Friday, March 21, 2008

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Hey, i just found out about this website. Tadaa... It is - the marketplace of Malaysia. It is different from other websites. Some websites might required you to sign up as a member first, and you may think it is going to be so troublesome to do so. When you are signing up, you have to choose your ID, then create a password (another pair of ID and password for to remember), fill in stuffs which are not necessary like your interest (so that they can spam you on the newsletters), and bla bla bla.... After you have created an account, then only you can start posting up the items you want to sell. By that time, you don't have the mood to do so... =/
But this website is so different! The moment you think of selling some stuffs to earn money, you can just rely easily on First of all, you have to choose your region. Yes, "Buy and Sell in your region". Who know that you might want to meet the person face to face to have a secured deal, and also for your convenience. *wink wink* Can you see? The first step is not even signing up as a member!

Then, start to fill in this simple form to advertise your items! It is as simple as ABC. It is not only for those who want to sell their items, but also for those who are looking for items that they are interested in! Just fill in the same form!

Then, sit back and relax until people who are interested to contact you.
Also, you can "tip your friend" about the item you have checked out which turns to be your friend's interested item!

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