Monday, March 31, 2008

*~ Baskin Robbins ~*

Hey, it is 31st of March and Baskin-Robbins has 31% discount on handpacked ice-cream!
Yesh! We went to Bangsar today for ice-cream.

From left: Jared (he looked silly in the picture), Ai Wei a.k.a. The Monkey, Seak Ling and Matthew
Ok la, ok la... Since he looked silly in the previous picture, i took another picture of him.
You poser!!!

From left again: Wei-I, Michelle Tan, Gavin a.k.a. Kronk, and Priscilla

The same direction: Me, Sharon, Wei-I (again), Michelle Tan (again)

While waiting for the ice-cream to be packed, Jared showed his talent with the rubik cube. -.-"

After one hour of waiting, finally we were enjoying our ice-cream. :)
The chosen flavours included:
1. Cookies and cream (Permanent flavour)
2. Strawberry cheesecake (Rotators flavour)
3. Jamoca almond fudge (Permanent flavour)
4. Macadamia nut 'n cream (Rotators flavour)

I just checked out the Baskin Robbins website and i am looking forward for flavours like:
1. Peanut butter 'n chocolate (Permanent flavour)
2. Mango tango (Rotators flavour)
3. Banana 'n strawberry (Rotators flavour)
4. Twinberry cheesecake (Rotators flavour)
5. Hockey Pokey (Rotators flavour)
6. LOVE POTION #31 (Rotators flavour)


To check out more flavours and the descriptions, you can visit Baskin Robbins website. :D

Sunday, March 30, 2008

~* Meiji, Meiji, Meiji *~

I did not really go out with anyone these two days. Sad! I am upset about it! After i came back from "paying visits" to my grandpa, his parents, and also my grandma's (my grandma is still alive) mum in the afternoon, i was so tired. Still, i insisted to go out, even though the sky was so dark, than staying at home since i did not have fun at all these two days. I went out with another purpose too, which was getting a present for the kid whom my mum is taking care off. The big day is just the day after tomorrow :D (See what date is that)

I got for him a car with a remote control. It is nicely wrapped by the Isetan staff. Then, Isetan is having the Okashi fair where there are a lot of Japanese snacks, especially Meiji. Of course, i don't miss my chance there. However, what i bought is not for me at all! :(

For the kid

For his brother and sister

And this is for my dear, of course...

Saturday, March 29, 2008

*~ Notes Are Allowed During Exam ~*

When you don't really study for the exam...
When you are only allowed to bring in notes in an A4-sized paper to the exam hall...
This is what you get: a paper which is fulled with tiny-handwritting notes.
Mine is considered alright because i still have some space...
Some people totally used up the whole paper, both sides, every single corner!

To check out what i have written, you can click the picture to enlarge.

~* Invitation To The Prefects' Gathering *~

Finally, the invitation card is here. On the same day, i also got the invitation through a phone call. These two things are supposed to be done way earlier and not now! But, never mind....

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Friday, March 21, 2008

~* *~

Hey, i just found out about this website. Tadaa... It is - the marketplace of Malaysia. It is different from other websites. Some websites might required you to sign up as a member first, and you may think it is going to be so troublesome to do so. When you are signing up, you have to choose your ID, then create a password (another pair of ID and password for to remember), fill in stuffs which are not necessary like your interest (so that they can spam you on the newsletters), and bla bla bla.... After you have created an account, then only you can start posting up the items you want to sell. By that time, you don't have the mood to do so... =/
But this website is so different! The moment you think of selling some stuffs to earn money, you can just rely easily on First of all, you have to choose your region. Yes, "Buy and Sell in your region". Who know that you might want to meet the person face to face to have a secured deal, and also for your convenience. *wink wink* Can you see? The first step is not even signing up as a member!

Then, start to fill in this simple form to advertise your items! It is as simple as ABC. It is not only for those who want to sell their items, but also for those who are looking for items that they are interested in! Just fill in the same form!

Then, sit back and relax until people who are interested to contact you.
Also, you can "tip your friend" about the item you have checked out which turns to be your friend's interested item!

This review is brought to you by and

Thursday, March 20, 2008

*~ Fate With ~*

Date: 18th March 2008
Venue: Cineleisure, Damansara

Three days before this event, i came to know about
Two days before this event, i registered myself as a member.
Two days before this event also, i got to know that i had the chance to attend it.
So coincidence that GIDEON met someone at Sandra's birthday party who invited people to go for this event, and GIDEON had included me.
This event was dinner at Tony Roma's (it was's first anniversary!) and special screening of Ah Long Pte. Ltd.
Me with the sticker at Tony Roma's.

The food i focused on: Salad, grilled dory fish (if i am not mistaken), ribs, chicken.Yummy~

Me and GIDEON. He looked so fierce... =/

With Eugene, Jason and Xian Jin at the back.
Daniel Tan! The model-turned-actor who acted in Ah Long Pte. Ltd.

Celebrities with Josh Lim, the CEO of

After the dinner, we headed to Cathay Cineplexes for the special screening of Ah Long Pte. Ltd.
The movie was nice and funny and I laughed all the way until my face felt the cramp.
After the movie, Josh asked us to check out underneath our seats for something.
I found this! A tag! And Josh said, yes, that we were supposed to find a tag.

Behind the tag... i saw that i got for myself RM 100! Just few days back, i wished that i could have fast cash and i did! Although the amount is not that much, i am still feeling so grateful for it. I did nothing except for eating and watching movie, and i got for myself RM 100! Oh ya, by the way, this is the spoon that David Lai bent after the screening. I am still keeping it. Imagine David Lai is holding this spoon and saying, "Don't mess with me, or i will do this *showing this spoon* to your neck or limbs".

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

*~ When It Becomes A Mistake ~*

I should not have cared for it.
It is non of my business, i know, but because of you, i care.
I don't want you to waste time on it, because you can't afford to do that now.
I don't you to look frustrated because i will be affected by your emotion as well.
I'm trying to make your blogging life easier for not only now, but in the future too.
I don't dare to act on my own without your concern.
However, to you, it seems like i am.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

~* With Friends From Foundation Course *~

Date: 15th March 2008
Venue: Sushi Zanmai, The Gardens

It had been a long time and i could go out with good friends from the foundation course. It was so excited to meet each other and at the same time, we wanted to do shopping!
I actually took some pictures when we were at Sushi Zanmai.

Cold soba with chicken katsu. I think i prefer to have the hot soup soba instead of cold soba next time.

Soft shell crab sushi and noodle with seaweed, crabmeat, jelly fish, etc....

Garlic fried rice. [Real strong garlic taste...]

Pui Ling and Amanda. The picture says all about the food there.

Presenting to you: Kimberly!

Gorgan a.k.a. the food lover...

Owh! The dessert! There was ice-cream with a layer of red bean paste in it. YUMMY!

I forget to take picture of me and GIDEON there :(
Never mind... Kimberly has the picture. :)
By the way, i am looking forward to go out with you guys again.
Take care!

*~ iPod Touch ~*

Oh my goodness, i really love the iPod Touch. Now, there is even one with 32 GB! Since in Singapore it costs RM 1950, it might cost around RM 2200 here. Last time, i had this thought that the space is one disadvantage, but now price is the issue. The price for a 32GB iPod Touch is equivalent to the price of a laptop.

Oh ya.... Engraving is free in Singapore. I am not sure if Malaysia has the service here. If i happen to have an iPod Touch and there is this engraving service, i will engrave "Michelle's" on top of the iPod logo, which becomes "Michelle's iPod".
Sigh... but i think i dream too early to have one... I'm glad enough even when i can get a 8GB iPod Touch

Friday, March 14, 2008

~* Second CG *~

Date: 10th March 2008
Venue: Block A, KPD, Help University College

On that day, we did some drawings during the CG meeting.

Wei-I is the one who handles the CG every week and comes out with a lot of activities...
[Sorry, babe... i forgot to take picture of your drawing. =( ]

This is what i drew... Simple and nice.
[ I did not take picture of myself because i looked awful on that day.]

GIDEON drew...

this... (a lightbulb head with a human body)

Seak Ling drew...

...this... [really reflecting her part-time job as a tutor with the students around, but i don't mean that the students are saying that she is lame.]

Sharon's drawing...

... a round float? yesh... she always saves us in studies.

Gavin(a) wants to look like...

this! (Dream more often, please!)

She is Michelle Tan, the one who likes to laugh a lot, and she drew...

a flower...

This is Ai Wei a.k.a. The Monkey...
[She liked to call people monkey during our foundation course. Since then, i always call her "monkey" everytime i meet her.]

She had such a nice drawing here...

*~ Sharizat said... ~*

"In victory, you must be generous in the heart. In defeat, you must have dignity."
If you are wondering, she is Wanita Umno deputy chief Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil who lost her Lembah Pantai seat to Parti Keadilan Rakyat’s Nurul Izzah, the daughter of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

~* Thank You, Gavin... *~

~* What does it prove? *~

This dude here scored 21 A's in his Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM), and i don't know what he is trying to prove. Then, in the news also, it is mentioned that "one student each took 19 and 18 subjects respectively, two took 17 and 10 took 16 subjects". Okay, i can see that the one taking 19 and 18 subjects were attempting hard to break the previous record of 17 A's. Good try.

Honestly, i don't prefer these people. I remember once my high school teacher told us that SPM is an open paper because of its ability to help people who are poor in studies. These people can choose at least six subjects according to their own ability. And, SPM has no intention to help people to get on the newspaper's front page! I will feel so glad and happy for those who score full A's though they are only taking six subjects.

Yes, i do admit that at least it will help in publicity and guarantee you with scholarshipS, better university and bla bla bla.... However, when it comes to working life (any life which is totally out of the academic world), you don't know how to carry yourself well, you are still like anybody else who score any number of A's.

The most common example is during the interview session when applying for a position in a firm. You score like milions of A's, but you don't have leadership and you can't communicate well, in the end, you are still going to fail in your interview. End of story.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

*~ Feeling Lucky? ~*

Quotes from Ghost Whisperer and i love them...
"...and i was afraid that you woke up and realised that you should not be with someone like me."
"i woke up everyday and realised how lucky i was to be someone like that."
Just something wonderful. It does not matter who wants to pick the first quote and who picks the second quote. A guy or a girl. Just does not matter. But, change the quotes to present tense to fit back the current situation. I have picked the first quote and waiting for someone to pick the second quote to say it. Sigh~ But it is just so difficult for this to happen nowadays.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

~* The Bitch's Birthday *~

Date: 8th March 2008
Venue: Saisaki Japanese Buffet

We celebrated Chern Wai's birthday few days earlier...!

Us with the food.

Presenting to you: The Birthday Boy (Chern Wai) a.k.a. The Bitch

We used the shells to hide unwanted sushi. Everything else was alright but just not the sushi.

We started the camwhoring session when we decided to stop eating for awhile.

Finally, a photo of me and GIDEON.

The first picture taken using Macbook webcam.

Then, we started to take other pictures with different effects.

We were exploring....

Owh... he is cute with that look. Like a child.

The colour pencil effect.

I don't know what effect is used here.


*Total shocked*


One of the presents me and GIDEON gave him. The one in the picture definitely suits him. The set of cards is freaking big, and we did try to play with it.
Well, below is the list on what we did and it summarises the day.
  • Had lunch at Saisaki Japanese Buffet.
  • Played "Chor Dee" and i won!
  • When GIDEON was bathing, me and that bitch were fighting to be the next one to bathe. We were really waiting outside the bathroom!
  • Had pasta for dinner at GIDEON's house.
  • Watched Scary Movie 1 as requested by that bitch.
  • Went for McDonald's Drive Thru for supper.
  • Continued with "chor dee" and instead of having whisky shots, we had wine shots for the losers of each game. I won again!
  • Owh... i love it so much when GIDEON volunteered to drink on behalf of me. So sweet~
  • Talked about election and kept on checking on the results.
  • Finally, we watched The Hitman halfway and just dozed off at three something in the morning.