Sunday, November 9, 2008

*~ Pasta Fever ~*

Italiannies is having this promotion called "bowls of Pasta". Choose four out of ten different pasta for only RM29.90.

Let's start with the one on far left (clockwise).

Shrimp Linguine
(linguine pasta with sauteed shrimp and served with marinara sauce)

Salmon & Lemon Aioli
(Baked salmon flakes tossed with chilled lemon aioli mayonnaise and baby spinach over shell pasta)

Fussili Pesto and Mushrooms
(Pan-seared shiitake mushrooms served with over chilled fussili basil pesto pasta)

Chicken Lasagna
(Layers of lasagna pasta, creamy cheese sauce, marinara sauce with melted mozzarella cheese and baked until golden brown)

Other choices available are:

Classic Cabonara
(Fettucine pasta tossed in light parmesan cream sauce with smoked beef bacon and fresh button mushroom)

Angel Hair Pomodoro
(Angel hair pasta with chopped red tomatoes and sauteed garlic in a light tomato basil sauce)

Chicken Coronation
(Grilled chicken tossed with sliced apples, raisins and mayonnaise with chilled shell pasta)

Chicken & Mushroom
(Shiitake mushrooms sauteed with chili chicken tossed with cherry tomatoes & rocket lettuce. Served with spaghetti)

Clams & Beef Bacon
(Beef bacon strips sauteed with fresh clams, onions and clam broth. Served over fettucine)

Chili Shrimp
(Lightly sauteed shrimp with dried chilies and garlic over linguine)

In my opinion, nothing really special bout this promotion. It is just that you can have more varieties at one time rather than ordering a single type of pasta. But, it is really worth trying just for the varieties.

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