Tuesday, December 29, 2009

*~ He's Back From Dubai! *~

Surprised. Surprised. I got a call from boyfriend early in the morning after he touched down in KL. He asked me out. Whee~ I thought i would be meeting him only on today which is his birthday. But because of several reasons, he rather met up with me yesterday.

He suffered in Dubai without much Asian food and pork. Hence, i suggested that we went to Din Tai Fung for dinner to make him a happy boy again with pork.

Boyfriend with my Garrett popcorn i requested all the way from Dubai. Yes, Garrett popcorn was the only thing i requested from him.

And he also went to Candylicious which is a famous candy shop to buy for me Reese's peanut butter cups in the shape of a snowman knowing that i would love it. It's chocolate again!

Okay. So we had all these for dinner.

Xiu Long Bao
(with pork filling)

Taiwan Spring Roll
with minced pork in it.
I love this so much. Crunchy outside and hot inside!

Pork chop
(the name says it all)
This is another of my favourite. Juicy meat and unlike the fried chicken chop, it is not coated with a thick layer of flour.

House Tofu
The only dish that did not involve pork. He almost ordered the fried green bean with minced pork. Phew... The green layer on top of each beancurd did not really give extra taste to the dish. The sauce was nice but the beancurds tasted very common.

He did not allow me to open it at the restaurant. He insisted that i could only do that once i reached home :(

Oh yes, i immediately unpacked it once i reached home and bathed. Double packaging to keep the freshness of the popcorn. What's so nice about this popcorn? It is Oprah Winfrey's favourite. It has CHEESE flavour. It is something you can't find in Malaysia!

The cheese popcorn tastes like Cheezels but even better than that! It is soooo rich with cheese and i could taste the saltiness of the cheese! On the other hand, the caramel flavour is very different than the one we have here. The smell of the caramel is sooooo nice with a little bit of buttery smell. The size of the popcorn is similar to the 10 sen or 20 sen coin. I hardly find any size smaller than that. Also, i hardly find one which is not coated with flavour!!!

Between the cheese and the caramel flavours, i prefer the caramel one. It's so perfect to be a dessert.

It was so good to hang out with boyfriend after so long. Although only for 10 days, we felt like we were separated for monthsss...! And we waited together at my house for the clock to strike 12 a.m., indicating it would be his birthday! Aww... It was so nice to go through that moment with him.
And once more,..



Jacklicious said...

wah... so happy o... 10days? if i were u... i will be crazy... since 6 days adi drives me crazy.. hahaha...

btw, the popcorn sounds nice.. hahaha..

Autumn said...

luckily i was working and kept going out to occupy me. so, it wasn't as worse as i imagined before that.

the popcorn was really NICE!