Tuesday, December 8, 2009

*~ Otak-Otak Place @ Tropicana ~*

Boyfriend and i had our lunch at Otak-Otak Place, Tropicana Mall before the movies. Oh yes, we watched two movies - Ninja Assassin (too much of "butchering") and 2012 (it made me wanted to cry so badly!). 2012 was free if you remembered that i posted about it few weeks back.

Anyway, Otak-Otak Place is being decorated in a way that recalls back our memories.

Look at some of the games we used to play.

Happy Family!

The boys' favourite.

Blackcurrant Longan.
Seriously, nothing much about this and i don't know why it is a favourite or recommendation.

Nasi Lemak Otak-Otak.
The otak-otak was not as delicious as i thought. The santan taste was just toooo strong and i could not really taste the fish. I suspected that the otak-otak used for this nasi lemak was not fresh. But the sambal was really GOOD!

Even my Mee Bandung Muar was served with sambal.
The portion was not big but enough for me. It was slightly different than the one we can get at those Malay stalls. Unlike others, the gravy was not that thick and it had grind peanuts in it. Love this...

Hehe... Love this picture...


Jacklicious said...

BF? dint know u got a new one... ( dont get this wrong... but i'm just surprised..) hahahaha... nice food introduction.. hahaha

Aidi-Safuan said...

the family card?!!!
haha...long time didn't saw it