Tuesday, December 22, 2009

~* New Paris @ SS2 *~

After Hannah Tan's concert which was on last Saturday, Amanda, Siaw Lin, Lim, Raphael, Wen Hao and i went to New Paris Restaurant at SS2 for dinner. Seriously, we spent a lot of time thinking where to eat before deciding to dine at this restaurant.

Guinness Stout Pork Ribs.
The sauce was so starchy and slimy until i had difficulty in scooping the sauce. The only time i could taste the stout was when i ate the sauce alone. Otherwise, it was similar to the Marmite pork ribs.

I sent this picture to boyfriend who is in Dubai right now without pork there when we were chatting yesterday. He "screamed" in the chatroom. :P

Claypot Tofu.
Love the crabmeat and they were very generous with the mushrooms. I flooded my plate of rice with the gravy. Yummmm....

Yau mak.
Okay, nothing much about this besides it was almost gone in few seconds. Not because it was delicious but because of the small portion.

Deep Fried Squid.
It was delicious but the sauce for this was way too sour as if the vinegar is very cheap.

Champagne Chicken.
The specialty there. Okay. Something new. It is usually pineapple pork ribs and now we have watermelon chicken. I know it sounds weird but i am alright with the combination. And the chicken tasted like pork. This dish was the most expensive among all; even more expensive than the squid!

Note: When you say you want the dishes to be small, they really mean it! So, be prepared.

Besides the chicken, the rest were very reasonable. I will definitely go back again.


jfook said...

Beforre that I thought New Paris is selling western food, who knows is oriental. Looks tempting. :)

Jacklicious said...

omg... makes me wanna go and eat d... so hungry... haiz...

Autumn said...

[jfook] lol. me too! tot they were selling western food!

[jack] go eat la.. ss2 only mah! :P