Tuesday, December 29, 2009

*~ He's Back From Dubai! *~

Surprised. Surprised. I got a call from boyfriend early in the morning after he touched down in KL. He asked me out. Whee~ I thought i would be meeting him only on today which is his birthday. But because of several reasons, he rather met up with me yesterday.

He suffered in Dubai without much Asian food and pork. Hence, i suggested that we went to Din Tai Fung for dinner to make him a happy boy again with pork.

Boyfriend with my Garrett popcorn i requested all the way from Dubai. Yes, Garrett popcorn was the only thing i requested from him.

And he also went to Candylicious which is a famous candy shop to buy for me Reese's peanut butter cups in the shape of a snowman knowing that i would love it. It's chocolate again!

Okay. So we had all these for dinner.

Xiu Long Bao
(with pork filling)

Taiwan Spring Roll
with minced pork in it.
I love this so much. Crunchy outside and hot inside!

Pork chop
(the name says it all)
This is another of my favourite. Juicy meat and unlike the fried chicken chop, it is not coated with a thick layer of flour.

House Tofu
The only dish that did not involve pork. He almost ordered the fried green bean with minced pork. Phew... The green layer on top of each beancurd did not really give extra taste to the dish. The sauce was nice but the beancurds tasted very common.

He did not allow me to open it at the restaurant. He insisted that i could only do that once i reached home :(

Oh yes, i immediately unpacked it once i reached home and bathed. Double packaging to keep the freshness of the popcorn. What's so nice about this popcorn? It is Oprah Winfrey's favourite. It has CHEESE flavour. It is something you can't find in Malaysia!

The cheese popcorn tastes like Cheezels but even better than that! It is soooo rich with cheese and i could taste the saltiness of the cheese! On the other hand, the caramel flavour is very different than the one we have here. The smell of the caramel is sooooo nice with a little bit of buttery smell. The size of the popcorn is similar to the 10 sen or 20 sen coin. I hardly find any size smaller than that. Also, i hardly find one which is not coated with flavour!!!

Between the cheese and the caramel flavours, i prefer the caramel one. It's so perfect to be a dessert.

It was so good to hang out with boyfriend after so long. Although only for 10 days, we felt like we were separated for monthsss...! And we waited together at my house for the clock to strike 12 a.m., indicating it would be his birthday! Aww... It was so nice to go through that moment with him.
And once more,..


Sunday, December 27, 2009

~* The Big 'M' Chocolate *~

...together with some 'gold coins'.

All these are from my cousin sister in Netherlands.

The big 'M' chocolate is as big as my palm.

Thanks, couzzie!

Anyway, pilot is still keeping my Ritter Sport chocolate! And Matthew is going to Langkawi soon and the souvenirs will also be chocolates! I am going to have lots of chocolates! Wheeee~ I almost asked boyfriend to buy chocolates in Dubai too. Luckily, i did not.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

*~ Babysitting on X'mas Day ~*

Just a short post on what i did for Christmas.

Mum, bro and i went to Mid Valley with the three kids mum used to take care of. We did shopping!

Arcade will be a must if Eugene sees it!

Vin Shen helped accelerating and Eugene drove. In the end, they won the first place!

Super duper early dinner at Dragon-i.

Vin Shen and Yuin Nee. Like my mum said, Yuin Nee is photogenic though chubby.

The cheeky boy who never fails to make us laugh.

Siu Long Bao.
Vin Shen and Yuin Nee loved this and happily told their mum when they reached home.

La Mian in Hot & Sour Soup.
This soup reminded me of the sharkfin soup except that it was spicy. I wished they could have given me more soup.

Fried La Mian with Seafood.
It was so simple but the taste was superb with fresh sliced fish, shrimps and squids!

Afterall, this year's Christmas was not that bad. Got surprises. Although not the big ones, they still managed to put a smile on my face :)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

~* New Paris @ SS2 *~

After Hannah Tan's concert which was on last Saturday, Amanda, Siaw Lin, Lim, Raphael, Wen Hao and i went to New Paris Restaurant at SS2 for dinner. Seriously, we spent a lot of time thinking where to eat before deciding to dine at this restaurant.

Guinness Stout Pork Ribs.
The sauce was so starchy and slimy until i had difficulty in scooping the sauce. The only time i could taste the stout was when i ate the sauce alone. Otherwise, it was similar to the Marmite pork ribs.

I sent this picture to boyfriend who is in Dubai right now without pork there when we were chatting yesterday. He "screamed" in the chatroom. :P

Claypot Tofu.
Love the crabmeat and they were very generous with the mushrooms. I flooded my plate of rice with the gravy. Yummmm....

Yau mak.
Okay, nothing much about this besides it was almost gone in few seconds. Not because it was delicious but because of the small portion.

Deep Fried Squid.
It was delicious but the sauce for this was way too sour as if the vinegar is very cheap.

Champagne Chicken.
The specialty there. Okay. Something new. It is usually pineapple pork ribs and now we have watermelon chicken. I know it sounds weird but i am alright with the combination. And the chicken tasted like pork. This dish was the most expensive among all; even more expensive than the squid!

Note: When you say you want the dishes to be small, they really mean it! So, be prepared.

Besides the chicken, the rest were very reasonable. I will definitely go back again.

Monday, December 21, 2009

*~ The Unexpected Meet Up ~*

I really had the urge to shop on Saturday until i gave a call to Pui Yen which i then ended up joining her with Siew Wah and Sook Leng. All of them are my former secondary schoolmates.

#1 Sakae Sushi

I had my lunch right before meeting them. Most of the time, i looked at them eating, took pictures and at last, i had a plate of fried maki which is my favourite there.

Chicken Katsu Don.

Chicken Shiogayaki Don.

While waiting for the two turtles to come out from the shop.

#2 Snowflake (Right outside Padini Concept Store)

Wheee! This means that i don't need to go all the way to Subang just for this dessert. Somehow, i still think the one at Subang is nicer. I don't know why.

Siew Wah looking at the Beeping UFO.

2 bowls for 4 of us. Just nice, just nice.

#3 Tako Tao

Only Pui Yen had this and the rest of us stared at her eating. She was having problem with binge eating on that day.

#4 Vivo: American Pizza and Panini

Dinner with her. And yes, she ate again!

Creamy Mushroom Pasta.
Love this to the max! The mushroom taste was so strong and the sauce was so creamy. Yum yum... (though the garnishing was a failure).

Friday, December 18, 2009

~* Year End Dinner @ Rebung *~

I attended the firm's year end dinner last evening at Rebung.

Looking for traditional Malay dishes? This will be the right place. But I am not very good when it comes to naming these Malay dishes. Let the pictures do the talking (that also if you can see clearly).

Yes, Rebung even has nasi lemak packed like those you can find at anywhere.
Also served were ulam, petai ikan bilis, kerabu, bergedil, cucur.

The popiah was real good! I even added extra sauce and nuts on top of my popiah!

DIY rojak and soup noodle.

Garlic toast with mushroom soup.

The soup was thick! Luckily i just took a bit of it to try.

Different types of gravy!
Lala, balitong, pineapple, egg, chicken, fish, vegetable, etc....

DIY shaved ice.

Rebung also has grilled food such as chicken, fish, lamb chop. Surprisingly you can find banana fritter being served hot too! Excluding the desserts and drinks, almost all the food there are spicy. Real spicy! When the food first entered my mouth, i thought that i could tolerate with the spiciness. I was so wrong. Few more chews (or bites) later, i started to feel the burning sensation in my mouth!

My favourite dessert! Some durian dessert to be eaten with glutinous rice! I personally think this is even better than mango sticky rice. If i had not been eating so much yesterday, i would have 2 rounds of this! Where can i find this dessert in KL besides Rebung? I should have looked into the menu if Rebung serves this as an ala-carte item than just being part of the buffet. I will definitely drop by again just for this dessert if it is also served as an ala-carte item.

*~ Eat Eat Drink ~*

Met up with boyfriend on Wednesday to use up the vouchers that would be expiring end of this month. By the time he comes back from Dubai, we won't have the time. Thus, we had no choice but to utilise the vouchers before he left.

#1 Ah Paw Chicken Rice (at Low Yat Plaza) RM30 voucher.
Besides all these, i also took away another pack of rice just to make it up to RM30. Boyfriend really liked the honey chicken but to me, it was like char siew that used chicken rather than pork.

Then, we spotted this located not faraway from the food court at Low Yat Plaza. Churro the Spanish fritter (or donut)!!! The size of this churro filled with vanilla cream was bigger than the display! My next target is churros dipped in hot chocolate sauce. Yum yum...

#2 Gloria Jean's Coffee Buy-One-Free-One voucher.

Oh... All these were so fattening when being consumed in few hours time...!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

~* Pork Burger @ Christang *~


Last Saturday, boyfriend and i fetched mum together for dinner at Christang which is so-called very famous for its pork burger. Boyfriend had been wanting to eat it so badly since after i showed him a few blog reviews. The surrounding was very quiet that you may just want to park your car as near as you can to the restaurant.

Green Heaven mocktail.
Combination of apple and lychee juice. I thought what so nice about this drink. It was actually very common but overrated and expensive!

Mum's Portugese Noodle.
It is a recommendation in the menu but yet, it was another disappointment. Tasteless and i did not like the noodle with strong alkaline smell!

My P3 Burger.
"Grilled pork patty with back bacon and minced pork chili con carne"
They were very generous with the minced pork. The pork patty tasted like Ramly Burger when i took a bite of it without mixing with the minced pork, but the patty was definitely juicier and more tender!

Christang has extended its menu. Last time, there were only P1 to P6. Now, it is up to P9.

Boyfriend's P7 Burger.
"The most popular of all the pork burgers"
Just that the minced pork was also minced with some chili and lots of petai!
If you feel like eating petai in a Western way, you may opt for this.

On that evening, I liked the wedges the most than the rest.
Simple but i liked them!

The pork burgers page.

To us, food and beverages there are quite pricy. May be it is because you can't really find all these at other places. That's why Christang has the advantage to price it a little bit higher. Boyfriend and i agree that we won't go back to Christang so soon.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

*~ Sunday Lunch ~*

5 Star chicken steak from Jusco, a little bit of pasta and lots of button mushrooms were all i needed. One thing i lacked of was vege.
I know...

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

~* Grace Is Back With Bickies! *~

Okay. Grace is back from Australia. Sharon, Wei-I, boyfriend and i met up with her for dinner at Tropicana Mall.

Santarina with products of Australia.

We had our dinner at Taiwan Street. Nothing to be excited about.

Wei-I's beef noodle.

Sharon's Spicy Chicken Chop Rice.

My Salted Chicken Rice which was a disappointment.
I seriously dislike chicken with one kind of taste that once you eat, you would know the meat had been frozen for quite some time. That was what happened to my Salted Chicken Rice. The same thing happened when i tried Sharon's chicken chop.

Grace's Braised Duck Noodle.

Boyfriend's Braised Duck Rice.
At least the duck meat was quite alright; better than mine.

Next stop: Bad Ass Coffee that Wei-I strongly recommended.

Girls only.

Group picture!

More pictures here.

Boyfriend and i were at Tropicana Mall from 12 noon to 10 at night. How much he paid for the parking? Only 2 bucks! So worth it. Hehe...