Sunday, December 21, 2008

*~ Warning : Too Many CAKES Ahead ~*

Feeling being honoured, i was invited by Clifford Too to the Grand Opening of San Terri Cottage at Bangsar Village II. The location is simply fantastic since it is in the middle of the shopping complex and having the ability to attract the customers in addition to the fantastic decorations.

I was feeling amazed with all the cakes there. The only San Terri Cottage that i visit all the while is the one in The Times Bookstore, Pavilion even though San Terri Cottage has few other outlets. All the cakes there are come in slices rather than the whole cakes since the place is especially catered to those who want to do their readings there while enjoying the food and beverages. Thus, when i saw those whole cakes at Bangsar Village II, i could not resist myself from taking the pictures of each and everyone of them. Clifford was so nice to fulfill my request!

American Cheese.


Blueberry Cheese.

Opera (Almond + Choc + Coffee)

Green Tea.


Chantily (Vanilla).

Strawberry Tart.
(Oh My God! Look at the strawberries!)

Last but not least, MY FAVOURITE New York Cheesecake!

Remember how i mentioned about eating this cheesecake as if i were eating the whole block of pure cream cheese? This picture was taken when the cake was still in the display fridge. Pheww~ Luckily i took it before i walked to some other places. When i came back that time, it was gone! Totally gone! I felt so traumatised at the moment. I hoped that at least there was one slice left for me though i could not have the whole cake. Too bad, all the New York Cheesecake had been sold out regardless the whole cakes or the slices! Myself became even more traumatised! Sigghhhh~

Well, there are other cakes available such as:

Mocha Carlo,
Black Magic (Dark Chocolate), and

Do check them out. I can say that the cakes are much more affordable than others whether for slices or whole cakes.


Anonymous said...

wow nice cakes!

Autumn Babe said...

hey~ thank you so much XD

maro^gal said...

wow... the cakes are nice..... looks yummy

Stef said...

OMG!! u blog!!!!

it just makes me drooooooooooooooool!
it's all abt food!!!!!!!!

LOL.. :p

btw, nice meeting ya the other day..