Saturday, August 16, 2008

*~ My Daughter Has Grown Up ~*

Char Siew (my son) and i celebrated Siew Yuk's (my daughter) birthday at Sushi Zanmai! Our favourite Japanese restaurant as for now. It was way too advanced to celebrate her birthday as yesterday was not the exact date but a week later. We did it on purpose to avoid her being suspicious about her birthday celebration. It was a total surprise for her.

Soft shell crab maki.

Name? I have forgotten.

Dearest beef lovers, this is sukiyaki. You will love it!

From the Ikura Chawanmushi. Playing around with CharSiew's new Nikon camera.

Dessert! Macha and Macha! Not my favourite.

Choco Banana. Okay okay laaaa....

Taiyaki Ice. My favourite! See the layer of red bean? Yum yum~

Well, we were trying to take photo of the guy sitting behing. So lengzhai!
I am not a fan of Daniel Wu but, seriously, he has the features of Daniel Wu.

Okay... Pictures that can't be missed.

Trying to be funny... =_="


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