Thursday, December 4, 2008

~* International Xtreme Autoshow *~

Dates : 26th - 28th December 2008

Venue : Putra Stadium @ Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur

Calling all car lovers/ kaki kereta / petrol heads & Modified Car Fans!!!The biggest ever autoshow gathering of extreme modified cars from all over Malaysia and Overseas is coming to Kuala Lumpur! Come see one-of-a-kind modified cars from USA, Germany, Hong Kong, Thailand and Indonesia, meet the cast of The Kustomizer, get their autographs and watch the explosive shows. Also, check out all the accessories / parts / kits / upgrades /services at the Exhibition.


* Special appearance and Autograph signing by the cast of the hit TV series, THE KUSTOMIZER USA (astro ch 734) - Big Daddy, Randy, Rob & the very sexy mechanic Natalie

* Jet Car 'Meltdown Show' - exhaust flame will burn a whole car!

* The Double Headed Mini Cooper - 28 feet long twin head mini cooper with Jacuzzi & drives sideways!* Mini Dragster piloted by 8 year old Kaylee

* German Porsche 928 Hotrod* Jakarta 'Monster' - Isuzu Trooper converted to Hummer H2

* '100 Speakers' - Mega ICE Car from XXXXXX. Record holder. Prepare for ICE Madness...

* Bangkok Demon Rides - xtreme lowriders with hydraulic suspension and ground shaking ICE

* Live Airbrush Demo* Live Sticker Wrap-around Demo

* Exhibition - audio, accessories, autoparts & after market upgrades

* National Xtreme Modified Car Challenge

* Auto Audio ICE Cun Blast & Showdown

* Kelab Autoshow Hotbabes & Muscleman

* 100 Cars from Car Clubs on Display

* Street ICE Night Fever (only for the young, adventurous & who like crazy street parties!)

Xtreme International Challenge Categories:

1) National Xtreme Modified Car Challenge
- Proton Xtreme
- Open Xtreme
- K Car Xtreme

2) I.C.E Cun Showdown - Car

3) I.C.E Cun Showdown - Van

4) Best Airbrush

5) Best Sticker

6) Spit-Fire Face Off

7) VIP Category - New!!!

** Xtreme King of The Road - Best Of The Best (To qualify, a car must win at least 2 Categories)

Challenge Fee: RM200 Per Challenge Category
* No limit on number of challenge entered (1 car may enter ALL challenge)
* A car may challenge any number of categories except National Xtreme Modified Car Challenge(You can't be a Proton and a K-Car, OR can you ???)
** Winner of 2 or more Challenge Categories will qualify to be Best of the BestChallenger benefits: Free 3 days passes for 2 pax / Free Lunch&Dinner for 3 days for 2 pax / 1 Goodie Bag . Overall worth more than RM200 !

Call +60 (12) 233 2303 - Ek Lern a.k.a E.K


EkLern said...

thanks alot love..
You really deserve something from me.
One ticket for Bolt 3D is yours*

Anonymous said...

it seems i can't go for the dinner at klcc plus watching the bolt movie...i just won 2 name is musa bin majid can check my name at

you are very welcome to take my ticket...enjoy :)

Autumn Babe said...

hey musa, thank you so much. if i cant the ticket from the person i intially asked, i will use yours. thank you so so so much.

Jacklicious said...

michele? u actually knew ek lern? hahaha... i knew him too...

to eklern: lui yan... how are u?? haha