Sunday, December 14, 2008

*~ More Coconut Drinks! ~*

Phew~ After being scared by the birthday-girl-to-be the night before, she finally agreed to go to Jogoya for authentic Japanese buffet with us. Yes, this was the initial plan after the exam but we waited for Matthew to come back from Australia for summer break, then we might as well celebrate Seak Ling's birthday which is supposed to be end of the month. Woo hoo, we, girls, got 50% discount due to Jogoya's 3rd Anniversary. No worries, there were only three guys there. Ten of us, with some from different courses, managed to get together.


Aussie boy wannabe.

Food pictures now!



I don't know what kind of prawn is this.
King prawn, may be?

There are always some special dishes for VIP. Yes, fortunately, Matthew has the card and so we got to enjoy the special dishes. But, this was the one we ordered few plates because it was simple delicious due to its creamy garlic sauce.

This was what happened to Matthew's Haagen Daaz ice-cream when he came back to the table. He was trying to hard to scoop different flavours of ice-cream but the queue was to looooong.

Look at us and not the plates, please. =_="

The group picture.

Smaller group photo.

The drink that Jogoya is special for. I could not just stop drinking! We could not stop drinking! Everybody could not stop drinking! This picture is dedicated especially to Mr. [R]. I know he loves it. :P

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