Saturday, November 29, 2008

~* A Special Date With Mr. [R] *~

No. It was not his birthday. It was not my birthday either. It was not even our anniversary. It is a coincidence that when i am having my one-week semester break, Mr. [R] has done with his internship. Thus, before my next semester begins, we decided to have a special date for both of us.

Mr. [R] was driving and posing .

Our dinner was at The Apartment, KLCC.
The view before the sky turned dark.

Inside The Apartment.

Poser with the drink.

My Baked Fish.
Baked dory topped with cherry tomatoes with gratin of mozarella and parmesan with saute new potatoes.

Chicken In The Bag. I know it does not look nice but seriously, it is delicious!
Chicken breast with leek, cannelloni bean, new potato, whole grain mustard and cream baked in the baked.

After the sunset...

...this is the view of KLCC Park.

Banana Crepes for dessert.
Crepes served with fresh bananas soaked in the flavour of a tantalizingly delicate caramel sauce. Too much walnut which i kept passing it to Mr. [R]

Our next destination after the dinner was Sky Bar which located on the 33rd floor of Traders Hotel. Mr. [R] did a very good job in booking the seat. The view of KLCC. Pool side. Sofa seating. We stared at the amazing view throughout the nite. I was hoping to much that i could have a better camera with me.

Deluxe Margarita.

Raised in Manhattan.
One of the signature cocktails.

Long Island Tea.

The view of the towers when the clock struck 12.01 a.m.

Cloud or mist?

When we first reached there, the weather was quite warm and i wished that it would rain. Eventually, it did! For hours. It was still drizzling when we left the place.

Okay. As usual, some bloggers, like me, will post at least a photo with their dearest at the end of the blogpost.

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sexyback^^ said...

wow.. i never knew KL night view is nice!!.. gona go ther wif my date[s] oredi... ^^