Sunday, November 16, 2008

~* I Have Rabies *Woof* *~

Alright, people. So yesterday, which was a Saturday dated 15th November 2008, i watched Quarantine with a bunch of members. One of the 150 members who first watched that movie at Cathay Pacific Damansara. Yes, I have watched Quarantine before its official screening date. Woo hoo~ This time was a bit different. The screening is during day. The first session of the day. 11.00 in the morning! I bet KhaiLee from YouthSays did not want us to feel creepy by watching this movie at night. But... it could be more exciting when watching it at night especially as a midnight show!

This movie is totally like a roller coaster ride. At the beginning, things seem to be a little bit lame and slow moving. Having a bit of information on what this movie is all about via the trailer, i tended to be impatient for the plot to expand even faster. Somehow, it is well expanded to reach the top of the plot even though in a very slow manner. Once it is at the top, everything starts to movie so fast. Curious! Panicked! Creepy! Thrilled! My heart beat was so darn fast during the movie. Not forgetting, disgusted! But then, there are some disgusting and horrible scenes where we applauded and laughed! What kind of homosapiens are we, i am wondering. By the way, i am wondering what will happen after the ending of the movie. How are the authorities going to solve the problem. Yoh! Darn the director. He leaves me guessing it!

After the movie, i have added some knowledge to myself. I know how to identify those with Rabies. *Warrrghhh wargh Wargh...* Teary eyes. Also, with all the saliva.... Eewww~ Not only me. The rest of the members who have watched this movie are becoming better in identifying Rabies. It is a must-watch movie but try not to go alone. Those who don't even watch this kind of movie, i challenge you all to watch it. Just try not to go alone will be fine *Wink wink* I bet most of the guys are so eager to watch this with at least a girl so that she will be in his arms when she is scared. As long as the guy is not the one in the girl's arm instead. I am imagining the girl is comforting the guy while in her arms and patting his back, "It's ok. Everything is fine. It's just a movie. I'm here, alright." XD

I started to wonder if anyone would join William, who organised the lunch, after the movie. Phew~ There were people going for the lunch. I bet the crowd would be even larger if Quarantine is not a disgusting movie. It was the first official meet up for everyone of us there. Not bad. I got to know some new friends and i have an "elder brother" out of sudden =_=" Jeremy Yang, who has an account for blog for he does not blog! Others are:

Muhammad Nazeef - a.k.a. Copy/Paste
EK - always disturbed us when we were taking photos.
Jie Juan - famously known as "the 18-year-old guy"
Jordy - his blog is all about making money =_=
Bernard Chung - first knew him from the Nuffnang chatbox just the night before the screening.
Yap Thomas
Paulin - Met her before but we both totally forgot each other until one incident was mentioned

(Sorry, people if i have forgotten to include you here but i still remember the faces i met at the lunch :D) Got to know JLX too whom i knew only after the movie in the discussion section and he did not even go for the lunch! Not forgetting, Mr. [R] (i will call my dear as Mr. [R] here from now on) was there too for the movie and lunch. He just signed up as a member the day before; after the registration for the movie was closed. But then, he was lucky enough because there were still empty seats available. It was good thing also since he was next to me during the darn disgusting and horrible movie.

Okay. The following has nothing to do with the movie and anymore. The pictures for the movie and lunch will be post here as soon as i get the nice pictures.

Yeah~ So the next thing, Mr. [R] and i went to walk around. I wanted to shop so so so much but seriously i could not find anything that was really attractive to me. Never mind. At least i got to satisfy myself with cupcakes. Yeshh~ CupcakeChic. So yummy! Urgh~ We had a long and nice chat there before we went for dinner at Murni, SS2. I'm so not going to order noodles or rice from there anymore unless someone is sharing with me. The dinner made me feeling so full!

Let's start from the one purple-ish in colour (clockwise) : Lavender flavour, butter pecan, rose flavour, bananacake with coffee frosting, Fatal Attraction, vanilla cake with chocolate frosting. I could not remember the exact name for each of the cupcakes besides the website is down. Thus, i can't provide you the exact information on the cupcakes.

After twelve hours of going out, i was totally knocked out. But then, when i reached home, i had some many comments to reply. From to my own blog here to other people's blog to Nuffnang innit chatbox to my MSN. Pheww~Still, i love the day especially when i could see Mr. [R] for a longer time than usual. :) Totally satisfied.


Muhammad Nazeef said...

theres always a zombie after each door

btw, nice meeting u eventho for a short brief~

Isabelle said...

I HATE the movie!!! The camera gave me a migraine wei. Left halfway. Hahaha. Btw it's rabies, babe.

Autumn Babe said...

a lot of ppl said the movie is better than cloverfield which is ever worse lor.

Muhammad Nazeef said...

blair witch the best la~


PakciQue said...

Huhuhu..tak dapat le nak join melepak dengan korg..Aku lapar wei..dan makanan kat c2 seakan tidak mengenyangkan..Tp rugi rasanya tak join korang..


Autumn Babe said...

nazeef - sorry la.. i did not watch that :P

pakcique - nvm. may be we still can meet up during youth 09

EkLern said...

I where got kacau evry picture ??

some is TER-kacau onli.

well..At least evryone can remember me.. :P

Jie Juan/Static Spike said...

Best horror movie ever so far..

Muhammad Nazeef said...

u should watch blair witch mehh~
u havent seen classic horror until u watched it:P

Autumn Babe said...

[nazeef] lol~ if i happen to have a chance to watch blair witch la...

[jie juan] eh, u r referring to blair witch or quarantine?

[ek] wahhh~ u no need to spam here and there saying "i where got always kacau" or "i where got kacau every pics"

Jie Juan/Static Spike said...


EkLern said...

mana ada spam?