Sunday, November 30, 2008

*~ Last 2 Days Of Semester Break ~*

After coming back from Sky Bar, i expected myself to be at home on Saturday afternoon hibernating like a polar bear. But i ended up going out with this homosapien with XX chromosomes. I don't feel like mentioning her name because it might cause her being questioned by somebody. I bet she knows the reason as well.

On our way to Pavilion, under the hot sun, we had this conversation:

XX :
I feel like eating dessert. Do you want to have dessert as well?

Me :
Sure. I don't mind. Since we already had our lunch at home, then we can go to have desserts later on. What kind of dessert you want?

I feel like eat something cold since it is so warm now. Something like ice-cream.

Fine. I get it. Ice-cream from MOF.

I have forgotten the name for this dessert but it is one of the chef's recommendations.
Soft-serve ice-cream with red bean paste, Japanese dumpling (tong yuen in Chinese), Kanten jelly, apricot, strawberry. Not forgetting the sauce provided for the Kanten jelly. It tastes better than honey. I remember reading a bookmark-like card provided, teaching people how to enjoy the dessert, mentioning that one of the ingredients for the sauce is black dates.

For this Christmas, i realise many main shopping malls are having at least a gigantic Christmas tree at the main area such as KLCC, Times Square and Pavilion... Aiks. Wait. Is this the same Christmas tree like the one they displayed last year INSIDE Pavilion; with people carolling on the staircase of the tree?

No longer being called Megasale. No longer being called Year End Sale. It is Malaysia Savings Sale in conjuction with the recession.

Today i went out again with another two girls from my high school. We did not take pictures except for this one when i was trying out the t-shirt. The wording on the t-shirt really caught my attention. If i am wearing this going out with Mr. [R], it is soooo contradicting with the wording.

Okay. One week is gone. It is the beginning of my second semester. I don't care. It is end of the year. Hence, i am still going to enjoy myself. Kidding. I will still study even harder after i did so badly in the previous semester.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

~* A Special Date With Mr. [R] *~

No. It was not his birthday. It was not my birthday either. It was not even our anniversary. It is a coincidence that when i am having my one-week semester break, Mr. [R] has done with his internship. Thus, before my next semester begins, we decided to have a special date for both of us.

Mr. [R] was driving and posing .

Our dinner was at The Apartment, KLCC.
The view before the sky turned dark.

Inside The Apartment.

Poser with the drink.

My Baked Fish.
Baked dory topped with cherry tomatoes with gratin of mozarella and parmesan with saute new potatoes.

Chicken In The Bag. I know it does not look nice but seriously, it is delicious!
Chicken breast with leek, cannelloni bean, new potato, whole grain mustard and cream baked in the baked.

After the sunset...

...this is the view of KLCC Park.

Banana Crepes for dessert.
Crepes served with fresh bananas soaked in the flavour of a tantalizingly delicate caramel sauce. Too much walnut which i kept passing it to Mr. [R]

Our next destination after the dinner was Sky Bar which located on the 33rd floor of Traders Hotel. Mr. [R] did a very good job in booking the seat. The view of KLCC. Pool side. Sofa seating. We stared at the amazing view throughout the nite. I was hoping to much that i could have a better camera with me.

Deluxe Margarita.

Raised in Manhattan.
One of the signature cocktails.

Long Island Tea.

The view of the towers when the clock struck 12.01 a.m.

Cloud or mist?

When we first reached there, the weather was quite warm and i wished that it would rain. Eventually, it did! For hours. It was still drizzling when we left the place.

Okay. As usual, some bloggers, like me, will post at least a photo with their dearest at the end of the blogpost.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

*~ No Yoga For The Muslims ~*

I can't believe that the National Fatwa Council prohibits Muslims from practising yoga. The chairman of the council said that the aim of practising yoga, in Hinduism, is 'being one with God' since there are religious elements including chanting and worshipping. He mentioned further that while practising yoga without chanting and worshipping is not going against the beliefs in Islam, he still believes that "doing one part of yoga would lead to another". This means he believes that once a Muslim practises yoga, he or she will start to practise yoga together with chanting and worshipping sooner or later. He used the word "would" in his statement and it means he strongly believes that Muslims' faith can be shaken easily. The effect would not be that worst if he had used the word "might".

Of course, we have objections from the public. Sisters in Islam (SIS) programmer manager Norhayati Kaprawi disagrees with the reason of a lot of Muslims in Malaysia are practising it as a form of exercise to stay healthy. I love her even more when she said, "“I don’t think it has caused any Muslim to convert to Hinduism, neither has it weakened their faith. It’s just an exercise like qigong or taichi which has its roots in Buddhism." If it is so, then, the National Fatwa Council shall ban qigong, taichi or even kungfu too (especially the one with the Buddha's Palm style since there is Buddhism element in it) when these three become famous in future among the Muslims since they are banned from practising yoga. Nah~ practising Silat is the safest. I'm sure the council has issue and instead, they will love it soooo much.

She even questioned, "I hope they can focus their attention on bigger and more pressing issues, such as money politics and corruption. Isn’t that more serious?” Yea, i know you all are agreeing with this as well. Say no more about this. More on the reactions of those who practise yoga, click here. The bottom line is, people who practise yoga don't think yoga has shaken their faith in Islam but they have to stop just because the council prohibits them from it. Sigh.. Muslim yoga instructors have to learn Silat and become Silat instructors instead.

Does the National Fatwa Council have something better to do? What's next? As i mentioned earlier, banning qigong, taichi and kungfu?


Dr. M.K. Rajakumar has passed away. For full coverage on the news, click here. Before this, i did not know that he was a great leader in the society until i read the news on him. I only recognised him as a doctor who ran his clinic few metres away from my home and i always went to him for more candies. Yea~ his clinic was sort of like a playground to me and he was like a godfather to me back then. I did not see him for many years and his clinic, now, has become a place for those disable people to run a food and beverages outlet. After knowing that he has gone forever, i start to miss him.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

~* It's Always About Food *~

At Foong Lye Taiwan Restaurant, The Gardens:

Sweet Potato Ball.
The specialty.

Spare Ribs Set which comes with appetisers.

Cold Noodle With (thick) Sesame Sauce.

Chicken Chop Rice Set.

Pork Intestine Set.
This is real nice but i know not everyone likes it.


Cake of the Month at Pastis, The Gardens:

Chocolate Mud Pie.
Another combination of hot and cold dessert.

Friday, November 21, 2008

*~ MOF's Sweet Temptations ~*

Red Bean Imo.
From a bookmark-like card, i have learned more about this dessert. It writes:

"The Imo series is a marriage between hot and cold desserts. While sweet potato is hot, the Hokkaido milk base soft-serve ice-cream is icy cold. The best way to eat our Japanese Sweet Potato series is to spoon a bit of everything and then eat them together. MOF uses premium Grade A Japanese Sweet Potatoes imported from Japan. It is so sweet we do not add in sugar to it!!"

When it says that the sweet potatoes are sweet, they really mean it!!! This is really nice and enough to make you feeling full. No kidding.

Mango Gelato Mini.
Very mango-ish.
Mango Gelato. Mango syrup. Mango fruit. Topped with a cherry.

Brought to you by Kementerian Makanan Ministry of Food (MOF) at Pavilion.

~* A Place To Be When I'm Lost *~

I am wondering where i will be when i am upset or free and none is able to contact me. The answer is San Terri Cottage. I always love this place. It is located in The Times Bookstore @ Pavilion. There is another one in The Gardens but i am not really sure about the exact location.

Good environment with good music.

Nice flower tea, especially my 1001 Night Tea, and delicious sandwiches.

Not forgetting, the New York Cheesecake which is extremely rich with cheese! Serious. I had stressed so many times before this that as if i was biting a BIG block of pure cream cheese! But, i don't really recommend other types of cakes.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

*~ X'mas Carol - Finance Version ~*

Latest Christmas Carol For 2008 - Thanks EK for posting this in Facebook
The Right Song For The Right Time And The Right Season

You'd better watch out
You'd better not cry
You'd better keep cash
I'm telling you why:
Recession is coming to town.

It's hitting you once,
It's hitting you twice
It doesn't care if you've been careful and wise
Recession is coming to town

It's worthless if you've got shares
It's worthless if you've got bonds
It's safe when you've got cash in hand
So keep cash for goodness sake, HEY

You'd better watch out
You'd better not cry
You'd better keep cashI'm telling you why:
Recession is coming to town!

Finance products are confusing
Finance products are so vague
The banks make you bear the cost of risk
So keep out for goodness sake, OH

You'd better watch out
You'd better not cry
You'd better keep cashI'm telling you why:
Recession is coming to town.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

~* I Have Rabies *Woof* *~

Alright, people. So yesterday, which was a Saturday dated 15th November 2008, i watched Quarantine with a bunch of members. One of the 150 members who first watched that movie at Cathay Pacific Damansara. Yes, I have watched Quarantine before its official screening date. Woo hoo~ This time was a bit different. The screening is during day. The first session of the day. 11.00 in the morning! I bet KhaiLee from YouthSays did not want us to feel creepy by watching this movie at night. But... it could be more exciting when watching it at night especially as a midnight show!

This movie is totally like a roller coaster ride. At the beginning, things seem to be a little bit lame and slow moving. Having a bit of information on what this movie is all about via the trailer, i tended to be impatient for the plot to expand even faster. Somehow, it is well expanded to reach the top of the plot even though in a very slow manner. Once it is at the top, everything starts to movie so fast. Curious! Panicked! Creepy! Thrilled! My heart beat was so darn fast during the movie. Not forgetting, disgusted! But then, there are some disgusting and horrible scenes where we applauded and laughed! What kind of homosapiens are we, i am wondering. By the way, i am wondering what will happen after the ending of the movie. How are the authorities going to solve the problem. Yoh! Darn the director. He leaves me guessing it!

After the movie, i have added some knowledge to myself. I know how to identify those with Rabies. *Warrrghhh wargh Wargh...* Teary eyes. Also, with all the saliva.... Eewww~ Not only me. The rest of the members who have watched this movie are becoming better in identifying Rabies. It is a must-watch movie but try not to go alone. Those who don't even watch this kind of movie, i challenge you all to watch it. Just try not to go alone will be fine *Wink wink* I bet most of the guys are so eager to watch this with at least a girl so that she will be in his arms when she is scared. As long as the guy is not the one in the girl's arm instead. I am imagining the girl is comforting the guy while in her arms and patting his back, "It's ok. Everything is fine. It's just a movie. I'm here, alright." XD

I started to wonder if anyone would join William, who organised the lunch, after the movie. Phew~ There were people going for the lunch. I bet the crowd would be even larger if Quarantine is not a disgusting movie. It was the first official meet up for everyone of us there. Not bad. I got to know some new friends and i have an "elder brother" out of sudden =_=" Jeremy Yang, who has an account for blog for he does not blog! Others are:

Muhammad Nazeef - a.k.a. Copy/Paste
EK - always disturbed us when we were taking photos.
Jie Juan - famously known as "the 18-year-old guy"
Jordy - his blog is all about making money =_=
Bernard Chung - first knew him from the Nuffnang chatbox just the night before the screening.
Yap Thomas
Paulin - Met her before but we both totally forgot each other until one incident was mentioned

(Sorry, people if i have forgotten to include you here but i still remember the faces i met at the lunch :D) Got to know JLX too whom i knew only after the movie in the discussion section and he did not even go for the lunch! Not forgetting, Mr. [R] (i will call my dear as Mr. [R] here from now on) was there too for the movie and lunch. He just signed up as a member the day before; after the registration for the movie was closed. But then, he was lucky enough because there were still empty seats available. It was good thing also since he was next to me during the darn disgusting and horrible movie.

Okay. The following has nothing to do with the movie and anymore. The pictures for the movie and lunch will be post here as soon as i get the nice pictures.

Yeah~ So the next thing, Mr. [R] and i went to walk around. I wanted to shop so so so much but seriously i could not find anything that was really attractive to me. Never mind. At least i got to satisfy myself with cupcakes. Yeshh~ CupcakeChic. So yummy! Urgh~ We had a long and nice chat there before we went for dinner at Murni, SS2. I'm so not going to order noodles or rice from there anymore unless someone is sharing with me. The dinner made me feeling so full!

Let's start from the one purple-ish in colour (clockwise) : Lavender flavour, butter pecan, rose flavour, bananacake with coffee frosting, Fatal Attraction, vanilla cake with chocolate frosting. I could not remember the exact name for each of the cupcakes besides the website is down. Thus, i can't provide you the exact information on the cupcakes.

After twelve hours of going out, i was totally knocked out. But then, when i reached home, i had some many comments to reply. From to my own blog here to other people's blog to Nuffnang innit chatbox to my MSN. Pheww~Still, i love the day especially when i could see Mr. [R] for a longer time than usual. :) Totally satisfied.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

*~ TFK In The Public ~*

Back then in secondary school, there were always sex maniacs behind the Leela Ratos Clinic. What they loved to do is masturbating, which is also known as "Tah Fei Kei (TFK)", publicly. When doing that, they expected the girls who passed by (most of us did pass by there since it is the most convenient way to go home) to be afraid or shocked with their "cool" action. Girls who were scared would just have to be brave and they could not show their fear expression to the maniacs. Otherwise, the sex maniacs would be even so turned on. Some girls were not afraid at all but they just chose to ignore them. For those who were brave enough, they would laugh and say, "Hahaha~ Kecilnya (So small)" or even, "Tak nampak pun! (Can't even be seen!)" "Tak nampak pun" was either due to the penis was too small or too dark (it has to do with the colour of the skin). Well, of course i was not the one who said all these.

Usually, those people who TFK publicly, most of them would come with their bikes, feet or public transports, may be. Extremely few of them would drive luxurious cars and TFK publicly. I met the one in a million this morning, after studying since midnight, when i was on my way to meet my friend before heading to college. I totally forgot what car the one in a million drove but i just remembered his car was nice! I did not notice anyone in any of the cars parked along the roadside until i heard someone shouted, "Hey!" When i looked back, i saw this one in a million TFK-ing in the car. I could not see his face as i was standing and he was in the car sitting. All i knew that his hand was moving up and down and he was not that fair based on his hand skin colour. I told my friend about it and when she drove at the opposite direction of the road, the car was not there anymore. It might be caused by a bunch of working people who took KTM and would pass by his car. Afraid that the people would yell at him or bash him up, may be? Arr~ What an eye opener early in the morning to "refresh" my eyes. =_=

The main issue:
Now, i start to wonder if sex maniacs who TFK publicly are either unemployed or too rich until they have nothing else better to do or they are the "househusbands" at home.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

~* Whine, Girl! Whine! *~

For once, i told myself that i would break down anytime in this week due to overstress in studying for final exam. I guess this is the time. I recalled back how i had done in the papers which i sat for today and yesterday while on my way home. I am not struggling to pass in those two papers, but they are easy to fail . After realising that i won't be failing in those two papers, another issue arises. The grades. How good can they be? I think this is the worst semester as for now. I just have to blame it on myself.

May be this is the first semester of my second year after 3 months of break and hence, the mood to study was not really there at the very beginning until it was boosted when the midterm test was around the corner. For the next reason, i don't know i should blame it on myself or other people. My dearest friends know that my mum is a babysitter and the kid's parents will only come to fetch him at 9 something. At night. Sometimes, they even come at 10. By that time, i am totally exhausted and how many hours can i stay up to study before i sleep? Two or three hours? But, sometimes, i am extremely exhausted until i can't really stay up just to study! Yea yea~ Also, blame it on my own system. Once the clock strikes 12 or the latest by 1, i must go to bed knowing that if i don't do so, i will be a zombie the very next morning.

You might suggest that i take a nap while the kid is here and start to study when he is gone home? It's not that i never did that before. It did not work out when the kid just kept waking me up just to play, eat or watch cartoons with him. Even if he did not do that, sometimes, the television was loud! You might suggest me to close the door. Mum demolished the door many years ago because the door was really useless and wasting some space. You might suggest me to whack the kid if he happens to disturb me again. Unfortunately, he is never afraid of me. The same thing happened to me with other kids that my mum looked after before this. Seriously, i have to admit one thing. I am glad that i have the intelligence. Otherwise, with less hours of studying, my results throughout the education years would not be that good as being obtained. Alright. Enough of reasoning here. Let's put it this way. 99% of the blame is on me because it all comes back to my own problem in planning and determination, and the other 1% is on other environmental factors. Done?

Like i said earlier, after knowing that most probably i will be passing the papers, the next thing to be worried about is the grades. It seems like my hope to maintain myself in second upper class is fading away. I just feel life is fooling me. The more effort i put in, the results are getting worse. I did not even bother to study so much throughout my education years including the year when i was doing my foundation course. However, my results were not bad at all. But proceeding to degree is totally different. More effort is put in but what happens next? The effort does not match with the results. Damn.

Aiming high. Aiming low. This is making me feeling that life is all about aiming. I aim my destination, and i lead my steps there. But, with what i have mentioned earlier, aiming is making me so tired. I aim high; i get the results wanted; i am happy. I aim high; i don't get the results wanted; i am upset. I aim low; i get something better than i aim; i am happy. I aim low; i get something that is aimed; i am just feeling nice and glad. At the end of all these, aiming too much can lead to being fatigue sometimes. Still, i have to keep aiming for nonstop in life! As simple as where i am going to, i still have to aim! It is not that i disagree about aiming high in life, but constantly doing so is tired. Giving up on certain things sometimes might not be the worst solution.

All these are in my mind when i was on my way home this evening. I tried to nap so hard but i failed. I was really tired but my mind was being so restless with so many thoughts. I wanted to share these with people but i did not know who to tell. I did not feel like telling the one who is close to me yet as it is considered beginning of the week and i don't want what is being focused on is distracted because of my problem. Until just now, while taking a break from studying and discussing about the upcoming outing, i could not help myself but to share with them when one of them asked, "How is your day, Mich?" I felt touched with their words.

Two more papers to go with one of them totally hopeless to get a good grade in it. Together with the earlier two papers, out of four subjects, three of them are not really good. Worst semester. I can't wait for this semester to be over. I have been uttering the previous sentence long time ago. "I can't wait for this semester to be over."

Sunday, November 9, 2008

*~ Pasta Fever ~*

Italiannies is having this promotion called "bowls of Pasta". Choose four out of ten different pasta for only RM29.90.

Let's start with the one on far left (clockwise).

Shrimp Linguine
(linguine pasta with sauteed shrimp and served with marinara sauce)

Salmon & Lemon Aioli
(Baked salmon flakes tossed with chilled lemon aioli mayonnaise and baby spinach over shell pasta)

Fussili Pesto and Mushrooms
(Pan-seared shiitake mushrooms served with over chilled fussili basil pesto pasta)

Chicken Lasagna
(Layers of lasagna pasta, creamy cheese sauce, marinara sauce with melted mozzarella cheese and baked until golden brown)

Other choices available are:

Classic Cabonara
(Fettucine pasta tossed in light parmesan cream sauce with smoked beef bacon and fresh button mushroom)

Angel Hair Pomodoro
(Angel hair pasta with chopped red tomatoes and sauteed garlic in a light tomato basil sauce)

Chicken Coronation
(Grilled chicken tossed with sliced apples, raisins and mayonnaise with chilled shell pasta)

Chicken & Mushroom
(Shiitake mushrooms sauteed with chili chicken tossed with cherry tomatoes & rocket lettuce. Served with spaghetti)

Clams & Beef Bacon
(Beef bacon strips sauteed with fresh clams, onions and clam broth. Served over fettucine)

Chili Shrimp
(Lightly sauteed shrimp with dried chilies and garlic over linguine)

In my opinion, nothing really special bout this promotion. It is just that you can have more varieties at one time rather than ordering a single type of pasta. But, it is really worth trying just for the varieties.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

~* Karma! Karma! Karma! *~

Okay... Earlier i was too stressed until i forgot some other things that i wanted to blog.


Beyonce - If I Were a Boy (Official Video) - A funny movie is a click away

Woooooo~ I really love this song. Feeling the karma in the song. What is done to her has been done back to the guy. Yeshhh~

Lesson learnt:
Oh boys out there, don't take your girl for granted.


Thanks Nuffnang for the Madagascar 2: Escape to Africa movie tickets. With other bloggers, we watched the movie earlier than a lot of people at GSC, Mid Valley. On their way back to New York, all of them landed in Africa. Thanks to the crash landing. "We have a good news and a bad news. The good news is we are landing immediately. The bad news is we are crash landing."

In the movie, there are issues that have to be face by Alex (the lion), Marty (the zebra), Melman (the giraffe) and Gloria (the hippopotamus). Alex is facing the family issue when he finds back his long-lost parents. He is also facing the friendship problem with Marty. On the other hand, Marty who always thinks that he is different from others, realises that he has no difference than other zebras. Melman, at one moment, expects that he is dying and this even encourages him to make a confession to Gloria that he loves her. Not bad. I love the confession he makes. Quite touching *Sob sob...* How about Gloria? She is in the attempt of finding a partner for breeding until Melman has confessed.

This movie is showing in the cinema real soon. Remember to watch it and have a great laugh. It is funny!



This is how i look like when i am wearing spectacles if you all don't know that i am suffering from myopia (short-sightedness). Still looking fabulous, right?

Recently, a lot of people told me that i have changed in appearance as in how i dress up myself. A good thing or a bad thing?

Besides, i seriously think that i should go for diet and swimming. But those will be after i have done with my exam. May be... Just may be if i can do it.



Those who know me don't believe it when i tell them that i am giving up in something. They just can't believe it. I also can't believe it when myself saying it in the previous post. For them, any term to do with giving up does not appear in my dictionary.

Well, sometimes you just have to believe things which are impossible or uncommon to you. Expect the unexpected.



Back to studying like a mad dog.

*~ She Gives Up ~*

The final exam is starting next week. Different issues arise for the four papers that i will be sitting for. The first paper is Company Law and, yes, i have finished reading what i am supposed to and highlighted those important points that i will reading and using in the exam. Yes, it is an open-book exam. For those which are not being highlighted, i won't be bother reading in the exam. My concern here is applying the wrong chapters on the questions. Once the chapter is applied wrongly in a particular question, the only result is getting zero instantly.

Since i have not finished revising Management Accounting, i don't find any issue in it yet besides the fear of wrongly identifying the information given and hence, wrongly applying the figures in computations.

Next! Financial Management. The only subject which i have to read all the chapters taught from the beginning of the semester until now. The lecturer could just say, "Remember. Everything that we have discussed just now are not coming out from the exam. Those questions are to reinforce your skills when answering questions." I hope he is a liar when it comes to this since this was not really the case in the midterm test if you can get what i am trying to say here. =/
Asking him if we should focus more on those topics taught after the midterm, he answered, "No. All the questions coming out in the exam will come out from all the chapters equally." @.@ I am feeling myself turning into a dead meat. I am totally lost in this subject. Giving up. Not giving up. Giving up. Not giving up. Giving up. Not giving up. Giving up. Not giving up. Giving up. Not giving up. Giving up. Not giving up. Giving up. Not giving up. Giving up. Not giving up. Giving up. Not giving up. Giving up. Not giving up. Giving up. Not giving up. Giving up. Not giving up. Giving up. Not giving up. Giving up. Not giving up. Giving up. Not giving up. Giving up. Not giving up. Giving up. Not giving up. Giving up. Not giving up. Giving up. Not giving up. Giving up. Not giving up. I AM SO GOING TO GIVE UP IN THIS SUBJECT!

Last but not least is the Accounting Information Systems. Errr... I put this subject aside first since i have five days in between after i have sit for the third paper.

But now, my major concern is Financial Management. I am so not going to take another subject under the code "FIN..." besides "ECO..." (I hate Economics too). Not anymore! >.<

Monday, November 3, 2008

~* Food + Camwhoring *~

Kimberly Wee Ming Ming, the godmum to my beloved children, celebrated her belated birthday at Sushi Zanmai, Mid Valley.

Amanda and Kim. Both were high on glucose and retarded .

My son, Char Siew with his godmum.

Siew Yuk with Asha and Sean.
Don't mess around with Sean. He is a body builder.

Trio in action.

Nice try...

I know. I know. We are fabulous.

Halfway enjoying our food and we still wanted to camwhore.

Food! Food! Food! *Saliva dripping*

Salmon Teriyaki.

Unagi Don.

Asha's California Temaki.

Asha's Mini California Maki.
She ordered the same thing but in different types. That's all.

Stamina Roll.

Hiyashi Chuka.

Soft Shell Crab Maki.
Can't escape from Gorgan when he visits Sushi Zanmai everytime.

Macha Macha~!!!

Oreo Cheese Cake from Pastis for Kimberly.

Hahaha~ Candid-nya...

After stuffing all the food in....

Quickly took this picture when Asha went to the washroom.
(Joking joking....)


Excuse me for my misbehaviour. :P