Sunday, August 17, 2008

*~ You're Still The Icon ~*

Oh my God! I am so sad right now. I really feel like crying out after knowing Chung Wei lost to Lin Dan. I know Chung Wei was under so much pressure when he was the last Malaysian battling for a gold medal. At the same time, he got even much pressure when he was playing in the opponent's country. Imagine the shoutings, the supports for Lin Dan. And Lin Dan totally realised Chung Wei's weaknesses. For so many times, the tactic Lin Dan was using against Chung Wei was to make Chung Wei fell down while chasing for the shuttlecock and then Lin Dan would smashed it to the other side of the court which was empty and impossible for Chung Wei to receive. Stewpid China Pek... Also, Chung Wei had tried numerous times to smash the shuttlecock but he was not successful as he always smashed it to the net. Losing is still okay, but i still could not accept the fact that he lost so so so badly to the China Pek. Pity Chung Wei. :S

Looking at the bright side now. At least Chung Wei has successfully obtained a medal for Malaysia. Better than nothing, right? He has lost to China Pek but he still wins many of the Malaysians' heart. No one is going to blame him for losing. I would only blame China Pek for winning. We all know what Chung Wei was facing there.

Chung Wei looked so so so so so sad when he received his medal. Most probably he was holding his tears back badly. Owhh~ I am having heartache seeing him so. :S I really want to cry out already!

P.S. But that China Pek is handsome, right? The same goes for Michael Phelps. :P

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vivian said...

I totally feel the same way too... really sad to see chong wei lost to lin dan... chong wei's face definatly showed all the emotion dy...

and I also totally agree that the china pek is quite handsome.