Thursday, November 13, 2008

*~ TFK In The Public ~*

Back then in secondary school, there were always sex maniacs behind the Leela Ratos Clinic. What they loved to do is masturbating, which is also known as "Tah Fei Kei (TFK)", publicly. When doing that, they expected the girls who passed by (most of us did pass by there since it is the most convenient way to go home) to be afraid or shocked with their "cool" action. Girls who were scared would just have to be brave and they could not show their fear expression to the maniacs. Otherwise, the sex maniacs would be even so turned on. Some girls were not afraid at all but they just chose to ignore them. For those who were brave enough, they would laugh and say, "Hahaha~ Kecilnya (So small)" or even, "Tak nampak pun! (Can't even be seen!)" "Tak nampak pun" was either due to the penis was too small or too dark (it has to do with the colour of the skin). Well, of course i was not the one who said all these.

Usually, those people who TFK publicly, most of them would come with their bikes, feet or public transports, may be. Extremely few of them would drive luxurious cars and TFK publicly. I met the one in a million this morning, after studying since midnight, when i was on my way to meet my friend before heading to college. I totally forgot what car the one in a million drove but i just remembered his car was nice! I did not notice anyone in any of the cars parked along the roadside until i heard someone shouted, "Hey!" When i looked back, i saw this one in a million TFK-ing in the car. I could not see his face as i was standing and he was in the car sitting. All i knew that his hand was moving up and down and he was not that fair based on his hand skin colour. I told my friend about it and when she drove at the opposite direction of the road, the car was not there anymore. It might be caused by a bunch of working people who took KTM and would pass by his car. Afraid that the people would yell at him or bash him up, may be? Arr~ What an eye opener early in the morning to "refresh" my eyes. =_=

The main issue:
Now, i start to wonder if sex maniacs who TFK publicly are either unemployed or too rich until they have nothing else better to do or they are the "househusbands" at home.


Harry said...

muahahaz.. it's ur lucky day.. u shud go closer and peek in! lolz..

Autumn Babe said...

sorry la..
i was in a rush :P
btw, nice meeting you here.

Ruionkoh said...

Did you help out?
ooo you were in the rush..
maybe next time then.

Autumn Babe said...

wah~ seriously, you guys seem very positive towards this post. and i bet most of the girls' reaction over here is =_= the main point here is whether those people are unemployed, too rich til they have nothing to spend on or they are the "househusbands" at home.

Yatz said...

Dr Leela Ratos? LOL you were from PESS wtf..LOL

That bridge there damn famous for flashers one la :P

Autumn Babe said...

omg omg omg... how u know! it is soo damn true!

Jeremy said...

TFK-ing in the show! should bring video o dslr camera for better resolution!..^^

Jordy said...
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Jordy said...

Hey Mich, I'm here now because I have TOO much time =P Read through your post and I must say it is a good stuff! Reminded me of my time in 'little Genting'. Hehe. Anyways, keep 'em coming as I will be back to read the rest of the posts when I have more time =D

Anyways, if you want to add me in FB, the link is Cheers~

Autumn Babe said...

[jeremy] no time la for pictures or videos or whatsoever.

[jordy] i m speechless for the lil' genting part =_= remember to drop by more often bahhh