Saturday, August 30, 2008

*~ She Turns One *~

My niece celebrated her birthday! She is one year old! Ya hoooo~
Take a look at her cake.

Taking picture with her mom.


The sleepyhead look.

Awww~ She is soooo adorable.

Friday, August 29, 2008

~* Being Hardworking At Last *~

After only slept at 5 in the morning today, i thought i was going to knock out in the afternoon for sure and continue doing the assignment at night. Wrong! I spent my whole afternoon in the library doing assignment with Seak Ling and Sharon.

Look at all the books i was using the whole afternoon. Actually, there were more than that! Three of us occupied the computers for 4 hours continuously. Luckily, there are always less people around on Friday and today still had a lot of unoccupied computers. It had made me feeling less guilty for using the computer for that long.

Finally, i am hardworking in my assignment for once in this semester!!!

Currently, i just think of food and i feel like eating this from Shihlin Taiwan Street Snack. Totally delicious. Totally affordable. This set box comes with the chicken, japanese soy sauce rice, tofu and century egg. Century egg? Yeshhh~ I like it! It is only RM8.00 and you choose to have a bottle of soya drink, you just need to add another RM9.00! Seriously giving this a thumb up.

Urghh~ the cold tofu and the hot & spicy chicken fillet.

*~ Assignments Kill ~*

What am i doing here?!! I am supposed to work on the assignment at this very moment. Yesh, i am but i just want to take a break. I have been working continuously on assignments since two weeks ago. The assignment that i am trying to complete now is the third assignment. After this one, i will feel so much better. It is not that this assignment is the last assignment, but at least there is a break in between before the next (and really the last) assignment comes in few weeks later which is going to be after the midterm exams. After completing the current assignment, it is time for me to be back on track to study for the midterm exams.

Not forgetting to still hang out with friends in conjuction with my birthday. It's coming! It's coming! But, why don't i see the fun at all when i am supposed to? After i have to delay a week later for the celebration because one of my friends is having her final exam? After i have find out that then the following week, it is my turn to sit for midterm exams for at least 3 days in a row? After i have realised that i might need to delay my plan again? After i have known on that extremely special day, it is still a normal college day when it is not supposed to??!! Why? Usually i have only one class in the morning, and then i am free! However, it is a no-no on that day because i have replacement class until evening! Boring~ *Yawn*

You must be wondering, "Why is this bitch so exagerating over her birthday?" I did not use to look forward and be excited about my birthdays previously. But, i do for this year (excitement created by me is in the air) and i am facing so many problems that keep me away from celebrating. Thank God that i have other things for me to look forward. Next 2 Thursdays for me to look forward!!! Owh~ Can't wait for those days! Just wait for my updates!

As usual, life is always that pathetic.

*Bitchslap myself hard* "Be thankful, bitch, when you can celebrate your 20th year on earth."

Gosh~ Officially turning 20 in two weeks time! Entering a new era!

By the way, i don't expect myself to lose weight since college has started as i can slack compared to those working days of mine. And, i have been eating and sleeping like nobody's business. But, i am losing weight though my body does not show that! This is the sign of stress.

Monday, August 25, 2008

~* My Addiction To Coca Cola Light *~

Urghh~ Coca Cola Light. My favourite drink! Am i going to drink it now? Yes? No? Yes? No? But the weather is soooo cold. It is not that i am going to heat it up!

Anyway, a friend of mine just found out about my blog and he used the word "intriguing" to describe my posts here. He left me with question marks in my mind as i never saw it that way before. As our conversation flowed, i told him that he might not be feeling so in the future when he visits here more often for updates. "I won't", was the reply i got from him. Instead, he intended to read back all the previous posts. =_=" (That also if he is hardworking enough and has not feeling bored yet.)
Since so, i tried to put myself in his shoes. I did what a normal reader would do, having the intention to read back previous posts, which is starting from one month ago, then two months ago, so on and so forth. I do not find my blog interesting at all especially when it comes to mentioning my previous relationship. That part is fulled with stupidity and emotions! Why do i feel stupid there? Ask me. I might share with you.
Where is the best point to start reading better posts? May, 23rd is the best starting point...
Okay... I surrender. Getting my Coca Cola Light now. No worries. I won't be heating it though the weather is cold.

Friday, August 22, 2008

*~ !@^$&#)$_#>?+*$< ~*

Arrghh~ It was so damn embarrassing! Everything started when i met up with Sam out of sudden in the evening. We were experiencing changing of plan which led us to go out together today. It was still drizzling and we walked from Times Square to Pavilion.

Stopping her from walking halfway and we snapped a picture!
The wind blew the wrong way, you see....

When i realised this foreigner was looking at me, i SLIPPED and fell down right in front of KL Plaza. Ouch! Daymn~ That's the problem with my Nike sneakers. It always leads me to a slip; trying to embarrass me badly in the public.

I forgot how Sam reacted.

I heard this Aunty shouting, "Oh~ Jatuh jatuh jatuh!"

The foreigner? Kept looking at me laaaa..... Whatelse?!

Others? Just like the foreigner. Kept looking as well. =_="

My reaction? Embarrassed! In pain! I felt very funny too! It was like when the eye contact was going on and i just went swooooshhhhh and felt down! My white pants got dirty. =_=

With high speed motion, i walked to Pavilion and i had this urge to just swooooshhhh my Nike sneakers into the bin and get another pair of shoes. I also had the urge to just swooosshhhh into Club Monaco to buy the short pants i had been eyeing all the while and just change into it.

After we went into the washroom immediately once we stepped into Pavilion.
Definitely looking better, i know.

Yes, i did swoooshh into Club Monaco but it was later on and i did not change into it la...

Pampering myself once in a while.

Whee~ I think i should stop shopping.
(Hope so... )

Thursday, August 21, 2008

~* It's Melting My Heart *~

Secondhand Serenade - Fall For You

Sunday, August 17, 2008

*~ You're Still The Icon ~*

Oh my God! I am so sad right now. I really feel like crying out after knowing Chung Wei lost to Lin Dan. I know Chung Wei was under so much pressure when he was the last Malaysian battling for a gold medal. At the same time, he got even much pressure when he was playing in the opponent's country. Imagine the shoutings, the supports for Lin Dan. And Lin Dan totally realised Chung Wei's weaknesses. For so many times, the tactic Lin Dan was using against Chung Wei was to make Chung Wei fell down while chasing for the shuttlecock and then Lin Dan would smashed it to the other side of the court which was empty and impossible for Chung Wei to receive. Stewpid China Pek... Also, Chung Wei had tried numerous times to smash the shuttlecock but he was not successful as he always smashed it to the net. Losing is still okay, but i still could not accept the fact that he lost so so so badly to the China Pek. Pity Chung Wei. :S

Looking at the bright side now. At least Chung Wei has successfully obtained a medal for Malaysia. Better than nothing, right? He has lost to China Pek but he still wins many of the Malaysians' heart. No one is going to blame him for losing. I would only blame China Pek for winning. We all know what Chung Wei was facing there.

Chung Wei looked so so so so so sad when he received his medal. Most probably he was holding his tears back badly. Owhh~ I am having heartache seeing him so. :S I really want to cry out already!

P.S. But that China Pek is handsome, right? The same goes for Michael Phelps. :P

~* Being Naive In Love *~

I came across this quote from Grey's Anatomy while reading the posts in my old blog. It's my all time favourite.

"I love you. In a really big pretend to like your taste of music; let you eat the last piece of cheesecake; hold a radio over my head outside your window; unfortunate way that makes me hate you love me. So, pick me, choose me, love me."

Back to assignment and this evening, my eyes are going to stuck at the tee vee watching Lee Chong Wei plays against Lin Dan from China. Whee~

Saturday, August 16, 2008

*~ My Daughter Has Grown Up ~*

Char Siew (my son) and i celebrated Siew Yuk's (my daughter) birthday at Sushi Zanmai! Our favourite Japanese restaurant as for now. It was way too advanced to celebrate her birthday as yesterday was not the exact date but a week later. We did it on purpose to avoid her being suspicious about her birthday celebration. It was a total surprise for her.

Soft shell crab maki.

Name? I have forgotten.

Dearest beef lovers, this is sukiyaki. You will love it!

From the Ikura Chawanmushi. Playing around with CharSiew's new Nikon camera.

Dessert! Macha and Macha! Not my favourite.

Choco Banana. Okay okay laaaa....

Taiyaki Ice. My favourite! See the layer of red bean? Yum yum~

Well, we were trying to take photo of the guy sitting behing. So lengzhai!
I am not a fan of Daniel Wu but, seriously, he has the features of Daniel Wu.

Okay... Pictures that can't be missed.

Trying to be funny... =_="


Thursday, August 14, 2008

~* Hard Time? *~

An assignment of a thousand words but i am so lost. I am having difficulty in searching for the information. The assignment question is so clear like crystal but i have no idea where is all the hidden information. The worst thing is i don't have the textbook at all. I don't know how wide is the scope. Referring to other books seems making me even lost knowing that the scope is so freaking wide and i have to narrow down my search. I am just afraid that i am going to lose track. I am searching for more and more information, keep them aside and read again later to make sure that the information is relevant to my assignment. When others seem to start typing out their assignment, i am still searching, searching and searching to make sure that i have sufficient information. Once i have sufficient information, typing out the assignment should not be a problem, i hope.

Thinking of what i have been through recently is making me even tired. There are always a lot of matters that occupy my mind, my body and my soul. It's like i can't breathe. Broke up (The starting point). Worked. Then, dealing with daily routines. Settling down college matters. Completing assignments for all the subjects. Celebrating people's birthday. Shopping. Having lots of fun (it can be tiring too, somehow). Drying up my wallet. Love and relationship after the break up.

However, when i have to chance to stay at home, i don't feel like staying at home then. Still, i force myself to stay at home and have sometime of my own. Rest, rest and rest, which is almost the equivalent of sleep, sleep and sleep. Afterwards, wake up with a zombie look.

I know. I am "faan jin". I am human too, afterall. :D I really need support. I just know that i am going to collapse anytime. Like a bomb which is going to explode without you knowing when.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

*~ All About F&B + Fun ~*

How can i not post about yesterday, even without pictures, when i had so much fun with a bunch of friends?! It was an awesome day!

We went out to celebrate Sam's birthday whereby our first destination was Bukit Bintang to see if we could watch a movie. Unfortunately, the queue was soooooo long and we decided to just find a place to have lunch and do the chatting. Yeah~ finally we ended up at Nando's.

PuiYen and Teddy.

By the time we finished eating and chatting, we realised it was time to go to the next destination which was Sunway for the steamboat buffet. Yuen Steamboat Buffet with their damn delicious chicken wings. Oh well, at least we managed to drop by at few shops before leaving especially Forever 21. Yeap~ you are right. We went all the way to Sunway from Bukit Bintang just to have the steamboat buffet. :)

With SheauMun and Teddy.

We really had a blast there especially when it came to seeing people fought for the chicken wings which is the restaurant specialty. We could see when that aunty brought out the chicken wings, she just had to stand there for few seconds looking at the people struggling with a du lan look, and then brought the empty tray back into the kitchen. Fortunately, our table was just next to place where they served the chicken wings. The chicken wings were totally yummy~

Lily and Ayumi.

Reuben, Han Loong, and Me.

Sam (B'day Girl) with SheauMun.

For our next stop, we were supposed to choose between Barcelona and Republic just for a drink. Definitely it was Barcelona due to benefits we could get *Wink wink to those who know what i mean*. What can i say about it? Spending a very short period there but totally i was having fun!

My tipsiness + Sam's dizziness + Teddy's K.O. = Sam's du lan-ess... = My du lan-ess

After dealing with Teddy, Sam went like, "KIT MUN! SIT DOWN QUIETLY IN THE CAR! SIT PROPERLY! DON'T TALK SO MUCH!" Wahh! I was feeling so du lan... I kept on telling her that i was alright. I just needed some time to cool down a bit and i was not entirely drunk! I know i know... I bet you guys must be saying, "Ai yaa~ Those who are drunk won't admit that they are drunk." But i really was not drunk mahhh.

Jean in the middle.

Haha~ Whatever it was, i totally had a blast on that day! :D

Lisa and Puiyen.


Friday, August 8, 2008

~* Missing You, Shiny *~

Arghhh~ Phone is sent for further upgrading and is repaired wherever it is needed. I never thought it would take them 3 working days to do it! Usually, it took them few hours only. Arghh~ I am going to be away from my Shiny (not so shine, anyway) for 3 working days + Saturday + Sunday = at least 5 freaking days! A very wrong timing to send it in. If i knew it, i would not send it in today! May be on Monday.

Fine! At least they are kind enough to replace the back cover for the phone as it starts to get rusty even though i cover it with the protector. Or else, i have to pay the freaking RM50 for it.

Now, i have to use my old Motorola E398 phone. Scratches here and there. The paint is coming out. The numbers on the keypad are fading. The red button is totally red as you can see no sign of "hang up". The green button is totally green as you can see no sign of "answering call". You throw the phone at the dog, the dog will throw it back at you.

Pathetic phone.

*Bitchslap myself*

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

*~ Creation of Adam ~*

Me and Jenny in college. I bumped into her today.

Oh well, the main agenda here is i had my dinner at Michaelangelo's this evening!
Yeah~ After the last class, i went back to the firm to wait for my Tauke So and Richard for dinner.

Finally i got the chance to dine at Michaelangelo's Bar & Restaurant, Soho KL, Solaris Mont Kiara. I was the one who chose this place to have dinner with my Tauke So and Richard. It was a treat from both of them after working three months for them.

Look at the wall. But this part of the wall did not catch my attention. Instead...

... this did!

The salad.

Spaghetti Marinara Sizzlelini.

Pizza! Yummier than Italianiese's.

Agnello Al Forno (roasted rack of lamb). Take a look at the one like pastry. It's actually slices of potato with a bit of cream and chesse and grilled with MORE cheese on top.

Suddenly, i felt like eating dessert since i read about their Tiramisu before, and the Tiramisu in the menu seriously looked so tempting! Usually, i would not craving for dessert except for today. Thus, we ordered a Tiramisu and a Creme Brulee (i forgot the Italian name for it).



Together with 3 glasses of Italian Soda, the total bill came up to RM230.00 ++. Just for three of us.

But, totally worth it!

I'm totally loving the desserts! I want more!

Friday, August 1, 2008

~* Amanda Turns 20 *~

Well, you see, today is Amanda's birthday. Right after my class at 9.30 in the morning, i had to go to Mid Valley that early to meet up with Asha, Gorgan (Char Siew) and PuiLing (Siew Yuk). We had to get for her a present!

The Birthday Girl.

While waiting for Amanda to arrive for lunch, we went to Italianiese first to have the camwhoring session.

When Amanda was there, we started to order.
Yummy~ The appetiser we ordered which was the same at Gavin's birthday
Totally cheeeeesssie and creamy~
Forgot the name for it, but it has to do with spinach.
Everyone praised on this.

Classic Pizza.

The lasagna.

Garlic Chicken Pizza.

Fettucine Alfredo.

Whee~ Amanda was doing it!
I should have brought my own bottle of icing.

The group picture!

Birthday Girl and I

Asha and her boy boy who joined us for lunch.

Camwhoring again after we came out from Italianiese while Amanda was having her washroom break.

My dearest daughter and son who stay by my side no matter what.

HAPPY 20th BIRTHDAY again, Amanda!


Imagine 5 persons and then, became 6 persons after being joined by Asha's boy boy, were noisier and less civilised than a bunch of 16 people.