Monday, December 29, 2008

~* The Evening I Met His Concubine *~

Was it my birthday celebration? Of course not! It was Mr. [R]'s.

Where were we celebrating? The Apartment at KLCC. The evening before the buffet at KL Rakuzen which meant it was on Saturday. We? Yessss.... Mr. [R], me, his cousin, and the rest were his friends since high school.

Nah! No food pictures for this time. All are going to be human pictures.

Audrey and Abygayle.

Together with Mr. [R]'s cousin, Stephanie, who is all the way from Penang. So happened that she was in KL for vacation.

Yea, i did this to him when he was trying to take out the candle using his mouth. He thought that only his friends would do that to him. Instead, i was the culprit behind. =_=" Nah~ his own girlfriend tricked him.

He fell for it for the second time too! This time, it was not only me but other people as well! Thank you. Thank you, people. XD

Yea yea~ Right before the above happened to him.

Sigh~ The same old way of taking pictures. Guys, school mehhh???!!!

This one definitely looks better! Baru ada gaya!

Ladies from Venus.

Finally, it is the group picture! Now it is the time to introduce each and everyone of us.
Top row, left to right : Amanda, Stephanie, Chin Looi, Sim, Audrey, Cynthia, Ian (Mr. [R]'s concubine which means he is my little sister), Thomas.
Bottom row, left to right : Ho Kee, Han Loong, Mr. [R], me, Abygayle, Andy, Jeffrey.

The so-called candid shot. I still remember someone actually hit my head and i think it was JEFFREY! I have the proof! Look!

Ta daaa~! The Concubine, The King, The Queen.
Hey Concubine, you will be so dead! :P

*~ Mr. [R] Tried KL Rakuzen ~*

Before this, Mr. [R] and i wanted to try the Japanese buffet at KL Rakuzen, Chulan Square. Finally we had the chance to do so after i planned this for his birthday in advance. Since the buffet is only available on Sunday, thus, i celebrated with him a day earlier.

Beef Teppanyaki.

Unagi that can't be missed at all!

Spider Roll. Another fancy name for Soft Shell Crab Maki.

Assorted Tempura.

My favourite beancurd tempura!

Sukiyaki! Double for this!

Shitake mushroom. As if they are really dry from the very beginning and never been cooked.

Chicken skewer.

All seasoned. From octopus, jelly fish, scallop to seaweed.

Grilled smelt.

Only salmon.

Only prawn tempura.

Soft shell crab.

Grilled chicken.

Soft shell crab temaki.

Unagi + egg.

Assorted sashimi.

To further satisfy himself, Mr. [R] finally ordered a bowl of fried garlic rice and that time, i could not even eat anymore!

Green tea ice-cream.

After the buffet, we went to Pavilion to watch the movie which he really wanted the most, Ip Man. Whoa~ I am not really a fan of martial arts movie, but seriously, the movie is really awesome. I love it from the beginning until the end! By the way, i had spent so many hours with him on Saturday and yesterday. Totally glad! I am going to spend even more time with him before he starts college next week.

Hey dear,
It's your birthday today and i don't think i need to write so much since so many words had been said right in front of you before this. I know you will get what i am trying to say here, right?
Love you.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

~* I Have Mine... *~

But, how about you?

*~ Christmas Lunch I Enjoyed ~*

Okay, I owe Paulin a post here regarding the Christmas lunch i had with some the members. Well, when i thought that i would be extremely lonely on Christmas, spending my time doing assignment and having no entertainment at all, Jie Juan actually came out with this idea of dining at Tony Roma's, Mid Valley with some of the members.

As usual, food pictures first.

Our starter. Seriously, this platter was darn freaking oily and fattening!

Rosemary Chicken which i shared with Stephanie. Who is she? Continue reading and i will introduce to you later when it comes to human pictures rather than food pictures. The portion was just nice for both of us. So, the result was we finished everything on the plate.

Alan 'Jordy' Toh's BBQ chicken.
The ending: Took away at least half of the chicken here and most of the fries.

Jie Juan's cheeseburger.
The ending: Leftover of fries and the burger bread. The patty? Of course, he finished it!

Asyraf and Alvin had the same thing: Honey + BBQ chicken burger.
Their ending: Each of them took away 3/4 of their food portion.

Nah! The dessert which we shared together! Yummy-licious!

Jie Juan, the one who suggested this idea of dining at Tony Roma's.

Alvin Kei, my new friend. He looks a bit like our co-founder, KhaiLee.

My very fierce and gangster-like brother, Alan 'Jordy'. :P

Stephanie! Muacks muacks....

Finally, my own picture is here. Pheww...

Not forgetting, we have Asyraf a.k.a. TPK in the house! I like his candid pictures. Really entertaining.

The 18-year-old guy who acted cute in this picture.

Karate session while eating.

Christmas for this year was not so bad. At least when the clock struck 12 at midnight, Mr. [R] gave me a call all the way from Penang. He never forgets me. Then, i had lunch with my beloved members and i got to shop! Whee!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

~* Hardworking, Right? *~

Truly appreciate this, Jun Jun. Thank you very much.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

*~ Warning : Too Many CAKES Ahead ~*

Feeling being honoured, i was invited by Clifford Too to the Grand Opening of San Terri Cottage at Bangsar Village II. The location is simply fantastic since it is in the middle of the shopping complex and having the ability to attract the customers in addition to the fantastic decorations.

I was feeling amazed with all the cakes there. The only San Terri Cottage that i visit all the while is the one in The Times Bookstore, Pavilion even though San Terri Cottage has few other outlets. All the cakes there are come in slices rather than the whole cakes since the place is especially catered to those who want to do their readings there while enjoying the food and beverages. Thus, when i saw those whole cakes at Bangsar Village II, i could not resist myself from taking the pictures of each and everyone of them. Clifford was so nice to fulfill my request!

American Cheese.


Blueberry Cheese.

Opera (Almond + Choc + Coffee)

Green Tea.


Chantily (Vanilla).

Strawberry Tart.
(Oh My God! Look at the strawberries!)

Last but not least, MY FAVOURITE New York Cheesecake!

Remember how i mentioned about eating this cheesecake as if i were eating the whole block of pure cream cheese? This picture was taken when the cake was still in the display fridge. Pheww~ Luckily i took it before i walked to some other places. When i came back that time, it was gone! Totally gone! I felt so traumatised at the moment. I hoped that at least there was one slice left for me though i could not have the whole cake. Too bad, all the New York Cheesecake had been sold out regardless the whole cakes or the slices! Myself became even more traumatised! Sigghhhh~

Well, there are other cakes available such as:

Mocha Carlo,
Black Magic (Dark Chocolate), and

Do check them out. I can say that the cakes are much more affordable than others whether for slices or whole cakes.