Friday, August 8, 2008

~* Missing You, Shiny *~

Arghhh~ Phone is sent for further upgrading and is repaired wherever it is needed. I never thought it would take them 3 working days to do it! Usually, it took them few hours only. Arghh~ I am going to be away from my Shiny (not so shine, anyway) for 3 working days + Saturday + Sunday = at least 5 freaking days! A very wrong timing to send it in. If i knew it, i would not send it in today! May be on Monday.

Fine! At least they are kind enough to replace the back cover for the phone as it starts to get rusty even though i cover it with the protector. Or else, i have to pay the freaking RM50 for it.

Now, i have to use my old Motorola E398 phone. Scratches here and there. The paint is coming out. The numbers on the keypad are fading. The red button is totally red as you can see no sign of "hang up". The green button is totally green as you can see no sign of "answering call". You throw the phone at the dog, the dog will throw it back at you.

Pathetic phone.

*Bitchslap myself*

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