Friday, October 31, 2008

*~ Fooling Around With ~*

People have been playing with and there is no exception for me as well :D To release tension, i browsed for victims in my photo folders.

Pui Ling, my beloved daughter. Guilty daughter with beard.

Sharon, the modern Monalisa.

I even turn her into a bride. Just to imagine how she looks like when she gets married with *Shhhh!!!* She has blonde hair too, okay?

I know Matthew Tan has been imagining this in Australia. I also know this is not happening to him at all. Sad case :(

Like Michelle Tan said, Matthew looks better as a 'she' than a 'he'.

Even Seak Ling also can't runaway from being my victim. Oh well, this is just making her more adorable. Seak Ling in Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban!

Ngek ngek ngek.... Not bad, right, Gavin? You're very welcome in advance :)

Me and Sam.
Nahh... Sam, don't call me fan cheong when you see this.

Seriously, i have no idea what the "Go Malaysia" is doing there. =_="

Having his face on money notes might make me getting richer and richer. *Dreaming*

Lastly, me on the cover of Vogue magazine! Woo hoo~

Thank you for being my victims.



sharon said...

when u told me today that u had an idea on what to blog, i was wondering if i should be scared of ur idea. true enough it had something 2 do with nway looking pretty in vogue, add modelling as ur carrer option la. hehe. all the best studying.

Autumn Babe said...

lol~ about u and matt, that came second. the first thing was seeing yourself in funny image. hahahhaha

Anonymous said...

hahaha monalisa is so monalisa~ and d pic of u n sam gave me a good laugh~~ LOL LOL LOL~ tsk tsk~~
owe me a treatt for having my pic on it~ ahahahahaha XD XD

siew yuk

Yan said...

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