa.... So-called Priority! Assignment!

Disclaimer: This is a personal review and not personal attack. If people still think this post is a personal attack, this means all these people are prejudicial towards me. Well, because this means they truly can't differentiate what is personal attack and what is not. (Whoa~ Sounds like me before this, right?) Think twice, or even more than that. Did i talk badly about a person here? No. Few words appear to be yes but those are feedbacks from people and not me *Hands up*!

"Move along, move along just to make it through...."


The main point here is i have bought for myself a camera! Nikon Coolpix S210.

Light enough. Small enough. Affordable enough. I am quite satisfied with the functions and features. Easy enough for dumbass like me who know nothing bout taking picture. Zeeeroo knowledge.

At the same time, it makes me broke enough. It is time for just biscuits and breads and anything i can bring from home to eat. Nahhh~ you wish i will do so! No way i am just eating biscuits and breads. Well, actually it is quite good also for dieting.

By the way, what is the damn use for lowering down the price for fuel? I am not driving and yet i feel everything is sooooo expensive. When i was shopping for groceries, i kept saying to my mum, "Don't want. It's expensive," or, "Never mind. Eating less of that won't kill." Arghh~ Price for instant noodles? Upped. Price for can food? Upped. Price for McD's? Upped. (YEA~ This is the saddest thing of all.) Price for any kind of meats? Upped. Price of any kind of vegetables? Upped. Anything has to do with food is going up!

What is not going up?

YOUR DAMN FREAKING SALARY LA..... and this leads to students like us having NO INCREMENT IN ALLOWANCE LA!

"A dollar today worths more than a dollar in the future," my Financial Management lecturer always said this. So darn freaking true!

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