Friday, August 29, 2008

~* Being Hardworking At Last *~

After only slept at 5 in the morning today, i thought i was going to knock out in the afternoon for sure and continue doing the assignment at night. Wrong! I spent my whole afternoon in the library doing assignment with Seak Ling and Sharon.

Look at all the books i was using the whole afternoon. Actually, there were more than that! Three of us occupied the computers for 4 hours continuously. Luckily, there are always less people around on Friday and today still had a lot of unoccupied computers. It had made me feeling less guilty for using the computer for that long.

Finally, i am hardworking in my assignment for once in this semester!!!

Currently, i just think of food and i feel like eating this from Shihlin Taiwan Street Snack. Totally delicious. Totally affordable. This set box comes with the chicken, japanese soy sauce rice, tofu and century egg. Century egg? Yeshhh~ I like it! It is only RM8.00 and you choose to have a bottle of soya drink, you just need to add another RM9.00! Seriously giving this a thumb up.

Urghh~ the cold tofu and the hot & spicy chicken fillet.

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