Monday, December 7, 2009

*~ Dim Sum @ Marco Polo ~*

After attending class on Saturday morning, i went to Marco Polo Restaurant to have dim sum with boyfriend, Khoo and Lim.

It was just the first round, okay.

Pictures are quite yellowish due to the lighting. I am still new to the camera and i really had no time analyzing the camera at the restaurant because the rest were so impatient. They wanted to attack the food so badly. As long as the pictures are clear then it's fine.

Fried fu chuk rolls with prawns inside.

Ham Sui Kok.

Some steamed fu chuk rolls.

Char Siew Chee Cheong Fun.

Siu Mai.

Char Siew Pau.

Salad prawn.

Loh Mai Kai.

Har Gaw.

Tai Chi.

Scallop on top with prawns underneath.

This was real good!
It was steamed with dong guai and kei chi and very different from the usual one.

Fung Jau.
Yum yum chicken feet...
Love this too.

Mango prawn rolls.

The last plate of dim sum we had.
It looked like kaya but it was actually pandan lotus paste. I expected this to be sweet like the usual one but i was wrong. It was not really that sweet. Love this to the max.

Ooo... My hair is getting really long...

Total damage: RM25 per person (Equivalent to the price paid at the dim sum restaurants that are like the usual coffee shops and most of the times, with no air-conditioner.)

Thanks to the 50% discount. That was why we were there! Otherwise each of us would have to pay RM50. The 50% discount is available on Saturday and Monday. Meanwhile you can get 30% from Tuesday to Friday.


Dylan Phuah said...

where is this place? i need to go there for some dim sum~

Jacklicious said...

u call the payment to the food, damages? hahaha... nice one.. hahaha..