Friday, November 21, 2008

*~ MOF's Sweet Temptations ~*

Red Bean Imo.
From a bookmark-like card, i have learned more about this dessert. It writes:

"The Imo series is a marriage between hot and cold desserts. While sweet potato is hot, the Hokkaido milk base soft-serve ice-cream is icy cold. The best way to eat our Japanese Sweet Potato series is to spoon a bit of everything and then eat them together. MOF uses premium Grade A Japanese Sweet Potatoes imported from Japan. It is so sweet we do not add in sugar to it!!"

When it says that the sweet potatoes are sweet, they really mean it!!! This is really nice and enough to make you feeling full. No kidding.

Mango Gelato Mini.
Very mango-ish.
Mango Gelato. Mango syrup. Mango fruit. Topped with a cherry.

Brought to you by Kementerian Makanan Ministry of Food (MOF) at Pavilion.


Jie Juan/Static Spike said...

I can feel the temptation right down to my gut XD.

Autumn Babe said...

lol! ice-cream early in the morning? lol~ this means you are very easy to be tempted with food!

sexyback^^ said...

nic nice... yummy.. ^^