Monday, October 6, 2008

~* Foodie Day Again *~

This morning's aim was to pass something to someone from college at Bangsar and then go home without attending the class in the afternoon. Yeshhh~ If i wanted to stay in college for class after passing that thing, i would need to wait for the next 6 freaking hours weiiii~ In addition, the class would require only an hour to finish up the multiple choice queestions. That was why i decided to skip the class and see what i could do at home without getting mum's objection.

However, i ended up going out with dear out of sudden who asked me out at the right time on the right day. We had lunch at Ikea because dear fancied the meatballs so much, meanwhile i just could not stop myself ordering the spaghetti under its kid's menu! I love order from kid's menu but sometimes certain eating places restrict that the menu is for kids belowe 12. It's totally unfair!

Before watching Painted Skin, we stopped by Cupcake Chic for dessert. Yum yum yum~

Simple but yet delicious.
Rum n' Raisin (Rum and raisin cake with rum frosting) on the left and Fatal Attraction (Chocolate cake with chocolate frosting) on the right.

Yeshh~ The cupcake model for the day. =P

For the next round, my targets are:
On Cloud 9 (Chocolate marshmallow cake with chocolate frosting)
Cookies and Cream (Cookies and cream with vanilla frosting)
Good Ol' Day (Apple cinnamon cake with cinnamon frosting)

I love the cupcakes so much and at the same time, i felt guilty after eating knowing that those are fattening! I don't care. For the next round, i am gonna try those three! >.<
By the way, we watched Painted Skin today. I expected it to be a thriller but it turned out to be a love story in an ancient world where demons exist and i give a thumb up to it.

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