Tuesday, October 21, 2008

*~ Leaving Me So Furious ~*

*I write what i want and you can read what you want*

(I apologise for the grammatical errors/jargons/slangs. SMS mahhh....)

Did your bf come to my blog? (I found the way of asking is oppresive.)

y do u think so

Cause i got a flame comment earlier. I can't imagine who else would hate me so much. Other than him and may be SL? ([Readers: SL is my very best friend.] And, don't think just because being close to me, they will hate you for sure. Perasan~ My dear once told me that, "He is the past; a story; a piece of information to know you better." So, i don't think he will bother about you in that way.)

please dun frame them. if both of them wanna do that, it had gonna be way earlier. my bf is not as childish as you think. why it is has to be from my side. you offend someone also you would never know. (Seriously, my dear is soooo much better. It is not only me who say this, but even all my friends who met him before)

Because no one from my side will call you kit mun. (Sorry. My dear does not call me by my chinese name as well.)

can u b reasonable a bit? if my frens wanna set fire, they would have started it when i was hurt the most and not when i involve in a relationship dy when everyone is seeing me happy. and everyone can make it as if it is from my side since my damn chinese name is known world wide through msn. (Sooo freaking true, right?)

haha. whatever la i deleted the comment anyway. Have a nice day. (Too late for wishing me having a nice day.)

Actually, the intention of posting that conversation faded until he posted this in his blog; making it freaking publicly.

1. He did not have to put my name there with in bracket "ex".

2. He did not have to bold, "...now that she's not around"

3. He is so farking sure the anonymous is from my side.

4. He is degrading my friends like how he degraded his friend for once.

5. He is like putting the blame on my side.

Like i have said, "everyone can make it as if it is from my side since my damn chinese name is known world wide through msn" or through other methods like coming across my blog and find out my chinese name, we have the same mutual friends who dislike him, etc. Also, why did not he see the possibility of his damn freaking enemies think he deserves it regardless of ANYTHING since the enemies already dislike everything he is? Why could not be someone who hates me did that just to provoke him and then he came over and provoke me? Why must it from my side? My dear? My good friends?

I also can't tolerate when i feel myself and also those people who are very close to me are being defamed. You can call me childish but i still think that i have the need for defence.

"presumption of innocence until proven guilty"

All these will have a full-stop here. The first and the last time about this issue here. You can continue with it if you wish to.

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