Sunday, November 30, 2008

*~ Last 2 Days Of Semester Break ~*

After coming back from Sky Bar, i expected myself to be at home on Saturday afternoon hibernating like a polar bear. But i ended up going out with this homosapien with XX chromosomes. I don't feel like mentioning her name because it might cause her being questioned by somebody. I bet she knows the reason as well.

On our way to Pavilion, under the hot sun, we had this conversation:

XX :
I feel like eating dessert. Do you want to have dessert as well?

Me :
Sure. I don't mind. Since we already had our lunch at home, then we can go to have desserts later on. What kind of dessert you want?

I feel like eat something cold since it is so warm now. Something like ice-cream.

Fine. I get it. Ice-cream from MOF.

I have forgotten the name for this dessert but it is one of the chef's recommendations.
Soft-serve ice-cream with red bean paste, Japanese dumpling (tong yuen in Chinese), Kanten jelly, apricot, strawberry. Not forgetting the sauce provided for the Kanten jelly. It tastes better than honey. I remember reading a bookmark-like card provided, teaching people how to enjoy the dessert, mentioning that one of the ingredients for the sauce is black dates.

For this Christmas, i realise many main shopping malls are having at least a gigantic Christmas tree at the main area such as KLCC, Times Square and Pavilion... Aiks. Wait. Is this the same Christmas tree like the one they displayed last year INSIDE Pavilion; with people carolling on the staircase of the tree?

No longer being called Megasale. No longer being called Year End Sale. It is Malaysia Savings Sale in conjuction with the recession.

Today i went out again with another two girls from my high school. We did not take pictures except for this one when i was trying out the t-shirt. The wording on the t-shirt really caught my attention. If i am wearing this going out with Mr. [R], it is soooo contradicting with the wording.

Okay. One week is gone. It is the beginning of my second semester. I don't care. It is end of the year. Hence, i am still going to enjoy myself. Kidding. I will still study even harder after i did so badly in the previous semester.

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i wan the dessert! don't fight with me..=/ i let u bite me.XD support my Apple Awards 2008!!!! T_T