Monday, December 7, 2009

~* Dessert's Bar *~

It's good that i never went all the way to Mont' Kiara to have this. There's a branch at Menara Hap Seng but i had been there once and it was close on weekends.

Khoo, Khoo's bro, Lim, boyfriend and i chilled out here after visiting the PC Fair.



Oreo Parfait.

Some fruity parfait. I could not remember the name. You can choose the flavours you want for the 2 scoops!

Grape Parfait with cream cheese.


Aidi-Safuan said...

wahhhh...look very nyummy~

♥snoopy♥ said...

food! i just love d variety of food in Malaysia..! >.<

mhspeng said...

looks sooo goood...