Saturday, November 22, 2008

~* It's Always About Food *~

At Foong Lye Taiwan Restaurant, The Gardens:

Sweet Potato Ball.
The specialty.

Spare Ribs Set which comes with appetisers.

Cold Noodle With (thick) Sesame Sauce.

Chicken Chop Rice Set.

Pork Intestine Set.
This is real nice but i know not everyone likes it.


Cake of the Month at Pastis, The Gardens:

Chocolate Mud Pie.
Another combination of hot and cold dessert.


sexyback^^ said...

Jealous nye..hehehe

Autumn Babe said...

bro, there is nothing to be jealous about la... :P

just apple said...

jealous nya TOO..:S

Grace said...

the food looks so good

Autumn Babe said...

[epal sahaja] dun get jealous la... just go and eat the food!

[grace] my blog is not really suitable to be read at night especially midnight when people start to get hungry :P